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XVII DANCE ALGARVE INTERNATIONAL DANCE COMPETITIONS Dance | Theater of Figures July 31st and August 1st, Saturday and Sunday Age classification: over 3 years old Contest organized annually by Associação Beliaev Centro Cultural, aimed at young dancers from national and foreign schools, aged between 8 and 25 years, competing in classical dance, contemporary dance, character dance, jazz dance, hip-hop and tap dance. Since 2016, it has also included a choreography competition, aimed at contemporary choreographers. Supports: -Regional Directorate of the Ministry of Culture; -Faro City Council; – Municipal Theater of Faro; -School of Hospitality and Tourism in the Algarve; -ARS of the Algarve; -ANA Airports; -Algarve Pingo Doce; -National Ballet Company; -Quorum Ballet; -Opus Ballet; -School of Dance at the National Conservatory; -Dance Association Courses; -Institute of the Arts – Barcelona Iwanson International School of Contemporary Dance; -Only Dance; -Ballet Shop; -Pink Ballet.

FREE EVENT / INFORMATION ON WWW.DANCENEMA.COM A LOVE SONG DANCED BY US SING BY THE PUBLIC CUORE presents the idea of love as a non-romantic discourse that is shared before bodies that confront and interact. This piece / song proposes a joint celebration of the idiosyncrasies of love relationships in which they reflect patterns that are considered romantic because we can recognize them and not romantic because we do not know how to resolve them.  

OF INÊS MESTRINHO EMERGING CYCLE September [day and time to be defined] Teia is a contemporary dance project based on the connection and interdependence between everything that exists; human beings, animals, plants, elements, the planet itself. Created in a historical moment in which human relationships take place at a distance, Teia actually speaks to us of two intertwined webs; the biological, living, organic, natural, which needed a break from the human being to regain health and strength, and the artificial, to which we cling now more than at any time in human history, where everything and everyone is linked by invisible threads, which carry love, friendship, longing, nutrition, life and death. Artistic and technical sheet: Original idea, creation, choreography, staging, artistic direction and selection of music and costumes: Inês Mestrinho Choreographic Assistance: Maria Nunes Costume assistance: Lucia Boragine Directing assistance: Jasmine Pereira and Alice Mousinho Interpretation: Gioia, Sofia and Lucia Boragine, Jasmine Pereira, Maria Nunes, Alice Mousinho, Lia Guerreiro, Lara Gonçalves, Lara Costa, Maria Margarida Vieira, Kelly Cardoso, Matilde Reis, Heliane and Sofia Rodrigues, Qamaya Domingues, Joana Mendonça, Marta Guerreiro , Indira Mendonça, Concha Abreu, Carolina and Mariana Anjos, Teresa Virgílio, Catarina Bernardo, Raquel Simão. Figuration: Beatriz Assunção, Inês Paixão, […]