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BARBEL Fontenova Studio Theater SAT. 2 DEC // 9:30 pm Tickets: €10; <30; >65 – €7.50 Duration: Approx. 60’ // M/12 Barbo, by Natália Correia, is a science fiction short story published in 1968. The climate emergency, the military threat of planetary destruction, combined with the question about intelligent civilizations somewhere in the Cosmos, are today’s realities. Barbo is chosen to undertake a space journey to the planet Yod, inhabited by a culture technologically more advanced than humans, the Yodetas, from whom she hopes to learn lessons to combat the terrestrial situation. Barbo’s mission will prove to be much more complicated when he realizes the difference that separates yodetes from humans. From: Conto Barbo by Natália Correia Adaptation and Dramaturgical Creation: Armando Nascimento Rosa Staging, Scenic Space and Lighting Design: José Maria Dias Interpretation: Graziela Dias, Patricia Paixão, Sara Túbio Costa, Rosa Dias (2 actors to be defined) Costumes: Zé Nova Sound design: Emídio Buchinho Promoter: ACTA

“1898” 125 years of Gimnásio Clube de Faro Tickets: €10 Duration: 75’ // M/16 Tell and play with the history of Gimnásio Clube de Faro, in celebration of 125 years of this cultural association. A show of various arts, just like our history. From rehearsals to shows, the Gimnásio Clube de Faro hall has always been a stage for multiple arts, where music, dance, theater and poetry gained prominence. A show created exclusively to celebrate 125 years with art, fun and humor. Theatre: te.Atrito Poetry: Calceteiros de Letras Music: Side B Piano: Luís Conceição Fado: Algarve Fado Association Dance: Incorpora Project Choirs: Coral Ossónoba Stage management: Gimnásio Clube de Faro Multimedia: João Frank Lighting and sound: Lethes Theater Production/Promoter: Gimnásio Clube de Faro

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