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After the Loulé Jazz Trio with Jorge Palma, another artistic order follows in the context of a cycle that is already an essential reference of Cineteatro’s programming and which has seen, since 2016, many unpublished shows that aimed mainly to stimulate and valuing local talents with a different artistic experience. The Loulé Music Conservatory – Francisco Rosado, opened in September 2018, is the first public music teaching school south of Lisbon and is a reflection of a strong bet by the Louletan autarchy in the areas of Education and Culture, being installed in the emblematic (now rehabilitated) building of Solar da Música Nova. It currently has several ensemble classes including choir, string, guitar and wood orchestras, percussion ensembles, brass and brass, ancient music, accordion and piano, totaling 292 students and 35 teachers, with pedagogical direction by Professor Sérgio Milk. For this very special concert, on the eve of the municipal holiday, an ensemble will be formed with teachers from the Conservatory who, under the coordination of Sérgio Leite, will join the prestigious singer and actress Sofia Escobar to create an alignment that revisits the universe of musicals and of soundtracks for cinema. Sofia Escobar is one of the best known […]

The cycle “O Longe é Aqui”, which challenges, through the commission, musicians / projects from the region to present unpublished concerts with renowned musicians from the national scene, constitutes one of the central vectors of Cineteatro’s programming since 2016, having already been held 15 shows under this motto. In 2020, to revisit the values ​​of the carnation revolution, two names join this musical cycle: Jorge Palma opened it in May 2016, at the time with the Banda Filarmónica Artistas de Minerva; and the Loulé Jazz Trio shared the stage with Pedro Abrunhosa in a memorable concert in May 2017. Now Palma joins the Trio to, in a jazz approach, celebrate World Music Day by reinventing great songs by composers and performers that marked the history of the socially committed song. Composed by João Pedro Coelho (piano), António Quintino (double bass) and João Pereira (drums), TRIO DE JAZZ DE LOULÉ premiered in July 2016 at the end of the 21st Loulé Jazz Festival, and was formed at within the scope of an initiative launched by the Municipality of Loulé at the level of its cultural policy, this after a selection, among several applications, whose jury was Mário Laginha, Pedro Moreira and […]

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