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Registration and information: equilibriovital@outlook.fr Sofrology was developed in 1960 by Colombian physician and researcher Lozano Alfonso Caycedo. It is a medical technique that stimulates, through consciousness, the forces responsible for the biological harmony of human beings. Sophrology means: study of human consciousness.

Fad` Nu – intimate complicity, scenic and musical dialogue between singer and guitarist, the key characters of FADO. With obvious links to the tradition, Fad’Nu is a dogma-free option, opened to the new paths of the artistic globalization. Fad’Nu has no creeds or boundaries and like music and poetry, it finds its essence in discovering an open path that reinvents itself at every new step. Cátia Alhandra – Voz José Alegre – Guitarra Portuguesa Convidados: Tiago Rêgo – Percussão Mediterrânica Paulo Matos da Silva (strak) – Contrabaixo


09:30 - 22:00


09:30 - 22:00


09:30 - 22:00


09:30 - 22:00


09:30 - 23:45


12:30 - 23:45


21:30 - 23:45

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