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On a sunny day, a man lets go of his routine and, inspired by an adventure book, gives free rein to the horse of imagination. This modern-day knight needs a co-pilot, a noble lady to snatch with a serenade and enemies. A Dom Rodrigo and a arbutus would not go wrong with him either. Two actors and a musician embody this Algarve epic, seasoned with the best that the Algarve has. Being «Babuja» means a lot and one of them is being on the edge – of the right people. Artistic and technical sheet Direction: João de Brito Dramaturgy: Joana Bértholo Interpretation: André Canário, Igor Martins and João de Brito Sound: Igor Martins Scenography and props: Carla Martinez and Isabelle Yvonne Costumes: José António Tenente Artistic consultancy: Catarina Requeijo and Yola Pinto Photography and video: Diogo Simão Executive production and communication: Lélia Madeira Production: LAMA

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