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Club Makumba is one of the most recent music projects in the current cultural scene. It originated in the partnership created between Tó Trips (Dead Combo, Lulu Blind, among others) and João Doce (Wraygunn), to which Gonçalo Prazeres and Gonçalo Leonardo are now joining. Club Makumba is a free, spontaneous, experimental and tribalist exercise. Club Makumba’s first album came out in April 2020 and opened the window for a journey through the sounds of the Mediterranean and imagined Africa, to music without prejudice and without borders.

The truth seems obvious, doesn’t it? Fake explores the tensions between truth and lies, information and misinformation, individual and collective beliefs and our propensity to believe in the prejudices we carry. A show that revolves around the figure of Norma B., a famous writer of crime novels, whose bibliography contains a curious title: How to Murder Your Husband. It is this title that makes him famous, due to the fact that, a few years later, Norma was arrested and accused of the mysterious death of her own husband. The author’s work is irrefutable proof of her guilt. For the world press, the creator of such a suggestive title, can only have the worst of intentions. The truth seems obvious, doesn’t it? In Fake, the Theater also dialogues with the Cinema, in an attempt to unravel the truth of the lie. The camera plays the role of a ruthless polygraph, trying to distinguish a good actor from a bad liar, in a final close-up.




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