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EXTENDED HORIZONS Classic Lethes Cycle – OCS – Southern Classical Orchestra THU. 9 FEB / 7 pm Tickets: €7.50 Duration: 45 to 60′ // M/6 Samuel Coleridge-Taylor lived a short life of just 37 years. However, he was quite prolific and achieved a prominent place in the first decades of the 20th century. His upward path is also a milestone in a society of Victorian values, recognizing a black composer as one of the most distinguished peers of his time. Alan Shulman was born in the USA into a family that emigrated from the Russian Empire, growing up surrounded by music, where his character as a child prodigy stands out. As a cellist, he plays in the best American orchestras and forms the mythical Stuyvesant Quartet. As an arranger, he collaborates with Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole or Ella Fitzgerald. Already as a full-fledged composer, and despite a brilliant academic career and regular contact with the most important composers of the last century, his work remains to be discovered and explored. This concert proposes to expand our horizons as listeners, rediscovering two composers whose work needs greater dissemination, with both works being heard as probable national premieres. It is also […]

6th FARO INTERNATIONAL GUITAR FESTIVAL Algarve Guitar Association SUN. 12 FEB // 5:30 pm Tickets: €10 Duration: 90′ w/ intermission // M/6 Duo EQUINox (1st Part) – They were created to improve an organic repertoire not yet widespread in Europe, such as “clarinet and guitar”, with Giovanni Lanzini on clarinet and Fabio Montomoli on guitar. The duo carries out an intense concert activity that has led them to perform for the most prestigious musical associations around the world. 40 FINGERS (Part 2) – With more than 90 million views on Youtube and Facebook, they are one of the new phenomenons of the crossover acclaimed worldwide. They are a fabulous guitar quartet born in 2018. They explore new sounds offering an incredible repertoire of famous rock/pop songs expertly arranged for four guitars. COMMUNITY (Room Assignment) Performers: 1st part Duo EQUInox // 2nd part 40 Fingers Promoter: Algarve Guitar Association and CMF

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