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RUSSIAN VIRTUALISM Classic lethes Southern Classical Orchestra Thu. 26 AUGUST // 7 pm Duration: 60 min Tickets: €7 M/6 Only 30 years separate two works that couldn’t be more different – on the one hand the almost acrobatic virtuosity of Prokofiev’s music, on the other hand Arensky’s heartfelt homage to his friend and mentor. Program Notes: Tchaikovsky’s music became an unavoidable influence on a whole generation of Russian composers. When Arensky became a professor at the Moscow Conservatory he finally met Tchaikovsky, who became a great friend and mentor to him. After his death, in 1893, Arensky composed his second Quartet as a way to honor the memory of his missing friend; the second movement of this quartet is, so appropriately, a series of variations on one of the children’s songs op. 54 by Tchaikovsky entitled ‘Legend’ or ‘Crown of Roses’. A little over 30 years later, Prokofiev was one of many Russian expats living in Paris. While working on his second Symphony, at the invitation of Kossevitzky (also responsible for works by Stravinsky, Ravel, Gershwin, Copland, Bartok, among others) in 1924 he was commissioned to write ‘Trapèze’ – a ballet for a small traveling dance company , inspired by […]

FOOTBALL Teatro O Bando / Teatro de Montemuro SAT. OCT 2 // 9 pm Tickets: €10; <30; >65 – 7.50€ Duration: 90’ // M/12 The Soccer dramaturgy will draw from the book “The Natural History of Soccer” by Álvaro Magalhães challenging the author to write a theatrical text where the ancestral and anthropological side of the human being’s relationship with a ball is mixed with the soccer of our people. days and question the contrasts between the beauty of the game and the violence that surrounds it; the club passions that bring together classes, age groups and generations so different with corruption, crime and suspicion that distort the essential characteristic of the primordial relationship: the human being and a ball. Text: from the book “Natural History of Football” by Álvaro Magalhães // Dramaturgy: João Miguel Neca Jesus // Staging: João Neca // Music: Jorge Salgueiro and Rui Souza // Scenography, Costumes: Rui Francisco and Maria João Castelo // Light Design: Paulo Duarte // Cast: Abel Duarte, Eduardo Correia, Nylon Princesso, Raul Atalaia // Creation: Teatro O Bando and Teatro de Montemuro

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