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“WE ARE ALL THE COLORS” by the German ceramist and sculptor Hein Semke (1899-1995), will open on May 15th, the new cycle of temporary exhibitions at the Museum of Portimão, marking its 13th anniversary and also the Week of Interculturality. The exhibition reveals a set of works of painting, drawing, monotype, sculpture and woodcut of an enormous chromatic diversity, carried out by the artist in Portugal, between 1963 and 1976, previously selected from the collection of one thousand six hundred and seventy-two works Hein Semke’s original works, resulting from the exceptional and generous donation of Teresa Balté, to the Museum of Portimão. The multifaceted, experimental and colorful way of treating the face, body and human figure, especially the female, are the central theme of this new exhibition curated by José Gameiro, who also shows us the creative spontaneity and capacity for expression , humor, the pleasure of experimenting and challenging that accompanies the whole work of Hein Semke. Source: https://www.vivaportimao.pt/a-nao-perder/e-ainda/2201-somos-todas-as-cores-do-hein-semke

Open until November 14 in the Temporary and Temporary Exhibitions Room and part of the “MAR” Project of the Algarve Museum Network (RMA), “Ouvir o Oceano” intends to draw attention and convey a strong message to the need to protect beauty and the purity of the oceans, preventing their degradation, in particular through discharges of polluting waste and plastic packaging, as well as through poaching. In a region strongly linked to maritime culture such as Portimão and Algarve, BJ Boulter’s warning makes perfect sense, as the materials in question represent a real threat to the extinction of many species of fish, crustaceans, mammals, turtles and reefs, for the pollution they cause. “Listening to the ocean is urgent!” Artist, designer and film producer, Barbara grew up in Tanzania and Uganda, having received her education in Kenya and London. The artist arrived in the Algarve in 1962, when her British parents acquired “Residencial Pinguim”, in Praia da Rocha. Through his paintings and sculptures, BJ Boulter recalls “the need not only to think, but also to act every day to save the ocean, preventing its contamination.” This exhibition project, following her sculpture “The Waste of a Dolphin” presented in 2019 on the riverside, […]




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