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[Person event and / or online by developments around the pandemic] Within the scope of its musical production plan for 2021, Ideias do Levante – Cultural Association of Lagoa (Algarve), in partnership with the Municipality of Loulé, through the Cineteatro Louletano, and with the support of the Loulé Music Conservatory – Francisco Rosado , will organize a Harp Concert, inserted in the programming of the first edition of the Algarve Harp Festival, with harpist Helena Madeira, on April 17, 2021, at the Solar da Música Nova Auditorium, in the city of Loulé (Algarve) at 7:30 pm. #PROGRAM The harpist will interpret several popular and religious by D. Dinis (1291-1325), John Newton (1725-1807), Teodoro Cottrau (1827-1879), among others. #OBJECTIVES This event aims not only to promote the repertoire around the harp, but also to raise funds for the following institution: ONCOLOGICAL SOS NIF 510 995 748 www.sosoncologico.pt If a live concert takes place, a dedicated venue will be available at the entrance / exit of the Solar da Música Nova Auditorium, where donations can be delivered. If the concert takes place online, without an audience, donations may also be made via bank transfer to the following IBAN: PT50 0045 7060 4026 […]

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