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Biodanza, is a human integration and development system created by the Chilean Rolando Toro. These classes are an invitation to experiences that promote the joy of living, through movements, music and non-verbal encounters within a group. São Santos will be the facilitator. Tuesdyas between 6 pm and 7 pm. Prices Members – 35 euros per month Non-members – 45 euros per month separate classes 10 euros

Every wednesday, nights at O Castelo are at #LATINO rhythm

Duration: 130 minutes (with intermission) Age rating: >12 “Jungle Book reimagined” by Akram Khan is a new work based on the beloved story by Rudyard Kipling. With a new sense of urgency, Akram reinterpreted the well-known story through a current and pertinent perspective, that of today’s children, heirs of the future world and its stories. Embedded in the original story is the profound threat humanity poses to nature. The choreographer and his team have reinvented Mowgli’s journey through the eyes of a refugee, trapped in a world ravaged by the impact of climate change. We are told the story of a child who will help us hear again, not just our own voices but the voices of the natural world that we in the modern world try to silence. “Jungle Book reimagined” is addressed to all generations as a step to remember, relearn and reimagine a new world together.