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DEHUMANIZATION Art’Image WED. OCT 20 // 9:00 pm Tickets: €10; <30; >65 – 7.50€ Duration: 70’ M/14 This is a story of loss, grief and overcoming that makes us wonder about the limits (or their transgression) of humanity. In a small village smothered by the monumentality of the Icelandic fjords, Halldora appears on the scene from the mouth of God to tell us how it was to deal with the death of Sigridur, his twin sister. How to fill in the half that was lost? How to live for both? Halldora tells us that “The world showed beauty, but it only knew how to produce horror”. “Dehumanization” is Ice, Earth and Fire; it is the “inner body of Iceland”. Text: Valter Hugo Mãe // Dramaturgy: José Pedro Pereira // Direction and Direction: José Leitão // Assist. Direction and Interpretation: Daniela Pêgo Music: André Barros // Costume Design: Cláudia Ribeiro // Light Design and Sound Design: André Rabaça // Stage Space: José Leitão and José Lopes // Production Direction: Sofia Leal // Photography: Nuno brook

ANY PLACE Flying Graphonola & Napoleon Mira FRI. OCT 22 // 21:00 Tickets: €10; <30; >65 – 7.50€ Duration: 80’ // M/6 Grafonola Voadora & Napoleão Mira seeks to create, in an original, differentiating way, with an openly interdisciplinary nature, a permanent dialogue between image, music, and the spoken/sung word. In a path that (re)constructs an affective, symbolic, visual and musical geography of audiovisual frames referring to common places of human beings. Traveling visually and musically through urban, rural, maritime spaces in search of natural and cultural environments linked to the material and immaterial heritage of all of us. Texts and voice: Napoleão Mira // Texts, voice and piano: Luís Galrito ​​// Videographer and sound design: João Espada // Portuguese guitar: Ricardo Martins // Accordion: João Palma // DJ/electronics: Sickonce // Voiceover: Os Ganhões de Castro Verde // Dance: Filipa Rodrigues // Concept: João Espada // Musical arrangements: Luís Galrito, Ricardo Martins, Rafael Correia, João Palma // Promoter: ACTA

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