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Join Luísa Geraldes in her weekly Iyengar Yoga class in InLight Studio in Lagos. Starting 17 June ’20. Every Wednesday 4.15 pm – 5.30 pm. All levels welcome. Falamos Português 🙂 More information https://inlight.pt/.

This course covers the core curriculum of Permaculture design, offering you the tools to create ecological, social and economic systems that effectively provide for your needs while regenerating the landscapes around you for the benefit of future generations. Our teaching team consistently receives praise from students for being knowledgeable, caring, and using a diversity of teaching methods. We strive to balance theoretical learning with abundant practical sessions, some located in parts of the farm where examples of what’s being taught are present on the landscape. Our goal is to offer full learning cycles, allowing students to experience and fully integrate the curriculum. Complete information and registrations at: https://www.valedalama.net/en/eventos-e-cursos/cursos/permaculture-design-course/

“Medicine Woman is the soul of healing. The deep feminine that will heal you. And will in turn heal the world. She connects us to the wisdom of nature, the wisdom that has been tapped and held by indigenous cultures and the healers who came before. She who has walked this path for a hundred thousand years, before the gleam of steel and the coming of machines and oil. She is the feminine principle in healing that has been lost in our technocratic war on disease. Medicine Woman is our native, our inner ability to heal. She brings with her visions of healing of community – circles of support, healing through arts, connected communities, health giving foods.” ― Lucy H. Pearce, Medicine Woman: Reclaiming the Soul of Healing Every sister is invited to gather in the round house to share and drink of our woman medicine. Art, body, connection, food, movement, touch, dance, laughter, tears and breath. This is a sacred space we will create together and your experience will be defined by your boundaries and needs. Come curious. Leave expansive. So may it be. **** Financial Contribution **** Soma Sanctum is a not-for-profit endeavor which aims to model economic […]

Master in Ayurvedic Therapy and Consultancy – DGERT Certification – 354hrs Ayurveda is recognized as one of the most important wellness systems for the body and mind, and its popularity is booming. This Traditional Medicine is a precursor and considers all therapeutic areas, from diet to plants, from mantras to meditation, to a range of treatments of more direct therapeutic application. It is applicable to the whole planet and adapts to the modern health system as Ayurvedic methods of disease prevention and daily routine management are becoming important issues for everyone. The syllabus of the course comprises the key aspects of Ayurvedic theory, diagnosis and practice. This is not an introduction to Ayurveda but a complete training in terms of its ramifications of practical application. The course emphasizes herbalism, using both Portuguese and Western flora according to Ayurvedic energetics and Indian herbs, presented in order to be a treatment model accessible to the West. All aspects of life are approached in a practical way aiming at treatment and transformation. There are no prerequisites for the course but it is necessary to consider that it is a challenging course with theoretical and practical moments of assessment throughout the training. Modules: – […]

The Yoga classes are taking place in the fully equipped Iyoga studio in the heart of Tavira, walking distance from all hotels or guesthouses (2-5min) The retreat is suitable for all levels, incl. beginners with regular practice (twice a week) of min. 1 year, as well as intermediate level, are all welcome. Ayurvedic massages just across the street from the yoga studio, with amazing treatments and massages, can be booked and truly enjoyed after your yoga classes. Bicycles can be rented in Tavira upon arrival, we will advise you where. Paddle surfing at the beautiful calm Ria da Formosa at Fuseta or Cabanas. Reservation can be made upon arrival. 4 NIGHTS PACKAGE INCL.: 4 nights accommodation in Tavira daily yoga classes at Iyoga studio 2 x dinners (excl. beverage) Daily breakfast incl. Package price: a. at local renovated Guesthouse in Tavira, per person in shared twin room/w.private bath from tba€ or single from tba€ b. at Maria Nova Lounge hotel, per person in shared twin room/w.private bath from 550€ or single from 660€ *to book twin room you need to be 2 persons and both accommodations are only five min walk from the yoga studio. PROGRAM How your day could look like Day 1 | Arriving – Get […]

The cultural association Ideias do Levante, will organize, at Espaço Portas do Sol, in Portimão, a special session entitled “Strengthening the Immune System – Movements and Practices”, guided by Patrícia Carolino and Tânia Costa, on October 16, 2020, from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm. According to the facilitators, “this will be a special session for strengthening the immune system, working on our mental, emotional and physical body, where simple tools like conscious breathing will be used, which is a technique that can be used to reduce stress.” Facilitators will use meditation to quiet the mind, gain concentration, strengthen the brain while cultivating well-being. Finally, movements and postures that allow developing balance, agility and flexibility, as well as calming the nervous system, will be explored. Our café space (i.e., Balance Café) is usually closed from 16:00, but any interested parties can visit and enjoy the Villa Aqua bar / restaurant, in the same complex, before or after class.

For the 5th consecutive year on our trip under the “VILLA PRANA” brand or the Cultural and Therapeutic Travel Program in India, scheduled from November 7 to 21, 2020, starting in North India, where a cultural part is very present through several visits to monuments and Sacred cities of Rihiskesh and Haridwar. After we’ll go to Delhi and a visit to the monument in the name of Love, the famous Taj Mahal in Agra. The other part of the journey will be in South India, in Goa, at Arambol, at capital Panjim and Mandrem for the Panchakarma -Detox Program or the Rasayana program in AYURVEDA THERAPY / TREATMENT OF REJUVENATION, at the Ayurvedic Medicine Clinic – AyurClinic Goa, where Dr. Rohit Borkar guides the entire treatment, with which Villa Prana has been partnering for over 8 years. Massages, Yoga, Beach, inner harmony. We will have a presentation of the travel program in detail on March 14 (Saturday) at 12pm. You just have to show up. It is not necessary to book Villa Prana believes on safety and quality above all of its participants so that you can live this experience as a whole, and with all your senses. If you […]

We cross over to the Algarve, the most desired secret in Europe, and arrive in Portimão, where on the 6th of December, for the second consecutive year, we will hold an incredible Race of the Mediterranean Diet, Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Here, next to fascinating beaches that seem more like an unbelievable dream, we are faced with a city inhabited since Neolithic times that presents strong vestiges of Roman civilization. But it is in modern times that it has shown all its strength, dynamics and attractiveness. Located in the heart of the Algarve, it is one of the most sought after destinations in the world, for its paradisiacal beaches, pleasant climate and welcoming people. The beauty and vitality of the city makes its seaport currently the third most sought after in Portugal, by cruise ships. Portimão is also the stage for major international events, and in 2019 it was a very special year with the title of the Best European Sport City in Europe. As Pythagoras says, the number seven is sacred, perfect and powerful. Seven destinations that take us to seven Territories, a perfect symbiosis between heritage, culture and sport that allow us to invite the seven billion […]