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Celebrate another New Year at this party at Praça do Infante, this time to the music of The Gift. The musical spectacle and the fireworks are more than enough reasons to share with us these unforgettable memories in a night full of magic and fun. Enter 2021 with us!

The city and the county are dressed in light and color to welcome Christmas. To mark this special time of year, the municipality prepares a program that promises a lot of street entertainment, concerts, shows, fun and, of course, the presence of Santa Claus.

Group exhibition Three artists, Tom Saunders, Silke Weiβbach and Martim Brion (United Kingdom, Germany and Portugal) present their vision regarding artistic work, yours and that of your peers. https://www.tomsaunders.eu/#1 https://www.silkeweissbach.com/ https://martimbrion.com/

“Fragmented worlds”, Ivan Ulmann solo exhibition Inspired by the works of Antoni Gaudí and Andy Warhol, he changed his style in 1999 to broken tiles and discovered a new world of art. http://www.ivanulmann.com/

Every Wednesday the Alma Lusa restaurant provides all customers and friends with a night of Fado 💃 To book ☎️ 00351938131036

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