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For the 7th consecutive year, the Best Pin-up Americancars Algarve Show contest will be held at the Americancars Algarve event. Registration at www.americancarsalgarve.pt Contest consists of three parts, the first the parade in shorts and tshirt of the event, the second in swimsuit and the third in pin up dress. We will have at the event the Old Pearls booth – Make Up & Vintage Hair Styling to make up and comb the competitors. 1st Place Awards: * $ 100 * Winning Trophy * Best Pin-up Winning Track * Photo on Americancars Algarve 2021 poster * Photo Outdoor 8 meters Americancars Algarve 2021 * Americancars Algarve Tshirt * Oldskull Europe Tshirt 2nd Place Awards: * $ 50 * Track # 2 Best Pin-up * Americancars Algarve Tshirt * Oldskull Europe Tshirt 3rd Place Awards: * $ 25 * Track 3rd Ranked Best Pin-up * Americancars Algarve Tshirt * Oldskull Europe Tshirt All competitors receive: Americancars Algarve Tshirt We are looking for parcels for our event, can be gifts for competitors;)

Presentation of my new collections created between 2019 and 2020 at the 2020 Americancars Algarve Show Event. We are currently looking for models that wear between sizes 36 and 42 to show, with some ease on stage and availability to be present during the day of the show. The age range varies between 18 and 60 years. Each model will be made up, combed and dressed by us. Each model will parade with 3 different models and the average time for changing clothes between each parade is 3 minutes, depending on the delay on stage of each girl. We also accept partnerships for the parade, be it accessories, clothes, shoes and photographers. In fact, we would very much like a partnership with men’s clothing within the theme to parade with the girls, if there is anyone with an interest in created pieces. Interested parties should send a private message to show their interest and with their basic measurements: chest, waist and hip.