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Traditions – Guided by Encontros Integrais do Barlavento Date: September 30, 2023 Time: from 3:30 pm Location: LAC – Creative Activities Laboratory Bring something to snack on for shared dinner (plates, cutlery and glasses). Drinks sold at the bar. Activities by donation. > Synopsis And with Autumn the Integral Meetings return! With some activities self-proposed by the community, we are preparing a program on Traditions for September 30th, the most voted topic at the first Meeting. Manuela Caneco will hold a workshop on “Fig Drying”, Helena Menezes will facilitate a gathering on “Relational intelligence: what challenges in the parent-child relationship?”, we will have the screening of the documentary “Vime basketry and plastic ribbons” ( 22′) by Vera Abreu and, to end the day, a “Traditional Dances” workshop/dance with Luís Tavares and guests (all activities by donation). Cláudia Inácio’s Toy Library will be with us at the Meetings, so that everyone can enjoy and have fun in these moments created for us. There will also be drinks sold at the bar and a table full of shared food, so bring something to snack on! In the following months, we will have Meetings dedicated to Education (October 21st), Local food and well-being […]

ARTURb Exhibition 2023 Opening: September 16, 2023 at 6:00 pm Patent: September 16 to October 27, 2023 Location: LAC – Creative Activities Laboratory Price: Free Entry LEX ZOOZ (Estonia) NUNO VIEGAS (Portugal) RITA RAVASCO (Portugal) SNIK (United Kingdom) THE CAVER (Portugal) Curated by Sofia Fortunato | Synopsis | The inauguration on the 16th of September at 18:00 will feature the presence of guest artists, a conference with Eduardo Baptista Correia (CEO of Taguspark), and to finish off a DJ set with the duo Les Rockoeurs. This exhibition is the result of the 12th edition of ARTURb – United Artists in Residence, a unique project in the Algarve that involves some of the most important names in urban art. This project consists of a period of artistic residency at LAC, followed by an exhibition at the same location, several public art interventions throughout the municipality of Lagos, workshops with the community and schools, launch of the catalogue, among other actions. During the artistic residency period, artists have complete freedom to develop their work inside and outside the LAC collective space, which is available for any intervention, adaptation or artistic creation. Funding: General Directorate of Arts and Municipality of Lagos Support: Alvor […]

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