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Convent fence in Loulé Org.: House of Culture of Loulé and City Hall of Loulé “I had some incursions into popular music, Coimbra’s fado, and I started to feel that my way of listening to Carlos Paredes had changed”, said Bernardo Moreira, born into a family with a long connection to jazz, speaking to Agência Lusa at the beginning of 2021. The double bass player worked for three years in the musical production of the album, in a process of renewed listening, appropriation, stripping, maturation and arrangements of Paredes’ work. Bernardo Moreira | Contrabass João Moreira | Trumpet Tomás Marques | Alto Saxophone and Soprano Ricardo J. Dias | Piano Mario Delgado | Guitar Joel Silva | Drums Source: http://www.cm-loule.pt/en/agenda/21462/loule-jazz-2021.aspx

Source: https://www.sulinformacao.pt/2021/07/aurea-gabriel-o-pensador-teatro-e-cinema-de-rua-animam-julho-no-algarve/

Convent fence in Loulé Org.: House of Culture of Loulé and City Hall of Loulé The Loulé Jazz Trio is formed by three musicians and artists who from the new Portuguese generation have ensured an increasingly strong presence in the panorama and history of national Jazz — João Coelho (piano), António Quintino (double bass) and João Pereira ( drums). The trajectory of this group has combined the varied paths of each of the elements and the versatility of those who venture into collaborations with many other national and international artists. In this show, the Loulé Jazz Trio presents itself on stage with the renowned British saxophonist Julian Argüelles. Having been equated with sax legends Wayne Shorter and Charles Lloyd (UKVibe), Argüelles will be an ally of the soul-invigorating strength of the Loulé Jazz Trio, promising a unique concert at the Loulé Jazz Festival. João Coelho | piano António Quintino | contrabass João Pereira | drums Special guest Julian Argüelles (saxophone) Source: http://www.cm-loule.pt/en/agenda/21462/loule-jazz-2021.aspx

The 2nd edition of the “A Cultura Sai à Rua” initiative started yesterday! With more than 40 artists involved, 56 musical shows, during the months of July, August and September, from Tuesday to Friday, with daily 4-hour shows, which will travel through the county on four different routes, between 6:30 pm and at 22:30. The time set may change, depending on the evolution of the epidemiological situation in the county. In addition to mobile shows on the panoramic bus, there will be occasional shows, throughout the municipality and in closed spaces, whenever epidemiological conditions allow.  

Every Tuesday a different fado singer. Booking for dinner fado@re-criativarepublica14.pt Typical menu (caldo verde, roasted chorizo, cod salad with chickpeas, drink, dessert and coffee) €20 for members and €24.50 for non-members. Dinner can start at 7 pm.

In order to address issues that arouse the public for a more conscious listening to music, João Miguel Cunha proposes to comment weekly on works by great composers, with the support of video and audio. Assistants will be urged to collaborate, asking questions or expressing ideas or emotions, in order to create a real gathering.