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Free participation, but subject to a limit of 16 mandatory prior registrations by calling 282 767 816, Library Facebook page or email library@cm-lagos.pt Event integrated in the 30th Anniversary Celebrations of the Municipal Library of Lagos Through a short walk, we will introduce young people to part of the historical and cultural heritage of the city of Lagos in a contemplative and creative context, ending at the Library where we will artistically explore some of the places visited. The time and space needed to draw and paint the monuments and historic sites will allow the viewer to look at them in more detail, discover details, sounds, experiences that otherwise escape him. In this way, there is an appreciation both in terms of assets and a stimulus to the creativity inherent in each one. BIOGRAPHY: I am currently an Architect by profession but I also like to paint, draw, write, illustrate stories, practice and teach yoga, macrobiotic cuisine, believing that food is the basis for a healthy and balanced life. I always remember wanting to evolve as a person and, as art is a reflection of my inner expression, it has been going hand in hand with me.