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The II JA Artistic Contest is taking place, which rewards the Writing and Illustration of young people from the municipality of Albufeira, natural or residents/students, between 14 and 35 years old. We decided to extend the deadline for delivery of works until February 15 (another month). Considering the importance of this initiative in promoting a taste for the arts and local talent, I strongly request your support in publicizing and encouraging young people to participate. The theme is free and each participant can submit a work (writing or illustration) to the competition. I enclose the Form, Regulation and Poster, grateful for your esteem and commitment.

February 4th | 21:00 (next session 05/20) Location: Municipal Library of Lagos Organized by: CM Lagos Duration: 60m Class. age: M12 Free participation, but subject to room capacity limit. Pre-registration by calling 282 767 816, the Library’s Facebook page or email Biblioteca@cm-lagos.pt What is a reading concert? One of the many chronicles by Rubem Alves about reading ends this way: “There are music concerts. Why not reading concerts? I imagine an unthinkable situation: a teenager is getting ready to go out with his girlfriend, and his mother asks: “Where are you going?”. And he replies: “I’m going to a reading concert. Today, at the theatre, the story “A Terceira Mar do Rio”, by Guimarães Rosa, will be read. Why don’t you and Dad come?” And so, embarrassed father and mother turn off the television and prepare to leave…” In everything similar to a music concert, in the reading concert only the nature of the score changes. The rest remains: the presentation of a program and a soloist as a channel through which the music of the texts passes. More than an actor, the sound reader is a director who shares with the public a reading according to their sensitivity, as […]

February 11th | 18:00 (next session 03/11) Location: Municipal Library of Lagos Organized by: CM Lagos Duration: 90m Class. age: M18 Participation is free, but subject to a limit of 20 mandatory prior registrations via telephone 282 767 816, the Library’s Facebook page or email Biblioteca@cm-lagos.pt The world is vast. The books, infinite. By reading authors from different geographies we can increase the borders of our human and literary territory. Travel without leaving the same place. Opening windows in the head for a better understanding of ourselves, the other, and this global place we inhabit. Book being analyzed/read: A COR DO HIBISCUS, by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie The boundaries of young Kambili’s world are defined by the walls of the family’s luxurious estate and the rules of a repressive father. Daily life is regulated by schedules: pray, sleep, study and pray even more. Her life is privileged but the family environment is tense. The father has unrealistic expectations for his wife and children and severely punishes them when they prove less than perfect. When a military coup threatens to bring Nigeria to its knees, Kambili’s father sends her and her brother to their aunt’s house. It is there, in this house […]

Poetry at the End of the Day The “Poesia ao Fim do Dia” Project is an initiative to promote poetry, poetic reading, interaction between the public, the reader, the book and poetry. Each month the Library receives a different guest who reads/declaims poetry of their choice, not limited to the simple reading of poems but also the presentation of some facts/curiosities about the chosen authors. Recipients: general public

Short story session with Bruno Batista Bruno Batista opens his suitcase and magical objects, books, stories, songs and other surprises come out. And in a fun and interactive way, it unravels stories that will delight everyone. Words motivate and invite the listener to a unique experience, in addition to being essential in the education of children, young people and adults. The short story session with Bruno Batista will take place on March 4, from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm, in the Multipurpose room of the Municipal Library of Lagoa and is limited to 15 participants, so you should register at: Biblioteca@cm-lagoa. en