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Comedians, Thiago Ventura, Dihh Lopes, Marcio Donato and Afonso Padilha. Friendship, according to the dictionary is: feeling of affection, esteem, tenderness that unites one person to another without necessarily implying the existence of family ties. Let’s say that the dictionary was right in defining what 4 Amigos is. Dihh, Thiago, Afonso and Márcio are longtime friends, and from the idea of putting together a group to simply have a show in theater that could be made possible, the largest stand-up group in Brazil emerged. The proximity between the comedians is evident on and off the stage. In addition to the individual quality, when they come together, laughter is even more guaranteed. The 4 take turns on stage throughout the show, always with the Master of Ceremonies, who introduces each of the other comedians during the show. The unique and well-defined styles of each comedian add quality and diversity to the show.

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