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B.Sides is the new show at Casinos do Algarve, with another perspective on the success of past shows. It is also intended to present original views of new themes. B.Sides is a casino show where dance and music are the protagonists, resulting in an eclectic and fusion presentation, modern and traditional at the same time. Datasheet: Scenography – Joel Pais Production Assistant – Adelina Fernandes Lighting and Special Effects – Joel Pais, Jorge Sousa Technical Direction – Jorge Sousa Soundtrack – Joel Pais, Jorge Sousa Special Collaboration – Max Oliveira Choreography adaptation – Alessia Giustolisi, Grigory Shakhov, Olga Karasik Conception of the Show – Joel Pais Executive Production – Joel Pais   Prices: Show only (from 10 pm) Includes 1 drink – € 15 p.p. Dinner and Show Tourist Menu (From 20h00) Includes starter, fish or meat dish, dessert, coffee and ½ bottle of wine from our selection – € 35 p.p

“Mystery of Culture” is, in principle, about culture, art and its models of production, representation and support, but you never know. It is a network of motivations, a dancing bureaucratic thriller, an enigma of decades to be unraveled. What mysterious has happened or will happen during this process of creation was or will be completely alien to our will and our transparency. What remains of the initial desire to do a show? What don’t you see when you watch a play? Someone said or will say during a “Mystery of Culture” broadcast: “Sometimes I pass by the theater door and I remember that a few meters away from me is a group of people sitting looking at a stage feeling the time in another way . Only one wall separates us, but these are two completely different times. Funny.” Duration: 90 minutes Age rating: M / 16 Tickets on sale soon

After the memorable 1st edition, we are proud to present the second event organized by the brand Dedicated Rebellion to Unify a Generation of Stoners – DRUGS where you will always have artists affiliated in all current and future editions. Anyone who takes a piece of clothing * Dedicated Rebellion to Unify a Generation of Stoners – DRUGS is entitled to a free drink. The items of clothing in question are hoodies, sweats, t-shirts, pants, windbreakers and the drinks are water, juice or beer. 22.00H: Start 22:40H: Litos 23:20H: Lucy Odc gang / Yk 00:00H: Subtil 01:00H: HipnoD 02:00H: Dj Perez

Algarve is Portugal’s southernmost region, complete with soaring cliffs and golden sandy beaches. With 125 miles of coastline and 300 days of sun a year, it’s the perfect destination to soak up the rays. Portimão is the largest city in the western Algarve. The city is known for its old quarter busy marina and beautiful array of beaches. Praia da Rocha, around two miles south of Portimão, is the town’s main beach boasting stunning red-rock cliffs and glistening water. Portimão has a distinctively Portuguese ambience with plenty for you to do during your stay. From beach relaxation and enjoying the local seafood selection to exploring historical sites. For more information: RollingLoudPortugal.com/blog/