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Weekly class with Paula de La Selva: “In this class, you will learn the essentials of the Hypnobirthing Mongan Method. In these 2.5 hours, we will review how your uterus works, myths and truths about birth will unlearn to learn new and positive concepts, will create the memory of deep relaxation in your body as well as breathing techniques for a calm and easy birth. This method has helped thousands of women worldwide who are confirmed to have an easier and sometimes even pain-free birth. Includes: ~Guided meditation ~Theory of how your body works ~What is hypnosis ~Self Hypnosis exercise ~Deep relaxation exercise ~Birth Companion Relaxation Techniques ~Affirmations exercise ~Couple bonding ~Perineal Massage explanation ~Handouts: phases of labor, nutrition ~guide, birth positions, birth plan ~template, birth companion role guide, ~positive vocabulary swap, and more! ~Mp3 Relaxation Audios ~Q & As ~Telegram Group Support” Exchange 60€ per couple. Please contact Puala directly at +351933821554

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