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Patent from October 27 to December 30 | 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm Location: Lagos Cultural Center – Exhibition Hall 2 and 3 Free entry A multidisciplinary collective exhibition, in the areas of sculpture, painting, installation, video and photographs, which addresses the evolution of the work of art as an object and the use of its materiality today. Three artists, from different countries (United Kingdom, Germany and Portugal), born in the 80’s, their vision in relation to artistic work, yours and that of your peers. The exhibition consists of sculpture, photography and video. They are hybrid works where the artists present their work at the intersection between the various established techniques. Tom Saunders’ photographs are ready made interventions that aim to create a narrative. Martim Brion’s photographs focus on the plasticity of the object, on the use of different supports, from photographic paper to large canvases with color prints. In sculpture, Martim Brion and Silke Weiβbach work on a perception of color in the object and its shape, indicating a strong connection to painting and aiming to subvert the form in order to criticize the current state of the art and its manifestations. On video, the works of Saundres and […]

Patent from October 27 to December 30 | 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm Location: Lagos Cultural Center – Exhibition Hall 1 Free entry Ivan Ulmann was born in 1976 in Switzerland, where he lived until he finished his course at the Escola Superior in St. Gallen in 1995. Between 1996-98 he carried out many works in stone, marble and granite for public and private spaces in the Algarve / Portugal. Inspired by the works of Antonio Gaudi and Andy Warhol, he changed his style in 1999 to broken tiles and discovered a new world of art. Since 2000, his sculptures and portraits have led to several successful exhibitions across the country. Fragmented Worlds: Welcome to a world made to be broken, Where time and past meet and where the present shapes the future, Where different perspectives lead to divergent conclusions, Where polarized interpretations create segmentation, strife and conflict, Where individual freedom is sacrificed on the altar of postmodernism. Welcome to the lands of ambiguity, Where faith and reason are harassed in favor of a “common good”, Where the security spectrum has become the new god of our age. Welcome to a brave new world When everything is changing and at […]

SOUNDS AT TWILIGHT – I EDITION August 6th to December 18th Location: Military Messe and Lagos Cultural Center Org.: AORCA, with the support of CM Lagos, Army of Portugal, Festa da Música, Solidó and Nauticmar Class Age: M6 More INFO through the email sonsaocrepusculo@aorca.pt or 966 738 810 Commented concert cycle in Lagos August 6th | 19:00 | Military Messe Joana Shumova and Mikhail Shumov (Piano and Violancelo) August 7th | 19:00 | Military Messe Anna Nemchynova and Bruno Martins (Piano and Double Bass) August 28th | 21:00 | Lagos Cultural Center João Vila Nova (Piano) September 11th | 19:00 | Military Messe Joana Shumova and Carlos Ramalho (Piano and Saxophone) October 2nd | 18:00 | Military Messe Pereverzeva Family (Piano, Singing, Violin and Guitar) November 6th | 18:00 | Military Messe Vasco Ramalho (Marimba) November 20th | 18:00 | Military Messe Gina Grigore and Gabriel Vacariu (Viola d’Arvo and Double bass) December 4th | 18:00 | Military Messe Gonçalo Duarte (Guitar) December 18th | 18:00 | Military Messe Irina Mamrici and Margarida Galvão (Piano and Flute) Source: https://www.cm-lagos.pt/municipio/eventos/9010-sons-ao-crepusculo-i-edicao

Patent from October 23rd to December 30th | 10:00 am to 6:00 pm (3rd to Saturday) Location: Lagos Cultural Center – Exhibition Room 1 Free entry The exhibition is a set of photographs in different formats, personal objects and visual poems. The images will have a sequence, telling a story that will be developed and presented for the exhibition space to be presented by João Vilhena. To complete the exhibition, texts by different authors will be presented. All works in this project will be developed by the artist, photographer and author of this project. Surrealism, a movement contrary to the forces of reason that blocked the imagination and the unconscious, used the ecstasy of dreams and madness as a creative engine, opening new fields to the visual arts and to thought in particular. The common became surreal, giving rise to a new concept of object. The surrealist object. From there he defined it, in 1931, as an object that lends itself to a minimum of mechanical functioning and which is based on ghosts and representations likely to be provoked by the performance of unconscious acts, for the first time the object is formulated as a new form of activity production. […]

COLLECTIVE EXHIBITION “COME MARARTE COM ART”, by Métizartis Patent from October 23rd to December 30th | 10:00 am to 6:00 pm (3rd to Saturday) Location: Lagos Cultural Center – Exhibition Room 2 and 3 Free entry Métizartis, through this collective exhibition, provides the visitor, in a simple way and through art, with knowledge and reflection on climate change that is warming the oceans, causing acidification of the marine environment and altering precipitation patterns. This combination of accentuated factors reflects the impacts of other human pressures on the sea, leading to the loss of marine biodiversity. The livelihoods of many people depend on biodiversity and marine ecosystems, and action is urgently needed to limit the warming of the oceans. Through the varied images of national and international plastic artists, we find in painting, sculpture, photography and installations the causes for a new world with more safety and quality. The goal is to reach all ages and wake up to a worrying topic today – THE SEA. Elsa Flores (Métizartis Curator)

EXHIBITION “2020 – SEEING IS BELIEVING”, by Paulo Figueiras Patent from July 27th to September 11th | 10:00-18:00 (Thursday to Saturday) Location: Lagos Cultural Center Free entry Paulo Jorge Duarte Figueiras was born on December 13, 1963, in the village of Barão de S. João, in the municipality of Lagos. Son of a military father, when he was little he left for other places, along with his mother, being Angola where he grew up until he was 12 years old. Animals and Nature have always been his great passion, but it was in 1980 that he discovered another path: painting. Inspired by the surrealist movement, it was in this year that he began to paint, initially drawings in china ink on paper, but moving on to canvas and acrylic. In November 2000, he opened the Lagos Zoo, as a result of his commitment to the conservation of species and Nature, and he found in painting one of his forms of expression. “With closed eyes, the soul tells the story of the dreams that accompany me. When I open them, I discover the colors and shapes of a reality forgotten by those who had long predicted an ideal world. Discovery is […]

EXHIBITION OF PAINTING AND CRAFTS “COLOURS BETWEEN TIDES” Patent from August 21st to October 10th Location: Clube Artístico Lacobrigense (Rua General Alberto da Silveira 8) Org.: Clube Artístico Lacobrigense with the support of CM Lagos Free entry Exhibition integrated in the project “MAR – Encontros de Música & Artes” with paintings by Antero Anastácio and handicrafts by local artists Source: https://www.cm-lagos.pt/municipio/eventos/9114-exposicao-de-pintura-e-artesanato-cores-entre-mares

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