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Intrazyt 0.0 – First production INTRANZYT Cia. Jovem With the indispensable partnership of the Municipality of Vila Nova de Famalicão, the Casa das Artes de Famalicão and the Cineteatro Louletano, Compagnie Illicite-Bayonne, Augsburg Ballet, Orquestra Sem Fronteiras, Associação ESTUFA, Companhia Olga Roriz and from Dance Fusion studios, the company debuts its first program – Intrazyt 0.0 – consisting of three choreographic pieces that pave the way for the company’s artistic and aesthetic line, two of which are national premieres and an absolute debut. This first show, signed by Fábio Lopez, Ana Isabel Casquilho, Cristina Pereira and Vasco Macide, will start the creation of a dance repertoire that wants to create value for the dancers, professionals, companies and partners involved in the process, as well as for the audiences. Program

“Dias Contados” is a creation that explores the housing crisis, a scourge of which Elizabete Francisca was a victim. At a time when she was designing a new dance project, the choreographer received an eviction letter in the post office of the house she rented in Lisbon. Thereafter, he wondered whether her personal drama, which could be extended to so many others, would not be an issue to deal with through art. Elizabete Francisca’s artistic proposal escapes categorization and is located between dance, photography, visual and sound installation, visual arts and rehearsal. SYNOPSIS I received the letter. I opened the letter. I read the letter. I stood still.

Borderline marks a turning point in the research and choreographic language of Sébastien Ramirez and Honji Wang. Dance evolves into a dialogue between the technique and the art of rigging, reflecting on human relationships that have come to include the reality of coexistence in our society. In the interaction with the rigger, the body becomes the object of a “weight game”, of balance and freedom. Fixed by cables, the five dancers transpose the desire for freedom inherent in all forms of dance. Show within the scope of CENTRAL ARTES Artistic and technical file: Artistic and choreographic direction | Artistic direction & choreography: Honji Wang & Sébastien Ramirez Dancers | Performers: Mehdi Baki or Sébastien Ramirez, Louis Becker, Johanna Faye, Joy Alpuerto Ritter or Honji Wang, Kai Gaedtke, Saïdo Lehlouh Rigging: Jason Oettlé and Kai Gaedtke Composer | Composition: LACRYMOBOY Light designer | Light design: Cyril Mulon Collaborative Playwriting I Dramaturgical collaboration: Catherine Umbdenstock Scenography I Set design: Paul Bauer Wardrobe I Costume realization: Anna Ramirez Design in 2013 I Creation producer in 2013: Dirk Korell Executive production | Executive production: Compagnie Wang Ramirez, Clash66

YOU CAN STILL DANCE! Filipa Rodrigues To celebrate World Dance Day (29 April), Professor Filipa Rodrigues invites some of the dance students from the Regional Conservatory of Algarve Maria Campina to participate in a mostly dance show. The themes of the choreographies are varied, the focus is on creating beautiful and emotional moments, with video and words as the guiding thread. “Dance is the hidden language of the soul”. (Martha Graham)

Corner Circles at Associação Raks Al Amar, Armação de Pêra Duration: 2 hours Target audience: from 12 years old Price per person: 25 euros Number: Minimum 3, maximum 10 participants What to bring: comfortable clothes, yoga mat, notebook and pen and open spirit. Saturday from 10 am to 12 pm: 16 January February 13 6 march April 10 15th May June 5 In this singing circle we will cover basic exercises of vocal technique, individual improvisation and collective creation. Participants are invited to bring instruments if they wish.

Algarve is Portugal’s southernmost region, complete with soaring cliffs and golden sandy beaches. With 125 miles of coastline and 300 days of sun a year, it’s the perfect destination to soak up the rays. Portimão is the largest city in the western Algarve. The city is known for its old quarter busy marina and beautiful array of beaches. Praia da Rocha, around two miles south of Portimão, is the town’s main beach boasting stunning red-rock cliffs and glistening water. Portimão has a distinctively Portuguese ambience with plenty for you to do during your stay. From beach relaxation and enjoying the local seafood selection to exploring historical sites. For more information: RollingLoudPortugal.com/blog/

DATE AND TIME SUBJECT TO CONFIRMATION 3C is a workshop guided by choreographer Maurícia Barreira Neves that aims to give time and space to the exploration of tools for the creation and composition of performative objects. In this time and space, participants are asked to develop something individually or in a group, choose a theme, make a map of ideas, brainstorming, etc. The focus of 3C is to give participants an opportunity to understand how their creative process can be and how their creative being organizes creatively, both individually and in groups. Its target audience is students (M / 14) in dance, theater, music and the performing arts (professional and non-professional). Maurícia Barreira Neves, choreographer and performer, has produced her own creations of dance, performance, installation, and also music, also venturing into the area of ​​costumes and lighting design in her creations. Formed by Chapitô and Escola Superior de Dança, she has presented her creations in Lisbon (CCB, Teatro Cornucipto e Negócios – ZDB), Serpa (Musibéria), Almada (Joaquim Benite Municipal Theater), Torres Vedras (Cine-Teatro), Portimão ( TIME – Municipal Theater of Portimão). Mauritius has been a constant presence at ENTRELAÇADOS.

DATE AND TIME SUBJECT TO CONFIRMATION Creation: Bruno Duarte Co-creation and interpretation: Bruno Duarte, Carlota Sela, Francisco Ferreira, Joana Puntel, Luís Malaquias, Mariana Romão and Raquel Tavares “Since I was a child, I have always been very fond of the images that I was fascinated to watch on television and that gave me to know a little about the winter customs of Trás-os-Montes – faces, rattles, devils, figures that always exercised a special magnetism over me. I saw in the creation of this show, an opportunity to explore scenically the crossing of the ritual sacredness of these ancestral celebrations, with a contemporary dance language.Situated between the sacred and pagan, ancestral and contemporary, human and supernatural, “Winter” seeks to transmit the magic that is he lives in these places at the time of the winter solstice, portraying the pulse of the land, the emancipation of young people, the street people, the attitude of transgression – but so governed by fixed practices – and the strong cultural mysticism. is alive, but also about memory. About that and those who once lived the places we experience today. ” Bruno Duarte “These are youth rituals, full of life and the future, through which all […]