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There will be a creation by Mariana Vasconcelos December 4th, 9 pm Time Black Box 40 min | M/12 Price: €5.00 Tickets at https://tempo.bol.pt and at the ticket office of Teatro Municipal de Portimão. HAVERÁ is a 40-minute monologue, accompanied by sound design and live music. HAVERÁ seeks to explore the way in which humans relate to each other and to the world from an existentialist perspective, reflecting the incoherence and contradiction inherent in the human condition. HAVERÁ is a cry, an urgency for resistance, it is a micro revolution within a desperate body that struggles with itself in search of a possible detour. Creation and interpretation: Mariana Vasconcelos Sound score and musical interpretation: Leonor Cabrita and Mariana Correia Light design: Guto Martins and Flávio Reis Light technician: Flávio Reis Production: InsanaCena Company