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The biggest national dance competition is coming to Portimão! In addition to the competitive aspect, 3 free dance workshops open to the entire community (with or without dance experience) are scheduled for the 10th of June: 3:30 pm – Jazz with Francisca Mendo 4:45 pm – Commercial with Ana Carina Rodriguez 6 pm – Flamenco with Francisca Durão Do not miss this opportunity! Just sign up HERE! https://bit.ly/3OFyAzs Portugal a Dançar, a competition for everyone and for everyone Find out everything at www.portugaladancar.pt

The month of June, which marks the beginning of summer, will once again be characterized in Portimão by moments of great animation, guided by the parades of the Popular Marches and Arraiais, carried out by the local associative movement, celebrating St. João and S. Pedro with dancers and lots of joy. This year, tradition returns in a big way with six Popular Marches parades, five on Friday nights and the other on a Sunday, providing pretexts for lots of fun throughout this 22nd edition of the event, which promises to infect residents and tourists in the three parishes of the county. The parades will count on the participation of cultural and recreation groups, such as Sporting Glória ou Morte Portimonense, Sociedade Recreativa Figueirense and CIRM – Clube de Instrução e Recreio Mexilhoeirense, which will join the Marcha da Vila de Alvor, organized by Parish Council using local volunteer work. Six parades are planned, always starting at 10 pm, with the following schedule: 2 June – Portimão Arena, with free entry and ticket collection on the spot; 9 June – Polidesportivo da Figueira; 11 June – Montes de Alvor Sports Pavilion; 16th of June – riverside area of Alvor; 23rd June […]

AUGUST 10 CALM IVANDRO AUGUST 11 PLUTONIUM JULINHO KSD T-REX AUGUST 12 FERNANDO DANIEL NININHO VAZ MAIA __________________________________________ 2023 is the year of the 2nd edition of the Mar Me Quer Festival. Once again in the Portimão waterfront, from the 10th to the 12th of August, the festival reinforces its position as a reference in terms of Summer Festivals in the Algarve region. With a very varied offer in terms of musical styles, we will offer the best experience to all Mar Me Quer visitors. Sustainability and Ecological Footprint Reduction remain our goal, so if you have your Eco-Cup from the last edition, you can bring it and use it without having to buy a new one! And we have more news, but we reveal it little by little. Pay attention to Mar Me Quer’s social networks! TICKETS The 1st phase of sales is taking place. Take advantage of the Family Pack when purchasing 4 tickets. NO RE-ENTRY ALLOWED INTO THE FESTIVAL https://www.instagram.com/festival.marmequer/ https://www.facebook.com/festival.marmequer https://www.tiktok.com/@festival.marmequer