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Alex Stewart – violin, Massimo Cavalli – double bass, Pedro Santos – accordion, Ramón Maschio – guitar and musical direction. FOUR Musicians from FOUR different latitudes: an Argentine, an Englishman, an Italian and a Portuguese. Music is a universal language but it has dialects. In the music of this quartet there are several dialects of the same language, including TANGO and other Port Music, such as FADO, spoken with a mastery of great musicians, in a combination of arrangements of classical themes and original themes. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzOOaT3b3Ec5dH7yp6vdJxg https://www.facebook.com/latitudequatro

Few figures in Portuguese music have had the cult and magnetism of Manel Cruz. It’s been more than 20 years of a career divided between Ornatos Violeta, Pluto, Foge Foge Bandido and Supernada. After a seven-year hiatus, “Vida Nova” marked the return to records and was elected one of the best albums of the year by Portuguese music critics. With lyrics, music and image by Manel Cruz and composed mostly on the ukulele, “Vida Nova” is accompanied by a book whose content complements the artistic work. As a result of his desire to return to the studio and the stage, it was a return to his origins that pleased Manel Cruz and resulted in 12 songs, including “Ainda Não Acaba”, “Beija-Flor”, “Cães e Ossos” and “O Navio Dela”, which allow you to anticipate the edition of new albums. February 19, 21:00 Great Auditorium M/6 🎫10.00€ | Tickets at https://tempo.bol.pt and at the TEMPO box office ℹ️ The TEMPO box office is open from Tuesday to Friday between 13:00 and 18:00. More info: https://teatromunicipaldeportimao.pt

CARNIVAL CONCERT Classic Lethes Cycle OCS – Southern Classical Orchestra THU. 24 FEB // 19:00 Tickets: €7.50 Duration: 45′ to 60′ // M/6 Irreverence, provocation and humor. Between naughty and daring characters, through the fun recreation of famous composers, this is a concert that takes us back to the revelry and fantasy of carnival masks. In it, we will listen to works by R. Strauss, L. Spohr and P. D . Q. Bach. PROGRAM: R. STRAUSS (1864 – 1949) Till Eulenspiegel, Einmal Anders! (arr. Franz Hasenöhrl) L. SPOHR (1784 – 1859) Noneto in F major, Op. 31 I. Allegro II. Scherzo (allegro) III. Adage IV. Finale (live) P.D.Q. BACH (1742 – 1807) Schlepter in E flat major, (S. 0) I. Molto Larghissimo – Allegro Boffo II. Menuetto con brio ma senza trio III. Adagio Saccarino IV. Yehudi Menuetto V. Presto Hey Nonny Nonnio

Miguel Martins already has 25 years of musical career. With several albums released and awarded by the specialized critic Miguel also has a rich international career having played a little throughout Europe. His KALEIDOSCOPIO project has already been active for 15 years, together with the greats of Portuguese Jazz, José Salgueiro on drums and Carlos Barretto on bass, with whom he shares an intensely creative and spontaneous chemistry. In this concert Miguel will present a repertoire of original themes recently composed and worked together with the participation of Barretto and Salgueiro.

Room Morcego – The Mirandas | The Legendary Tigerman Room *SIGA* – Badoga | Figueira Source & Tickets: https://www.bol.pt/Comprar/Bilhetes/101803-festival_siga_the_mirandas_the_legendary_tigerman-morcego/

Room Morcego – Lefty | Carlão Room *SIGA* – Micah Source & Tickets: https://www.bol.pt/Comprar/Bilhetes/101810-festival_siga_dia_4_e_5-morcego/

Morcego Room – Lefty & Carlão | Follow Room – Micah lefty Referring us to the garage bands of the late 80s/early 90s, it is a peculiar mix of punk, new wave and pop rock, supported by the voice of Leonor Andrade, the bass of João Nobre, guitars of Pablo Banazol and Dani’s drums, which are the birth of Leftys. The lyrics, written in Portuguese, are by Leonor Andrade, and in them we find both mundane matters of everyday life, as well as social situations, such as Gender Equality, Discrimination, Intolerance and feminism. Carlão Carlão, one of the biggest names in urban music today. From the fascination for the North Americans Public Enemy, for the language of intervention and social conscience; the transposition of that influence to Da Weasel – the group that came to revolutionize Portuguese rap, where he was vocalist between 1993 and 2009 and acclaimed as “Pacman”. After the end of the group, it was under the pseudonym Carlão that Carlos Nobre became started again in the Portuguese music scene, with a solo project that merges rap with other sounds. A concert like those Carlão is used to is waiting for us: one of permanent energy and […]

SYNOPSIS VI INTERNATIONAL ALGARVE PIANO FESTIVAL Youngho Park is a South Korean pianist, graduated from the National University of Seoul and winner of several international music awards and competitions. He has performed all over the world, in countries such as Germany, Italy, Belgium, among others, and often collaborates with several orchestral formations, among which the Lithuanian National Symphony Orchestra, the Gunpo Philharmonic Orchestra or Seoul National University Philharmonic Orchestra. In 2022 he will debut at the Algarve International Piano Festival with a great solo recital. ARTISTIC SHEET Piano: Soloist – Youngho Park Artistic/Programming Director: Maestro Armando Mota Stage Manager/Social Media/Advertising: Frederico Barroso Audiovisual and video recording: Nelson Nunes Production: Artedosul ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Tickets for places with reduced mobility must be purchased at the local TEMPO ticket office.

António Zambujo is one of the greatest contemporary artists, authors and interpreters of Portuguese music and language, and one of its most notable ambassadors in the world. By incorporating influences from the Brazilian songbook, in particular Bossa Nova, he broke down real and imaginary borders, bringing the two sides of the Atlantic closer together. With that, his music, first forged in the tradition of Cante Alentejano and Fado, created a unique personality and inspired a new cycle in Portuguese music. On the ninth album, eighth of originals, “António Zambujo Voz e Violão”, the musician is inspired by the name of one of the albums of his (and our) life, “João Voz e Violão”, João Gilberto’s album released in 1999 , and returns, nothing accidentally, to the essentials. March 19, 21:00 Great Auditorium M/6 🎫 Tickets soon available at https://tempo.bol.pt and at the TEMPO box office ℹ️ The TEMPO box office is open from Tuesday to Friday between 13:00 and 18:00. More info: https://teatromunicipaldeportimao.pt