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In 2019 I went around the country on an auditorium tour that I called Casca de Noz. Me, without a script, alone on stage, supported by my instruments and my music. The adventure went through the main movie theaters in the country and ended with a double session at the Porto Coliseum. At the time, I was still only halfway through what is my edited discography. I feel like it justifies a new season. From time to time my songs feel like walking around the way they came into the world. And I have a lot that I haven’t played live yet. Come!

The F Festival returns from the 7th to the 9th of September 2023 to celebrate the best of music in Portugal More information at www.festivalf.pt

Duration: 60 minutes Age rating: M/6 Prices: €10.00 general public; €5.00 <30 and >65 Going out into the street, looking at the open sky, breathing fresh, open air. Inhale again, take a deep breath, find life and wake up the sun. Looking for castles in the clouds, deciphering constellations, absorbing the night through every pore. Look in the eyes. Climbing the mountain, smelling the flowers and the pine forest, picking blackberries, sleeping in the open, diving in the cold, clear water of the river. To be. Being on this planet. No barriers, no walls, no masks. Have face. Have a voice. Sing at the top of your lungs and dance. Get off the walls, fly with the wind. Finding the space inside us. Inside, outside, in the middle of the world. Wind heads. With all the letters. Inês Pupo and Gonçalo Pratas

ACROYOGA classes are back in Faro!! Every Tuesdat, at Associação Recreativa e Cultural dos Músicos , we plunge into an opportunity for self-overcoming and personal and relational growth, in a fun and safe way! AcroYoga is born from the union of YOGA’s spiritual wisdom, the kindness of THAI massage and the dynamic energy of ACROBATICS. It’s a practice that is performed in pairs and in groups and which nurtures connection and cultivates game in company, while overcoming limits and working trust and confidance. By joining [Yoga] of the extremities [Akro], two bodies become one, sharing weight, gravity, balance, challenges, smiles and laughter! Each class, we will explore the alignment and postural correction in the various AcroYoga Asanas, from the entrances and exits for the fundamental and inverted postures to the rotations and dynamic transitions between postures. At the end of the workshop, Jam opens up – a free and informal sharing! Let’s spend a while exchanging experiences, experimenting in a safe environment! It is not necessary to come accompanied or to have any previous experience as these are classes for all levels. But registration is required: https://forms.gle/RLQnu1SNHRGHiM8z8 DURATION: 2h VALUE: 15€ – 1 lesson 60€ – 5 lessons CONTACTS: 912613343 […]

BANDS TO FIGURES – DAY 5 DEAD CLUB Dead Club is a ritual, an exorcism. It’s a dance between two people and their demons. This duo project between Violeta Luz and João Silveira involves everything from whispered voices to cries of despair contrasted with a dirty guitar, drum machines and synthesizers. Rock as survival, what it should always be. In Dead Club, the genre is revived with the electro-shocks of synth punk and takes on that almost glam refracted glow in the balance and anthemic power, electricity driving Violeta’s words in that grimace and sensuality that icons of icons like Courtney Love or Kit Bjelland. In 2022 they released their EP entitled “Adios Amigos” and in March 2023 they presented their first full-length “Never to Heaven”. BANDIT TAPE Born in the still pre-pandemic fervent world, Fita Bandido play without taboos, the soul and naked body of the bohemian and insane life of the world that listens to them. Living the essence of pure Rock n’ Roll, they convey to their audience the true visual and sound experience of a musically explicit show, the result of an imaginary lived and told in the first person, the Fita Bandido.

Hell Xis Agency presents the return of GBH to Portugal, this time in a triple dose. Faro, Porto and Lisbon receive one of the most charismatic names in the English Punk scene. Established in the late 70’s, they soon became an influence in many areas of extreme music. More than 40 years later, they are still on the road doing what they love most.

“If my EUS could speak…” Event on Art and Mental Health Since the purpose of the PAS Association is to work consciously and integrally with the human nature of being, we cannot remain indifferent to the state of general mental health in which people find themselves today. This event represents one of our community initiatives to help lower the statistical rates of cases reported as “mental illness”. There will be gatherings and other moments of reflection and sharing, where art and mental health come together as raw material. This event will feature the exhibition and special participation of the artist José Maria Oliveira. [Click “Discussion” to see the March 11 program] To find out more about the work of the association, visit www.projectoanasanona.com

One Love is a family. And like every family, uniting is always a source of celebration and joy. As every year, we started our spring show season. Like every year, we are pleased to introduce you to this poster. Each year progressing, improving and taking the message of the song of our dear Marley to new corners. With all respect, affection and enthusiasm, this spring we wait for you in the virtues house. In a few days we will be putting where to buy tickets for each show. We hope to see you in a tour that will be very special. In all concerts will act in full format of 2 hours. A reggae night where we will present the new repertoire and where they will be able to enjoy the career of the reggae genius. 🔻 Opening of the doors 22h00 🔻 Tickets: 10 € at Casa das Virtues and Ticket Line website: https: //www.ticketline.pt /…/ tribute-a-bob-marley-one … 🔻 Information 10h – 20h: +351 926 636 974 +351 963 852 116 🔻 Tickets available at the door day 7: 15 €

April 14, in Faro with several artists from center to south of the country. PROGRAM: 21.30h: Start 22: 00h: vile 22: 30h: Stam Legacy 23: 00h: Lady N 23: 45h: WTDPG 00: 30h: Phoenix RDC 01: 30h: DJ Cruzfader Who takes a piece of clothing* Dedicated Rebellion to Unify to Generation of Stoners – Drugs is entitled to an offer drink. The pieces of clothing in question are: hoodies, sweats, t-shirts, pants, cuttings and drinks are water, juice or beer.

CAPUCHIN theater for children Plage Theater WED. 3 MAY / 10:30 am / 2:30 pm Tickets: 5€, Schools – 3€ Duration: 25’ // From 3 to 5 years old “Mom, grandma, forest, cake.” The spoken word, narrated from a book that opens, suggests the transforming power of the scenario into imaginary. “Careful wolf, dangerous.” The mother-narrator warns of the unknown. And the ballerina Capuchin, on her unique path, dances in the moonlight with the lying wolf, in the forest that is also the house of the grandmother with such a big mouth that it turned out to be the wolf, who wasn’t that bad, but who was hungry. The hunter hears the scream and does not kill, but saves. Morality is appeasing.

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