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From October 15th to 24th, 2021 San Francisco Square Org./Inf.: Ambifaro- 289897250 / geral@ambifaro.pt Source: http://www.cm-faro.pt/pt/agenda/55786/feira-de-santa-iria-2021.aspx

HETERODOXY IN JEWISH-PORTUGUESE THINKING: THE INFLUENCE OF MAIMÓNIDES IN THE THINKING OF ABRAVANELS AND AMSTERDAM BY URIEL DA COSTA AND BARUCH ESPINOSA, with intermediation by Kurt “Vos” Albert October 21st | 20:00 Location: Municipal Library of Lagos Org.: CM Lagos and Kurt “Vos” Albert Duration: 90m Class Age: M16 Free participation, but subject to the limit of 48 mandatory prior registrations by calling 282 767 816, Library Facebook page or email library@cm-lagos.pt Event integrated in the 30th Anniversary Celebrations of the Municipal Library of Lagos First session of a cycle that aims to bring together in the Library all those interested (Jews and non-Jews) in participating in meetings related to Jewish tradition, culture, history and religion. After more than 500 years of absence from (earthly) paradise, we sought to found a new Hebrew community in Lagos and the windward; we intend to keep alive the memory of our common past, between the Hebrew Nation and Lagos/West. It is also intended to make known the multiple facets of Hebrew-Jewish culture, history, literature and religion outside the borders of Portugal: a journey between Portugal and Israel before the common era, Iran and Germany after the first world war, etc. We will open […]