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Dreaming with open eyes…… Charlie Holt presents an imaginary journey through time and space…. The poet Antonio Aleixo floats in a dreamlike world…..appearing in many surprise places from Kochi in India to the Serralves Institute in Porto…… A journey of the imagination that is in all of us….. the mystery unfolds telling new and untold stories……possible connections ….. chance meetings in the real and surreal worlds……he appears like a ghost or an apparition ….we are not sure if he is present….drifting like a cloud in the atmosphere…….a spirit that lives on.   Place: Convent Cloisters

We are counting on you for Summer Holidays at the Museum! This year the Summer Holidays at the Museum of Portimão will explore and research local figures who have distinguished themselves in different areas, under the theme “Discovering historical figures from Portimão”. Our holidays will take place with seven groups, from 29 June to 14 August, between 8:30 am and 1:30 pm. The proposal is aimed at children from 6 to 12 years old and the weekly subscription costs 15 €. Online registration, starting June 22: https://vivaportimao.pt/a-nao-perder/e-ainda/1905-ferias-de-verao-portimao-2020

To participate, access the Library’s Facebook page: Biblioteca Municipal de Faro

Cinema Cycle: Art at 289: “Os Fantasmas de Goya” by Milos Forman / 2006 (19 Jul 21:30) “Renoir” by Gilles Bourdos / 2012 (23 Aug 21:30) “Gerhard Richter Painting” by De Corinna Belz / 2011 (27 Sep 21:30) “Caravaggio” by De Derek Jarman / 1986 (25 Oct 21:30) “Ma Femme Chamada Bicho) by José Álvaro de Morais / 1976 (29 Nov 21:30) Free admission subject to the limit of 40 seats available Mandatory booking of seats via email (associacao289@gmail.com)

This Laboratory appears as a result of several collaborations between the Municipality of Loulé, through the Cineteatro Louletano, and the Companhia de Música Teatral, in which the dimensions of creation, performance and artistic intervention have crossed with a background work in terms of training and educational intervention. ZygZag & Zoom follows the artistic nature of CMT’s work (exploring multiple artistic languages ​​from a strong musical root) and the realization of the need to explore / question / discover / reinvent the use of the Zoom platform, one of the most used platforms in recent months, with everything that means positive and negative. In fact, this is an accessible resource, widely publicized, functional, but limited (like all other platforms), and that quickly “took over people’s lives” and “saturated” them. The reason for these negative aspects has, above all, to do with the fact that it has converged to a standardized use of the platform, where there is little space for sharing and creativity. In general, the various “distance” solutions that have been found, in order to continue to have “performing art” and also “education”, have widened the gap between artists and the public, between teachers and students, contributing to the idea […]