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Biodanza, is a human integration and development system created by the Chilean Rolando Toro. These classes are an invitation to experiences that promote the joy of living, through movements, music and non-verbal encounters within a group. São Santos will be the facilitator. Tuesdyas between 6 pm and 7 pm. Prices Members – 35 euros per month Non-members – 45 euros per month separate classes 10 euros

Every wednesday, nights at O Castelo are at #LATINO rhythm

EXTENDED HORIZONS Classic Lethes Cycle – OCS – Southern Classical Orchestra THU. 9 FEB / 7 pm Tickets: €7.50 Duration: 45 to 60′ // M/6 Samuel Coleridge-Taylor lived a short life of just 37 years. However, he was quite prolific and achieved a prominent place in the first decades of the 20th century. His upward path is also a milestone in a society of Victorian values, recognizing a black composer as one of the most distinguished peers of his time. Alan Shulman was born in the USA into a family that emigrated from the Russian Empire, growing up surrounded by music, where his character as a child prodigy stands out. As a cellist, he plays in the best American orchestras and forms the mythical Stuyvesant Quartet. As an arranger, he collaborates with Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole or Ella Fitzgerald. Already as a full-fledged composer, and despite a brilliant academic career and regular contact with the most important composers of the last century, his work remains to be discovered and explored. This concert proposes to expand our horizons as listeners, rediscovering two composers whose work needs greater dissemination, with both works being heard as probable national premieres. It is also […]

In an initiative promoted by the Municipality of Silves, the 7th Mostra Silves Capital da Laranja will take place on the 10th, 11th and 12th of February, highlighting citrus growing in the municipality and the various economic agents linked to the sector. Sara Correia, José Cid and Mimo´s Orchestral Experience with Banda da Sociedade Filarmónica Silvense are the headliners of this edition, which will take place in the riverside area next to FISSUL. The event will have its official opening at 10:30 am. In addition to the citriculture area, dozens of exhibitors linked to wines, agriculture, regional products, sweets, handicrafts, gastronomy, associations and local and regional institutions will be present. The Orange XXI Conference (where specialists will discuss central themes for citrus fruit production and producers), the “International Orange Cocktails Festival 2023” in the After Dinner and Flairbartending modalities, the children’s musical animation by João Violão and the well-known Valentine’s March , a sporting activity that is part of the Algarve walking and running calendar, are other highlights of the event. It should be remembered that highlighting citrus growing, its producers and the subjects that matter for the improvement of this sector is the main objective of the Mostra Silves […]

Voice is arguably the human faculty that has the greatest impact on our experience. It has an enormous power of contamination and unique capabilities that allow transformation, communication and enchantment. In this proposal dedicated to the technique of lyrical singing, various forces of Voz em Canto come together. Voz em Canto intends to highlight and publicize the unique beauty that lyrical singing encourages. It is proposed a journey that will cover 4 types of voices: Soprano, Mezzo-Soprano, Tenor and Bass, accompanied by different instrumental formations. It will be a tribute to dialogues with a program full of duets. After so much time of human and emotional isolation, caused by covid-19, it is increasingly necessary to promote rapprochement and communication. The four spaces selected for the execution of the various musical programs are based, above all, on the need to decentralize culture in the territory of Lagoa. But, no less important, it started with the combination of important and iconic heritage spaces, which accumulate tradition with current experiences, with the combination of a timeless and highly demanding vocal repertoire. The spaces covered on this journey by Voz em Canto, begins with the religious building – Church of Ferragudo, passing through the […]

XXIII FESTIVAL AL-MUTAMID – SUEÑOS DE AZAHAR February 10th | 21:30 Location: Duval Pestana Auditorium of the Cultural Center of Lagos Org.: CM Lagos and Ibérica Eventos Class. age: M6 Ticket: €10 | Tickets available at CCL reception or through Ticketline The musical project “Sueños de Azahar” intends to transport the audience through a sound journey to the flourishing cultural and artistic era of Al-Andalus, in which the three monotheistic cultures of the Mediterranean coexisted. In this show, the group (Husam Hamumi on vocals, kanún and nay, Nerea Mafarki on vocals and daf and Victor Muñiz on guitar and Arabic lute) presents themes interpreted in Arabic, Hebrew and Ladino. This group had its debut at the prestigious International Festival of Sephardic Music in Córdoba, Spain.

With a repertoire focused on the Andalusian tradition and on classical and traditional Arabic music, this is made up of Marc Planells on lute and vocals, Baltazar Molina on darbuka, frame drums and riq and Adriano Dias Pereira on flute and clarinet. Make your reservation now at: reservas@re-criativarepublica14.pt ————————————————- Trio of Oud and Voice, Flute and Darbuka. The repertory of the group focusesses on the Andalusian tradition and the classical and traditional Arabic music.

February 11th, 9:00 pm TEMPO Grand Auditorium – Teatro Municipal de Portimão 60 min | M/12 €20 | Tickets on sale at https://tempo.bol.pt and at the box office An operatic performance by Catarina Molder. Those who die more of love or who sacrifice more for love in opera, literature and life are women. They atone for the evils of the world. The most beautiful death (if death can be beautiful, we all need to believe that it is…), the perfect catharsis is death for love. Amorous death has produced the most remarkable repertoire in the world of opera from its birth to the present day, as well as a remarkable chamber repertoire. In opera, you die singing, another perfect catharsis – the song of death. This show traces the path of a woman who continually dies of love, to the point of ultimate exhaustion. Love makes her live again, to die again. An eternal return. An eternal sacrifice, where all musicians participate. Who wins in the end? Love or death? On stage, the performer and soprano Catarina Molder is accompanied by the Quarteto Ensemble MPMP, in a musical-scenic show of contemporary opera with sounds ranging from the post-Romanticism of Ernest […]

The Valentine’s Day Music Festival returns in 2023 and will visit the Carlos do Carmo Auditorium, in Lagoa. February is the month of love, romance and sharing and it also marks the return of the festival that celebrates all these feelings with the best soundtrack. The Montepio à Vezes o Amor Festival is back for its 9th edition and on the 11th of February, at 9 pm, the concert of “SYRO” will be presented in Lagoa, which makes its debut at this Festival. Synopsis: SYRO is the artistic name of Diogo Lopes who was born in Barreiro on February 23, 1995, a young man who since the age of 12 has been connected to the music world, as a drummer, having integrated several projects. Later he graduated in jazz and modern music, was part of the band Caelum, and today he assumes himself as a singer, author and producer of pop music. His musical roots were strongly marked by the musical taste passed on to him by his father, more focused on the international rock scene, with the band Genesis – Phil Collins, a great reference as a drummer – perhaps one of the most relevant projects for his career […]