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In order to address issues that arouse the public for a more conscious listening to music, João Miguel Cunha proposes to comment weekly on works by great composers, with the support of video and audio. Assistants will be urged to collaborate, asking questions or expressing ideas or emotions, in order to create a real gathering.

[In-person and/or online event based on the evolution of the pandemic] As part of its musical production plan for 2021, Ideias do Levante – Lagoa Cultural Association (Algarve), in partnership with the Municipality of Lagoa (Algarve) will organize a Christmas Concert, with the Dell’Acqua team and some guests , on December 12, 2021, at the Church of Nossa Senhora da Luz (Igreja Matriz de Lagoa), in the city of Lagoa (Algarve), at 17:00. #MUSICIANS The Dell’Acqua formation is made up of Carla Pontes (Soprano, www.carlapontes.info), Grace Borgan (Transversal Flute, www.graceborgan.info), and Cristiana Silva (Piano). #PROGRAM The musicians will perform works by Georg Frederich Händel (1685-1759), Pietro Alessandro Yon (1886-1943), among others.. #GOALS This event aims not only to promote the artistic work alluding to the Christmas season, but also the religious/architectural heritage of the Municipality of Lagoa, by raising funds for the restoration works of the Church of Nossa Senhora da Luz (Lagoa ). If there is room for a live concert, there will be a proper place, at the entrance/exit of the church, where donations can be delivered. If the concert takes place online, without public, donations can be made via bank transfer via: IBAN: PT50004570604000723004784 BIC/SWIFT: CCCMPTPL (Lagoa […]

On November 14, 2021, at 5:00 pm, the Igreja de São Tiago (Estômbar) will stage the show “Trindade”, performed by Michele Tomaz (soprano), Luísa Vaz Pinto (mezzosoprano) and Francisco Brazão (baritone) . This show will bring together a selection of sacred pieces for three voices in a program with great composers from various periods in the history of music. The Ideias do Levante cultural association, in partnership with the Municipality of Lagoa (Algarve), will organize, during the months of October and November 2021, the first edition of the Festival of Sacred Music of Lagoa (FMS Lagoa), with the aim of promote the religious artistic heritage of the municipality of Lagoa, decentralize concert venues throughout the municipality, make known/promote religious spaces, artists, instruments and works by Portuguese and foreign composers.

Lunch & Dinner Menu 25.12.2021: Welcome Drink Couvert & Amuse Buche *** Camarao frito enrolado em fios de batata com salada rucola e manga, molho de abacate e agri-doce – Fried prawns wrapped in potato strings with rocket & mango salad, avocado & sweet chilli sauce – Fritierte Garnelen in Kartoffelfäden auf Salat mit Rauke & Mango dazu Avocado & süss saure Chillisauce *** Bacalhau fresco com ovo frito do codorniz, chouriço, espargos e batata nova – Fresh codfish with fried quail egg, chouriço, asparagus & New potatoes – Frische Kabeljaufilet mit gebratenem Wachtelei, Chouriço, Grünem Spargel & Neuen Kartoffeln *** Sorbet de frutos vermelhos com vodka- Red Berry Sorbet with vodka – Rote Früchte Sorbet mit Wodka *** Perú marinado servido com molho de frutos vermelhos, mil folhas de batatas e cenoras- marinated Turkey with red Berry sauce, gratinated potaoes & carrotts marinierter Truthahn dazu Rote Beeren Sauce, Kartoffelgratin & Karrotten *** Panna Cotta de canela com Pera em vinho do Porto – Cinnamon Panna Cotta with Pear poached in Porto wine – Zimt Panna Cotta mit Birne in Portwein 46,-€ p.p. incl. Valid VAT/ IVA valido incl.

Dinner Menu 31.12.2021: LIVE MUSIC „Mandy Davies“ – everything from the 60s up to today Welcome Drink Couvert & Amuse Buche *** Tartar de atum com maçã verde e wasabi, chips de banana pão – Tuna tartar with green apple & wasabi, fried banana chips – Thunfisch Tartar mit Grünem Apfel & Wasabi dazu Bananenchips *** Filete de robalo com pele crocante, camarao frito, risoto de betaraba e molho caril – Seabass fillet with crunchy skin, fried prawn, beetroot risotto & curry sauce – Wolfsbarschfilet mit knuspriger Haut, Garnele, rote Bete Risotto & Currysauce *** Sorbet de limão com Prosecco rose – Lemon Sorbet with Rose Prosecco – Zitronensorbet mit Rose Prosecco *** Bife Wellington com molho de vinho do Porto, espargos em presunto e batata waffles – Wellington beef with Porto wine sauce, asparagus in smoked ham & waffled potatoes – Wellington Steak mit Portweinsauce, Grünem Spargel in Schinken & Waffelkartoffeln *** Bolo de manga e maracuja com baiser e gelado de sesamo preto – Mango & Passionfruit cake with baiser topping & Black sesame ice-cream – Mango & Maracuja Kuchen mit Baiserhaube dazu Schwarzes Sesameis 71,-€ p.p. incl. Valid VAT/ IVA valido (given Corona regulations will permit)

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