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Cátia Alhandra is a unique singer. She has in her voice the poetic sensitivity, colors and intense flavors of the Portuguese Soul. From Fado and traditional Portuguese music to the passion and influence of ancestral singing linked to Arab and Mediterranean music, her different musical roots make her interpretation unique and make Cátia a multifaceted singer with a vibrant presence and an intense performance, full of truth, grit and soul. In this new concert, she is accompanied by musicians from different artistic influences, which results in a communion and fusion of diverse sensibilities and languages, with unexpected formations, sound contrasts and a great diversity of environments. The program mainly consists of original themes by composers from the Algarve, themes inspired by the great poetesses, as well as recreations of fado and traditional Portuguese and Mediterranean music. The poetic and emotive density of the song and words combined with the intention and deep truth of the interpretation and delivery on stage. Musicians: Guitar – Zé Miguel Vieira/ arrangements Bass – Gabriel Costa Tiago Rêgo – Mediterranean Percussion and Hangdrum

Presentation of the new Plasticine album – “The Most Beautiful Skies”. Through a musical tapestry composed of progressive rock, funk, jazz and soul, the band takes us on a sound journey that travels through the skies of the Maghreb, continuing across Africa, passing through the Caribbean, stopping in Latin America, flying over the East and landing in Portugal. “Afrobeat, soul, funk, jazz and the wider world in one danceable package. This band seethes with a horn section, guitars and keyboards and a drum/percussion base to support it all. No gimmicks or gimmicks, just pulsating music from a band with an energy transmitted straight from the stage to the audience” – World Music Central on Plasticine’s concert at Festival Med 2022. “Perhaps the best funk orchestra in Portugal” – Nuno Rogeiro (SIC Notícias)


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