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LAGOA CHOIR WEEK 23rd edition | 14th-20nd May 2023 The Cultural Association of Lagoa, Ideias do Levante (Algarve), in partnership with the municipality of Lagoa (Algarve), will organize the 23rd edition of Semana Coral de Lagoa (Lagoa Choir Week, http://www.semanacoral.net/), a non-competitive choir festival that will take place within the Council of Lagoa from the 14th up until the 20th of May. The 2023 edition will feature the following talented groups: The Pennsylvania State University Men’s Glee Club (USA), Grupo Coral Ossónoba (Faro), Coral Almira (Alcácer do Sal) and Coral Ideias do Levante (Lagoa, Algarve). Each year, for one week, singing sweeps through Lagoa, and voices from all places unite in a harmonious feast of melodies and emotions. The Choir Week of Lagoa is already a reference in the panorama of Algarvian choir festivals. It began as the tiny cry of a strong and determined child, then grew with school songs learnt and sung, and now has become a searcher of new sounds and experiences in polyphonic choir singing. Each year it yearns to go farther, to innovate, to dare to fly even higher. Each year, the Choir Week of Lagoa is bigger and more mature. And with it, the […]

Conference Cycle “The History of the Algarve goes to the Library”. Follow-up to the Cycle of Conferences on the Contemporary History of the Algarve. An innovative approach and development tool by researcher, trainer and teacher Maria João Raminhos Duarte. A stimulus not only for young people, but for older people, whether from the Algarve or not, who are interested and engaged in themes that are close to them, such as Local and Regional History of the 20th century. All conferences will take place in the Multipurpose Room of the Municipal Library of Lagoa, they are free of charge and aimed at the general population, students, teachers, educational agents and other entities. Previously held last year: * 3rd Conference: February 9 “João Rosa Beatriz, a Singular Algarve in the 1st Republic”; * 4th Conference: March 03 “The 1915 Algarve Regional Congress”; * 5th Conference: March 23 “The Algarve in the First World War”; * 6th Conference: April 1st “The Algarve in World War II”; * 7th Conference: April 20 “Political Prisoners from the Algarve in Angra do Heroísmo and Tarrafal”; * 8th Conference: May 12 “Who was José Vitoriano?”

The story of the deepest, strangest and most secret love anyone had with Amália Rodrigues. The story of a man who existed and ceased to exist because he fell in love with an unreachable star. The story of a man who dedicated his life and death to following our one and only diva, wherever she might be. Through the fados she sang, the verses she wrote, and the passions she felt, we will accompany Amália for an hour and a quarter, seeing her through the eyes of the man who lived for her and died for her. In a show full of theater moves, we are going to get to know the Amália that only this man has known. In the fado houses, in the theaters, in the cinema, in the success outside, in the envy inside. Let’s remember some things we already knew about her life, and find out about others she never talked about. And when the curtain closes, our biggest star will be even more present in our memories – where it never ceased to shine – sublimated, now, by the ravings of the broken heart of this unknown Amália Man.

Painting Exhibition, by Clara Buser. “The Spirit of the Elements” Contemplation of the landscape as a spiritual experience and painting as meditation are the starting point for the development of this set of works. The work is not representative of the landscape, but seeks to visually manifest the subjective state of experience that its contemplation inspires. The colors and abstract shapes in the paintings thus seek to awaken in the viewer a state similar to that which conforms when faced with a landscape, that is, a contemplative, meditative state, a state of enchantment. The pure enchantment of color, its fusions and contrasts, especially in the passage from day to night, are a source of great inspiration and the observation of movement and symbiosis of elements (earth, fire, air and earth) on the walks along the seafront during the sunset. The work emphasizes color and the emotional impact it establishes with the viewer. “Color is medicine”. The fruition and pure expression of color and its manipulation through the watery technique allows an almost alchemical experience in which the fusion of colors and their observation return to the observer his own image, in the sense that they mirror his internal landscape. About […]

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