LAGOS-EM-FORMA’s corporate purpose is the management, operation and conservation of sports and leisure equipment belonging or under its administration, whatever the title, to the Municipality of Lagos. The activity described in the caput may include the construction, expansion, renovation and maintenance of facilities and equipment, as long as it is expressly authorized or committed by the guardianship. In addition, the Municipal Company may carry out other activities related to its corporate purpose.

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The 35th edition of the Feira Concurso Arte Doce takes place from the 24th to the 28th of July at the Lagos Sports Complex, featuring the usual sweets, crafts, taverns, regional products, showcooking, children’s entertainment, shows and a sweets exhibition. In the year of celebrations of the 50th anniversary of the 25th of April 1974, the city hall challenged the participating confectioners to create pieces of sweet art inspired by “Freedom” for the Mandatory Theme category, joining the Free Theme, Sweets Innovation and Quality in Tradition (Best Dom Rodrigo, Doce Fino, Morgado and Doce de Figo). Little ones will have access to lots of entertainment and entertainment at the Trick or Treat Space, which also includes workshops from LAC and Centro Ciência Viva de Lagos. In Espaço + Doce (lounge area), we will have music by Carlos Sax, Orquestra de Jazz do Algarve (Vítor Guerreiro and Clara Buser Duo, Rui Freitas Trio and Ricardo Pires Quarteto) and Daniel Marques. Among local artists and guests from the region, Ribatejo, the Arte Doce Stage will host Lana Gasparotti, Omiri, Grupo Acadêmico de Danças Ribatejanas, Os Compotas, DJ HANTT ft. Mr. Vlalen, Jones and Co., DJ Ventura, Michie, Marta Lima and Almatrix. On […]


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