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Odiáxere, Collective Exercise of Imagination OPEN CALL Workshop-Show | Movement Facilitator: Aldara Bizarro Location: Odiáxere Class. age: +17 Participant Limit: 20 participants ** With or Without Experience ** Subject to Registration: questao.repetida.producao@gmail.com Odiáxere, Collective Exercise of Imagination In this participatory project, creating a workshop – show, lasting just three days, we work from contemporary dance, the exercises and practices it provides us, to (re)discover and make known the paths that Odiáxere taken, how it has reached today, and what is desired for the future of that place. The work is developed around three basic questions, asked to participants at the beginning of the workshop, which serve as a driving element for research and creation work with the body, which navigates between the real and what does not exist, in the sense of find an imagined place, for a balanced relationship between the body and that space. The project takes place on the 29th, 30th of September and 1st of October, on Friday, after work hours, and on the weekend, during daytime hours. There is a public presentation on the last day of the workshop. Bio Bizarre Aldara Maputo 1965. Studied dance in Luanda, Lisbon, New York and Berlin. He likes […]

The Municipality of Faro once again promotes Faro Ativo, an event that usually marks the beginning of the sporting year in the municipality. The initiative has a bold program adapted to all segments of the population that began on September 7th and runs until October 29th. As usual, Faro Ativo 2023 takes place in close collaboration with the municipality’s associative and business fabric, namely with Decathlon Faro, a highly relevant partner who, in partnership with the Municipality, intends to offer, to all interested parties, a set more diverse range of sporting experiences, through the “Vital Sport” initiative. This year, Faro Ativo, in partnership with IPDJ, is also part of the Closing Party of the IX edition of the European Sports Week (SED), an initiative developed by the European Commission, which will take place on September 30th, at Parque de Lazer das Figuras, from 6pm, whose theme of the campaign is to be #BEACTIVE, encouraging everyone to be active, adopting a healthy lifestyle. On the 30th of September and the 1st of October, one of the highlights of the event will take place, with an extensive sports exhibition that will take place at the Parque de Lazer das Figuras, and at […]