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Taking your practice to the beach does: -help you to quieten your mind -make you more aware of your body, -deepen your breathing, -provide you with a clearer vision -allow you to be present. Feel for yourself all the above mentioned reasons and join. Everyone is welcome no matter if you are an experienced practitioner or a beginner. There is no previous level required. Languages: DE, EN, PT Class: € 13.-/person Please bring a towel or a mat with you and a cushion to sit on (if you feel you might need one). Booking: +351.93 270 76 00 www.all-life-is-yoga.com sandra@all-life-is-yoga.com Let´s Yoga together. Sandra

Breathwork Session – in Person 15th October, Saturday at 5:00pm Therapeutic breathing to promote emotional healing and personal/spiritual growth. Using deep breathing – breathers have a deep meditative musical journey and experience enable: – Deep emotional and physical release – Connection to your inner guiding intelligence – Heart-opening – Sense of purpose – Connection to oneness – Clarity and peace of mind What you will need to bring: -Eye-mask -Bottle of water -Tissues -Lip balm can be helpful to avoid dry lips -Pen & paper to write any insights you might have after the breathing *Matts will be provided.* HOW TO REGISTER? Send me an e-mail referring you’d like to register for this event to katfreskini@gmail.com WHERE? Villa Prana, Portimao, Portugal HOW IT WORKS? Session lasts approximately 2-2.5 hours end to end. It will start with the creation of a safe space, a quick check in of our emotional and physical states, thorough explanation about how it all works- how could it be helpful, what could happen and how to get unstuck from unfruitful states, ground principles, recap of counter-indications, breathing technique and Q&A. After everyone’s set cozy, you will be guided to best land in breathing with powerful affirmations, […]

Self Healing Immersion The Human Body has the powerful and incredible ability to self-regenerate, to self-heal. In situations of imbalance and illness, the natural tendency of the organism is to restore itself, to heal itself, and our organism activates the defenses in order to recover through this simple mechanism. Naturally, in some cases, we need to use therapeutic methods. So, we invite you to this immersion where we will work and develop together, through practices and techniques, in order to improve this ability. In this life, your best reward is to be at ease with it, and you will only achieve this feat if you are healthy, it is useless if you are not in balance. The disease manifests itself in this imbalance. You have to be vigilant and connected so that you can follow and correctly treat what is missing, or what could be too much in your different bodies. We talk about the physical, mental, energetic and emotional body. Health proliferates in the ability to adapt to the environment and to stimulate that powerful innate force of SELF-HEALING of which our body is a part. We will help you in that search, in that immediate encounter with yourself. […]