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The Municipality of Lagoa will be the stage for three concerts of the 3rd edition of “Sons D’Aquém Mar”, an Ancient Music festival, with the shows taking place on the 27th of November, 4th and 8th of December, always at 5 pm. The shows on November 27th and December 4th are free admission. Program: ** November 27th | Quinta da Palmeirinha | 17h00 – Soprano, Harp, Theorba and Movement ** December 4th | Mother Church of Porches | 5pm – Baroque Guitar ** December 08 | Carlos do Carmo Auditorium | 17h00 – Baroque Orchestra (concert with paid admission) Synopsis: In 2022, the Sons D’Aquém Mar Ancient Music Festival enters its 3rd edition. The old sounds will be heard in Lagoa and Lagos, between Churches, Carlos do Carmo Auditorium and other less conventional spaces such as Quinta da Palmeirinha). Account with Dir. Artist by harpsichordist Elsa Mathei. The Project is co-produced between Questão Repetida – Associação Cultural// Lagos and Associação Artis XXI// Lagoa. It has the support of the Municipality of Lagoa, Municipality of Lagos, Dir. Regional Culture of the Algarve and Tourism of the Algarve, allowing the creation of a networked program between Lagoa and Lagos. The program consists […]

The Carlos do Carmo Auditorium, in Lagoa, hosts the Comic Opera “Ri-te como Jacques”, a show by the Protagonist Plate. “Ri-te Como Jacques” will take the stage on December 1st, at 7 pm. Synopsis: Starting from the celebration of the 200th anniversary of the birth of the French composer Jacques Offenbach, the Protagonist Plateau and the trio À la Joie! pay homage to one of the great figures of comic opera. In this staged concert, a great challenge is proposed to the public – to travel through music as Offenbach traveled through life: laughing, laughing at himself, laughing at and with others. It is in Offenbach that we find the classic and eternal lovers Orpheus and Eurydice now bored and annoyed by being confined to a long life as a couple. Show teaser: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xFx5kre65Fk Tickets for this show cost €10 (20% discount with cultural passport, Lagoa Social card or Rota do Petisco Passport 2022, available at the ticket offices of the Municipality of Lagoa) and are already on sale at: https://cmlagoa.bol .pt/ and at the ticket offices of CTT, Fnac, Worten, Carlos do Carmo Auditorium, Centro Cultural Convento de S. José and Balcão Único of Lagoa City Council. A show […]

The Municipal Library of Lagoa hosts the exhibition of painting with mixed techniques “Horizonte” by Anke Punt Bach, which will be open from December 2, 2022 to January 27, 2023. Synopsis: Painting works in mixed techniques that are also horizons where painting and life are projected and intersect, where time plays and reveals itself, where the painter expresses herself by metaphorically revealing what she feels. Through this path open to fullness, the artist expresses feelings and emotions, always in interaction with the environment in which she lives. The exhibition opens on the 2nd of December at 5:30 pm and admission is free. You can also visit the exhibition during the opening hours of the Municipal Library of Lagoa.

The Manuel Gamboa Exhibition Room, at the Centro Cultural Convento de S. José, in Lagoa, will host the Nativity Exhibition “A Star Shines in the Sky” between the 10th of December and the 7th of January. The exhibition can be visited from Tuesday to Saturday from 9:00 am to 12:30 pm and/or from 2:00 pm to 5:30 pm and admission is free. Synopsis: This exhibition makes it possible to make known the collection of nativity scenes of many national artisans, who donated to the Municipality of Lagoa, valuing individual and collective cultural projects, which contributed strongly to the cultural promotion of the Municipality in Christmas seasons. In each exposed nativity scene, there is an image of Christmas that cannot fail to be associated with the Child who, being born in a cave, poor, unprotected and fragile, knew how to lead the wills, guide men and leave this message of peace and love in the world, whether or not we believe in the historical veracity of the facts, the message overpowers us and the iconography of the nativity scene transcends the direct meaning of a religion, symbolizing those values ​​that we consider essential to building a better world. Because there is […]

The Yellow Star Company presents in Lagoa and at the Carlos do Carmo Auditorium the play “O Homem da Amália”, performed by Virgílio Castelo. The show takes the stage on December 10th, at 5:00 pm. Synopsis: The story of a man who existed, and ceased to exist, because he fell in love with a star that could not be reached. The story of a man who dedicated his life and death to following our one and only diva, wherever she might be. Through the fados she sang, the verses she wrote, and the passions she felt, we will accompany Amália for an hour and a quarter, seeing her through the eyes of the man who lived for her and died for her. In a show full of theater moves, we are going to get to know the Amália that only this man has known. In the fado houses, in the theaters, in the cinema, in the success outside, in the envy inside. Let’s remember some things we already knew about her life, and find out about others she never talked about. And when the curtain closes, our biggest star will be even more present in our memories – where it […]

Dell’Acqua and Coral Ideias do Levante Project | 11 December 2022, 17:00 | Mother Church of Lagoa (Algarve) | reservation required As part of its musical production plan for 2022, Ideias do Levante – Associação Cultural de Lagoa (Algarve), in partnership with the Municipality of Lagoa (Algarve) and with the support of the Parish of Nossa Senhora da Luz, will organize a concert de Natal, with the formation Dell’Acqua and the Coral Ideias do Levante (Lagoa), on December 11, 2022, at the Church of Nossa Senhora da Luz (Igreja Matriz de Lagoa), in the city of Lagoa (Algarve), at 17:00. #MUSICIANS The Dell’Acqua formation is composed by Carla Pontes (Soprano, www.carlapontes.info), Grace Borgan (Flute-transversal, www.graceborgan.info), and Cristiana Silva (Piano). Coral Ideias do Levante is a mixed polyphonic group from Lagoa (Algarve) directed by conductor Maria Saramago. #PROGRAM The musicians will perform works by William Kirkpatrick, James Murray, Carl Mueller, Franz Gruber, among others. The concert has an estimated duration of about 60 minutes, without intermission. Some references: “Gesù Bambino” Pietro Alessandro Yon (1886-1943) “Nuit d’Etoiles” Claude Debussy (1862–1918) #OBJECTIVES This event aims not only to promote artistic work alluding to the Christmas season, but also the religious/architectural heritage of the […]

Theater | “Florbela” | Ana Sofia Brito The theatrical performance “Florbela”, by Ana Sofia Brito, will be on stage in the Multipurpose Room of the Municipal Library of Lagoa, on December 16th, at 7:30 pm. Synopsis: “Florbela” is a performance between a poetic soirée and a theater play, or perhaps the fusion of both. Through the moments of narration and interpretation of the character, Ana Sofia Brito outlines the life and work of Florbela Espanca. The actress takes the audience on this 50-minute journey, traversing Florbela’s life and death, going through all the dilemmas and anxieties of the woman Fernando Pessoa called a soul mate. A show for the general public and free admission.

On the 17th of December, at 7 pm, the Carlos do Carmo Auditorium will host the concert “A Christmas Story”, which brings together the Orquestra de Jazz do Algarve and Ilse Huizinga on stage for an evening filled with the best Christmas classics. Synopsis: Ilse Huizinga is one of the most renowned jazz singers in Holland and, this year, she is our guest for the last program of the year. She will thus be one of the guests at these three concerts with the Orquestra de Jazz do Algarve, in Silves, Lagoa and Lagos, and also at two concerts in Quintet format, in Tavira and Cachopo, the latter included in Cachopo Jazz 22 ‘. But yes, we have yet another guest for this Tour: Michael Lauren, the New York drummer, who comes to show all his mastery and musicality. These Concerts use a more traditional language, namely jazz orchestras from the 40’s to the 60’s, in various themes and orchestrators, including some of the “season”. We can highlight Daydream, Did You Mean It, What Are You Doing New Years’ Eve, or Let It Snow. Thus recalled some orchestrations heard in the voices of Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan, among other voices. […]

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