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Short story session with Bruno Batista Bruno Batista opens his suitcase and magical objects, books, stories, songs and other surprises come out. And in a fun and interactive way, it unravels stories that will delight everyone. Words motivate and invite the listener to a unique experience, in addition to being essential in the education of children, young people and adults. The short story session with Bruno Batista will take place on March 4, from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm, in the Multipurpose room of the Municipal Library of Lagoa and is limited to 15 participants, so you should register at: Biblioteca@cm-lagoa. en

Conference Cycle “The History of the Algarve goes to the Library”. Follow-up to the Cycle of Conferences on the Contemporary History of the Algarve. An innovative approach and development tool by researcher, trainer and teacher Maria João Raminhos Duarte. A stimulus not only for young people, but for older people, whether from the Algarve or not, who are interested and engaged in themes that are close to them, such as Local and Regional History of the 20th century. All conferences will take place in the Multipurpose Room of the Municipal Library of Lagoa, they are free of charge and aimed at the general population, students, teachers, educational agents and other entities. Previously held last year: * 3rd Conference: February 9 “João Rosa Beatriz, a Singular Algarve in the 1st Republic”; * 4th Conference: March 03 “The 1915 Algarve Regional Congress”; * 5th Conference: March 23 “The Algarve in the First World War”; * 6th Conference: April 1st “The Algarve in World War II”; * 7th Conference: April 20 “Political Prisoners from the Algarve in Angra do Heroísmo and Tarrafal”; * 8th Conference: May 12 “Who was José Vitoriano?”


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