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Side B with Luísa Sobral December 3, 2021 Location: Teatro Mascarenhas Gregório, Silves Time: 9.30 pm Source: https://www.cm-silves.pt/pt/agenda/8216/lado-b-com-luisa-sobral.aspx

Disclosure Portugal 2021 has as its main objective the promotion of a serious and open conversation, in view of the growing concern and expressly expressed in the recent Pentagon report about the sighting of UFOs/UFOs all over the world. We will have two distinct moments, the Conference and the Forum Disclosure Portugal 2021. Unique and exclusive moments, with the presence of some of the greatest specialists and professors in the Ufology world scene, as well as in the areas of Astrophysics, Astrobiology, Social, Historical, Political, Military, Technological, as well as other relevant areas in the Social/Human panorama.

SOUNDS AT TWILIGHT – I EDITION August 6th to December 18th Location: Military Messe and Lagos Cultural Center Org.: AORCA, with the support of CM Lagos, Army of Portugal, Festa da Música, Solidó and Nauticmar Class Age: M6 More INFO through the email sonsaocrepusculo@aorca.pt or 966 738 810 Commented concert cycle in Lagos August 6th | 19:00 | Military Messe Joana Shumova and Mikhail Shumov (Piano and Violancelo) August 7th | 19:00 | Military Messe Anna Nemchynova and Bruno Martins (Piano and Double Bass) August 28th | 21:00 | Lagos Cultural Center João Vila Nova (Piano) September 11th | 19:00 | Military Messe Joana Shumova and Carlos Ramalho (Piano and Saxophone) October 2nd | 18:00 | Military Messe Pereverzeva Family (Piano, Singing, Violin and Guitar) November 6th | 18:00 | Military Messe Vasco Ramalho (Marimba) November 20th | 18:00 | Military Messe Gina Grigore and Gabriel Vacariu (Viola d’Arvo and Double bass) December 4th | 18:00 | Military Messe Gonçalo Duarte (Guitar) December 18th | 18:00 | Military Messe Irina Mamrici and Margarida Galvão (Piano and Flute) Source: https://www.cm-lagos.pt/municipio/eventos/9010-sons-ao-crepusculo-i-edicao

Lefty Referring us to the garage bands of the late 80s/early 90s, it is a peculiar mix of punk, new wave and pop rock, supported by the voice of Leonor Andrade, the bass of João Nobre, guitars of Pablo Banazol and Dani’s drums, who are born the Lefty. The lyrics, written in Portuguese, are by Leonor Andrade, and in them we find both mundane matters of everyday life, as well as social situations, such as Gender Equality, Discrimination, Intolerance and feminism. Carlão Carlão, one of the biggest names in urban music today. From the fascination for the North Americans Public Enemy, for the language of intervention and social conscience; the transposition of that influence to Da Weasel – the group that came to revolutionize Portuguese rap, where he was vocalist between 1993 and 2009 and acclaimed as “Pacman”. After the end of the group, it was under the pseudonym Carlão that Carlos Nobre became started again in the Portuguese music scene, with a solo project that merges rap with other sounds. A concert like those Carlão is used to is waiting for us: one of permanent energy and total and selfless dedication!

Christmas Concert – Orquestra Ligeira de Lagos A Christmas Concert, where themes celebrated by Michael Bublé, Ella Fitzgerald, Tony Bennett among others will be remembered. The Orquestra Ligeira de Lagos (Big Band formation) accompanies Gabriel Fialho and Marta Rodrigues in a show full of music, color, rhythm and magic…

There will be a creation by Mariana Vasconcelos December 4th, 9 pm Time Black Box 40 min | M/12 Price: €5.00 Tickets at https://tempo.bol.pt and at the ticket office of Teatro Municipal de Portimão. HAVERÁ is a 40-minute monologue, accompanied by sound design and live music. HAVERÁ seeks to explore the way in which humans relate to each other and to the world from an existentialist perspective, reflecting the incoherence and contradiction inherent in the human condition. HAVERÁ is a cry, an urgency for resistance, it is a micro revolution within a desperate body that struggles with itself in search of a possible detour. Creation and interpretation: Mariana Vasconcelos Sound score and musical interpretation: Leonor Cabrita and Mariana Correia Light design: Guto Martins and Flávio Reis Light technician: Flávio Reis Production: InsanaCena Company

António Zambujo – “From the other side” December 4th | 9:30 pm – M/6 Municipal Auditorium of Olhão Do Avesso is @antonio.zambujo’s eighth album which, like his previous albums, was presented on stages all over the world and is now coming to Olhão. The musician performs at the Municipal Auditorium alongside Bernardo Couto (Portuguese guitar), Diogo Costa (double bass), João Moreira (trumpets), José Conde (clarinets), Luís Figueiredo (piano) and Nuno Rafael (guitars and percussion). Zambujo, with this work, reinvented itself and expanded the frontiers of its musical language, resorting to the participation of the Lisbon Sinfonietta Orchestra and the contribution of three of the most talented national musicians and producers: Filipe Melo, Nuno Rafael and João Moreira (the latter two will also accompany him this evening in Olhão). This show, which has seven musicians on stage, invites the audience to celebrate the songs of Do Avesso, as well as discover new arrangements of themes that have already become classics in Zambujo’s career. At this exhibition in the Cubist city, there will still be time for the presentation of some songs from his new record work. Published in April of this year, Voz e Violão is inspired by the name of […]

ANYMAL RATIONAL & CASA DAS VIRTUDES present PUNK’S NOT DEAD FEST # ACROMANICS The ‘Shit Man’ has returned to hell. One of the oldest and most fun bands in the national punk-rock scene is back in Faro for another night like that! Unmissable! –> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mlBqmlKAJWI # ALBERT FISH With nearly 3 decades of activity in his pocket, one of the most important and oldest punk-rock bands in the world is back in Faro so that everyone can sing their classics in unison and with their finger in the air. –> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LPK2FCvuWOo # VULTURE After an apotheotic return at Faro Alternativo 11 with a new line-up and the same venue for concerts, they’re back to Faro for another vulture flight! # MARAFADOS New punk-rock band, from Olhão, to show that punk is still alive, in good health and recommended! Another new project to consider in the near future! ************************************** Location: Casa das Virtudes, Faro Address: Riverside Walk, 8 Date : December 4th 2021 [ Saturday ] Opening: 9.30 pm Start: 22:00 Entry: TBA Appears and brings another friend too… BECAUSE NOTHING IS BUILT ALONE

Thermometer Festival The Thermometer Festival heads south and will be present in Portimão for its second session, on December 7th, at TEMPO – Teatro Municipal de Portimão, from 9 pm. Get together for an incredible night where we celebrate national and international music with lordkez (online), Violeta Luz, EVAYA and even PZ (guest band). Admission is free! TICKETS INFO: Admission to the session is free, tickets are already available at TEMPO – Teatro Municipal de Portimão for pick up. To collect your ticket on the day of the session, if you purchase it online, simply present proof of it by 20:30 at the ticket office in the room.