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Strategic partnership with the Group Dancing with the Difference (Madeira) ‘BICHOS is a show based on the work of the same name by Miguel Torga, which aims to address fundamental questions about society and existence itself. (…) Humanized animals or almost animalized humans, appear here in struggle with themselves, with the environment in which they live and with the Divine. Different in their particularities, these animals are all part of the same Noah’s Ark; mother land and place where everyone walks in an equal struggle for life and freedom. These are human dilemmas, but shared by both men and animals, in which Man is more of an animal among others and does not occupy a privileged place. ‘ Rui Lopes Graça Choreography: Rui Lopes Graça / World Premiere: 29/01/2016 / Songs: Evgeny Grinko; Við Vorum Smá; Ólafur Arnalds & Alice Sara Ott; Fátima Miranda Peter Masseurs, Riccardo Chailly, Ronald Brautigam & Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra; Philip Glass (Wendy Sutter; The Everdawn); Max Richter; Yury Gulyayev; France Missale & Thomas Helmore (Ragnhild og Jan Huse) / Sound design and costumes: Rui Lopes Graça / Light design: Nuno Meira / Technical support: Ricardo Martins / Masks: Robert Allsopp and Associates / Projection drawings: […]

DATE AND TIME SUBJECT TO CONFIRMATION Creation: Bruno Duarte Co-creation and interpretation: Bruno Duarte, Carlota Sela, Francisco Ferreira, Joana Puntel, Luís Malaquias, Mariana Romão and Raquel Tavares “Since I was a child, I have always been very fond of the images that I was fascinated to watch on television and that gave me to know a little about the winter customs of Trás-os-Montes – faces, rattles, devils, figures that always exercised a special magnetism over me. I saw in the creation of this show, an opportunity to explore scenically the crossing of the ritual sacredness of these ancestral celebrations, with a contemporary dance language.Situated between the sacred and pagan, ancestral and contemporary, human and supernatural, “Winter” seeks to transmit the magic that is he lives in these places at the time of the winter solstice, portraying the pulse of the land, the emancipation of young people, the street people, the attitude of transgression – but so governed by fixed practices – and the strong cultural mysticism. is alive, but also about memory. About that and those who once lived the places we experience today. ” Bruno Duarte “These are youth rituals, full of life and the future, through which all […]

Blues a Sul Algarve Blues Association returns to Teatro Lethes, in Faro, on 27 and 28 November 2020, to present some of the best acoustic Blues performances in the national panorama, which give special emphasis to complicity among musicians. On the 27th, at 21.30, two musicians from the south of Portugal will take the stage: Vitor Bacalhau and Fast Eddie Nelson. On the 28th, the Blues from the north of Portugal will be represented with the acoustic showcase of the Portuguese duo The Smokestackers.

THE TROUBLES – Post Fancy Experimental Music Tale Tickets: €10 Members: 8€ A band that had as its starting point the Music Hall of Sec.XIX in London taverns, where musicians and actors told accidental stories and scoundrels. We reinvent this time in our own time, which is also rugged and mischievous, with taverns so often closed and where the human face is inside out and has only two eyes to show. We invited 1 writer; 1 costume designer and with the rehearsals, the patifes and the Post Fancy Experimental Music Tales began to appear, where inhabit a Madman with a Loudspeaker, a Mother without a Head, a Scared Dead, His Excellency who likes to hit people on the head; God who watches everything from a small window, Emílio and many more people. the SKILLS are: Hernâni Faustino – double bass and electric bass Luís Lopes – electric guitar, Miguel Fevereiro – electric guitar, Miguel Sobral Curado – drums and electronics, Teresa Sobral – voice and electronics The Rascals’ guests were: Gonçalo M. Tavares – Texts Afonso Peixoto – Costumes Vitorino Courage – Photos

After 28 years on the Punk Rock circuit, João Morais chooses in 2016 Viola Campaniça to express his art. This instrument with traditional Portuguese roots is thus the central figure of an instrumental project with Arabic and Mediterranean references in a new language for an old guitar, which in its best tradition is reborn in the hands of O GAJO. New ideas, new formulas were born in 2021 and for the first time in a trio format, with Carlos Barretto on Contrabass and José Salgueiro on Percussão. The compositions take on a new dimension and take Viola Campaniça to new territories that, live, promise breathtaking moments.

The two members were the founders of Birmingham’s iconic REGGAE triple, which topped the UK’s top three sales on three occasions and sold over 70 million copies. The original UB40 line-up with Ali and Astro enjoyed tremendous success over a 40-year period from 1979 to 2019, including numerous number 1 and several gold and platinum TOP 10, as well as four Grammy nominations. Only with Ali Campbell, the legendary UB40 voice, reunited with Astro. The public can experience the sound of the original UB40 line. All hits will be played. A unique opportunity to watch the sound of REGGAE live, in a show to remember.

Madalena Palmeirim (vocals and cavaquinho) and Zoe Dorey (vocals, guitar and trumpet). are the “Queens of AutoEngano”, both singers and multi-instrumentalists, with long musical careers. In February 2020, Zoe Dorey invited two friends to her house for dinner, Madalena Palmeirim and Natalia Green, an Italian-Brazilian singer-songwriter who had recently arrived in Lisbon. In this first meeting, the single “Eu Jurei” was born and, even in confinement, they continued to work at a distance. The Rainhas do AutoEngano sings an original repertoire and embraces different languages, composing in Portuguese, English and French, the voices are accompanied by the cavaquinho, the guitar and the trumpet in a dance between Pop, Bossa Nova, MPB or Folk. The Queens of AutoDeception are the result of an unlikely encounter between their members. In February 2021 they released the first single “Eu Jurei” accompanied by a music video written by Joana Linda. In April, the Queens of AutoEngano gave two concerts in Cape Verde, in the city of Mindelo. And with the lack of confidence, they return to the national stages. The theme “Eu Jurei” is part of the playlist of several national radio stations and of the playlist of Continente stores nationwide. The theme “Eu […]

FREE EVENT / INFORMATION ON WWW.DANCENEMA.COM A LOVE SONG DANCED BY US SING BY THE PUBLIC CUORE presents the idea of love as a non-romantic discourse that is shared before bodies that confront and interact. This piece / song proposes a joint celebration of the idiosyncrasies of love relationships in which they reflect patterns that are considered romantic because we can recognize them and not romantic because we do not know how to resolve them.  

Maiden uniteD are a band that plays classic Iron Maiden songs in new acoustic arrangements. They are on tour in Europe and Loulé is on his route with a passage through BAFO DE BACO. Tickets will be available soon through the band and on the spot. We will give you more news soon and as it is natural everything may depend on the situation that we will be dependent on at the time. www.MaidenuniteD.com