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After the Loulé Jazz Trio with Jorge Palma, another artistic order follows in the context of a cycle that is already an essential reference of Cineteatro’s programming and which has seen, since 2016, many unpublished shows that aimed mainly to stimulate and valuing local talents with a different artistic experience. The Loulé Music Conservatory – Francisco Rosado, opened in September 2018, is the first public music teaching school south of Lisbon and is a reflection of a strong bet by the Louletan autarchy in the areas of Education and Culture, being installed in the emblematic (now rehabilitated) building of Solar da Música Nova. It currently has several ensemble classes including choir, string, guitar and wood orchestras, percussion ensembles, brass and brass, ancient music, accordion and piano, totaling 292 students and 35 teachers, with pedagogical direction by Professor Sérgio Milk. For this very special concert, on the eve of the municipal holiday, an ensemble will be formed with teachers from the Conservatory who, under the coordination of Sérgio Leite, will join the prestigious singer and actress Sofia Escobar to create an alignment that revisits the universe of musicals and of soundtracks for cinema. Sofia Escobar is one of the best known […]

PREMIERE SOUTH Co-production: Cineteatro Louletano and Teatro Municipal do Porto Implication Cycle # 2 “A city wounded in the heart by the tourist phenomenon. During three dizzying days and three nights, six characters conflict and struggle with the closing of horizons that the new neoliberal order imposes on them. THE CITY, a physical and mental space where these life stories are linked, intersect and flow, does not present itself as a mere background, as its own dramas and growing pains assume full prominence. The cartographic city is overlaid with sentimental geographies, retrospectives and projections that build a composite place, multifaceted to the point of becoming transversal to western cities. Therefore, along with a reflection on issues that haunt our “here and now”, the strength and fragility of human relationships shaped by fear are highlighted and questions such as identity, memory, dignity, love and justice. ” Regina Guimarães

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