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Steve Barakatt invites us on a magnificent journey through his latest album, Néoréalité, a best-of of past tracks and some of his best-known anthems. Award-winning Canadian pianist and composer Steve Barakatt has gained notable recognition for his productions with major international artists, major labels, recording studios and organizations on five continents.

LAST MEMORY Sara Carinhas FRI. OCT 13 // 21:30 Tickets: €10; <30; >65 – 7.50€ Duration: 90′ // M/12 Memory occupies the central place of this project. “No. It’s not about memory but about the fear of forgetting”, writes Sara Carinhas. Books and photographs are present on stage as symbols of inscription, registration, remembrance. Combining her voice with that of other authors, the actress and director seeks to confuse in her autobiography, fictions and stories that do not belong to her. Virginia Woolf, eternal ghost-author revisited by Sara, reappears, this time through her non-fiction texts and the chronology that intersects between the two – there are also images, family trees, letters received, fear of the end of the world and the literature needed to keep the dream alive. A performance in the form of a conference-monologue that can sometimes be confused with a party (and what dangers does a party run?), through which the actress shares references that feed ideas, life frames, unfinished thoughts, doubts and proposals , oscillating between the fixed script he wrote and the improvisation, or forgetting, of the moment. Creation, Dramaturgy and Interpretation: Sara Carinhas Special Participation: Mr. Victor Filming, Recording and support for Dramaturgy: Joana […]

PEQUENO PROBLEMA is Dário Guerreiro’s third stand-up comedy solo and may or may not be a trivial reference to the artist’s short stature. The comedian from the Algarve conducts some bizarre reflections on the state of his life and other no more intelligent reflections on the world he observes. And it might all go well if there wasn’t always a Little Problem.

MARIA JOÃO “SONGS FOR SHAKESPEARE” Algarve Music Series SAT. 7 OCT // 9:30 pm Tickets: €12 Duration: 70’ // M/6 “Songs for Shakespeare” consists of original musical and performance material where the starting point is Shakespeare’s words taken from different sources and with no apparent connection between them. Gluing these pieces together into a patchwork blanket creates a new narrative that tears the Shakespearean universe from one end to the other. “Songs for Shakespeare” fuses the genius of one of the most beloved poets with a charismatic and innovative electronic style. It is a labor of love, which has been developing in the universe of Maria João and João Farinha, partners for over ten years in the jazz/electronic project OGRE electric. The eight original songs on this album take the listener on a kind of poetic trip, an exciting adventure in the form of sound. “Songs for Shakespeare” is also the most recent work released by singer Maria João, at the end of last year. Voice: Maria João Actor: André Gago Synthesizers and Keyboards: João Farinha Drums: Silvan Strauss Electronics: André Nascimento Sound Technician: Suse Ribeiro Lighting Technician: Anabela Gaspar Promoter: Algarve Music Series

Permanent installation 06.09 to 15.10 Beer Factory Opening hours: Tuesday to Thursday and Sunday, 3pm to 8pm Friday to Saturday, 3pm to 10pm Closed on Mondays “Incorporeo” is one of the most challenging solo exhibitions by Glantosz (João Melo), a young photographer from Faro who, at just 18 years old, tackles themes such as conflict, sensitivity and the problem of accountability in the contemporary world with complexity. Glantosz’s visual interventions, which are part of the “Presente Invisível” exhibition, at Fábrica da Cerveja, bring in essence two provocations: “am I one of these usually invisible typical elements of the society that the artist portrays? Am I one of the blind people who looks away from these figures?” Divided into three parts, the artist exposes the frontality of what requires recognition: the nine identities of invisibility (The Windows, which allude to the architecture of the Factory building itself), the ignored public spaces of the city (The Streets) and the historically relegated victims to indifference or concealment (The Work). “Incorporeal” serves as a set of triggers for the “common hypocrite” or a flashlight in a dark forest of bodies and identities. Opening with a performance on September 6th, the project combines the architecture […]

With its premiere scheduled for September 22nd in Brazil, this co-production between Teatro das Figuras and LUME Teatro arrives in Faro as a dance theater show that highlights the issue of the extinction of species (flora and fauna), whose absence foresees silent but harsh repercussions on the life of the planet.

Artist Figures 2023 | Ana Borralho and João Galante By exploring the story of Louise Michel, a powerful and influential figure in the anarchist movement, the performance encourages audiences to question the structures and systems that shape our society, and to consider the potential for change and resistance. An attempt to highlight the role of women in shaping political and social movements, and to challenge the traditional representation of women in the public sphere.

Teatro das Figuras will once again host the Prometo Viver event, whose main objective is to directly and in a supportive manner support the needs of those who struggle, on a daily basis, with permanent neurological changes and limitations imposed by cerebral palsy, whether due to some motor condition. and/or neurological. It will be a joint effort with Associação Sorriso da Rita – in the person of Mário Augusto – and with APPC de Faro.

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