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 Exhibition “Bringing the essential into being(s)” by Jens Mohr Schedule: Monday to Friday, from 10AM to 01PM, and from 02PM to 06PM Patent: until September 30th Local: LAC – Laboratório Actividades Criativas Free entry Bringing the essential into being(s): “If someone asks me what the international artist Jens Mohr actually does with his art, I can only think of one answer: he makes “beings”. First of all, this has a tangible meaning: because what is created here is a host of literally peculiar, sometimes elusive, but always strangely familiar looking pictorial beings. The crucial point in Jens Mohr’s work on beings, however, lies deeper; it refers to the philosophical depth dimension of this “artistry of essence”: for the essence of a thing is the cardinal, the true, which of its own cannot be seen forthwith, but can express itself only in the embodied surface of things. The essence is at the same time that which as if from the depth of an invisible centre, combines all visible parts on the surface into a meaningful entirety.” – Jens Mohr 2020

Patent from October 27 to December 30 | 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm Location: Lagos Cultural Center – Exhibition Hall 2 and 3 Free entry A multidisciplinary collective exhibition, in the areas of sculpture, painting, installation, video and photographs, which addresses the evolution of the work of art as an object and the use of its materiality today. Three artists, from different countries (United Kingdom, Germany and Portugal), born in the 80’s, their vision in relation to artistic work, yours and that of your peers. The exhibition consists of sculpture, photography and video. They are hybrid works where the artists present their work at the intersection between the various established techniques. Tom Saunders’ photographs are ready made interventions that aim to create a narrative. Martim Brion’s photographs focus on the plasticity of the object, on the use of different supports, from photographic paper to large canvases with color prints. In sculpture, Martim Brion and Silke Weiβbach work on a perception of color in the object and its shape, indicating a strong connection to painting and aiming to subvert the form in order to criticize the current state of the art and its manifestations. On video, the works of Saundres and […]

Patent from October 27 to December 30 | 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm Location: Lagos Cultural Center – Exhibition Hall 1 Free entry Ivan Ulmann was born in 1976 in Switzerland, where he lived until he finished his course at the Escola Superior in St. Gallen in 1995. Between 1996-98 he carried out many works in stone, marble and granite for public and private spaces in the Algarve / Portugal. Inspired by the works of Antonio Gaudi and Andy Warhol, he changed his style in 1999 to broken tiles and discovered a new world of art. Since 2000, his sculptures and portraits have led to several successful exhibitions across the country. Fragmented Worlds: Welcome to a world made to be broken, Where time and past meet and where the present shapes the future, Where different perspectives lead to divergent conclusions, Where polarized interpretations create segmentation, strife and conflict, Where individual freedom is sacrificed on the altar of postmodernism. Welcome to the lands of ambiguity, Where faith and reason are harassed in favor of a “common good”, Where the security spectrum has become the new god of our age. Welcome to a brave new world When everything is changing and at […]

GUIDED TOURS BY URBAN ART June 5th and 19th, July 10th and 24th, August 7th and 14th, September 11th and 25th | 10:00 am to 1:00 pm Location: Public spaces in Lagos Org.: CM Lagos and LAC – Creative Activities Laboratory. Integrated initiative in BEZARANHA – Cultural Network Programming Free participation, limited to a maximum of 12 participants per session, with mandatory prior registration via email lac.associacaocultural@gmail.com A perfect symbiosis of History and Modernity, Lagos has an excellent offer in terms of Urban Art, with talented artists from this aspect embellishing several places in the municipality. With the collaboration of the Creative Activities Laboratory, this journey through street art allows you to discover a more refreshing and modern aspect of Lagos. ROUTE: LAC > R. do Cemitério > Tv. do Cemitério > R. do Caracol > R. do Jogo da Bola > Largo dos Quartéis > Estrada do Biker > R. da Gafaria > R. José Afonso > R. Salgueiro Maia > R. José Afonso > Ponta da Piedade Road > Praça d´Armas > R. Lançarote de Freitas > R. Silva Lopes > R. 25 de Abril > R. da Porta de Portugal > R. Vasco da Gama > R. […]

Patent from August 7th to October 9th | 10:00 am to 6:00 pm (3rd to Saturday) Location: Lagos Cultural Center – Room 1 Free entry BIOGRAPHY – Ana Canto (1962, Maputo – Mozambique) It was through the door of painting that he reached pottery. The opportunity to work with Júlio Amaro, at the S. Lucas gallery, in Portimão, allowed her to learn what she came to explore and which she applies in her work. Later, another opportunity led her to attend a course in Traditional Pottery Ceramics, at the Pottery School in Lagoa, with the master Fernando Rodrigues. Popular traits were assimilated. In Lisbon, at IADE, and with Professor António Vasconcelos, she has the opportunity to gather other information and make new explanations. This experience will have been overwhelming, responsible for the intense and true interest in the world of ceramics. As an IADE student, she was assigned to participate in a workshop at Ar.co. In parallel with the classes at IADE – Institute of Art and Decoration (after work), she works at Pátio Alfacinha (Lisbon), as a potter, where she creates pieces on the wheel. At the invitation of the IEFP, she presents works for the National Crafts Competition, […]

EXHIBITION “CAPSULA DO TIME”, by the Portuguese Center for Screen Printing Patent from August 7th to October 9th | 10:00 am to 6:00 pm (3rd to Saturday) Location: Lagos Cultural Center – Exhibition Room 2 and 3 Free entry Throughout history, Man has resorted to artistic creation as a universal communication vehicle, transforming art into a territory of absolute freedom – appealing to knowledge, intelligence, traditions, feelings, thus constituting true bonds of affection and sharing . Cápsula do Tempo/Editions of the Portuguese Serigraphy Center is an exhibition of original Graphic Work that confirms the receptivity/openness of CPS to different aesthetics and trends created by great masters of the 20th and 21st centuries and young emerging artists of different nationalities, but with a common purpose – the creation of a living document of our contemporaneity for the future. From New Figuration to Surrealism, passing through European Pop, urban art, rough art, bioart, image manipulation to artificial intelligence, these are distinct visual universes that result from the imagination of each artist who, in the exhibition presented, they testify to the Center’s aesthetic eclecticism, which has so far edited more than 3,000 works by around 600 artists of 27 nationalities, dedicated to its […]

SOUNDS AT TWILIGHT – I EDITION August 6th to December 18th Location: Military Messe and Lagos Cultural Center Org.: AORCA, with the support of CM Lagos, Army of Portugal, Festa da Música, Solidó and Nauticmar Class Age: M6 More INFO through the email sonsaocrepusculo@aorca.pt or 966 738 810 Commented concert cycle in Lagos August 6th | 19:00 | Military Messe Joana Shumova and Mikhail Shumov (Piano and Violancelo) August 7th | 19:00 | Military Messe Anna Nemchynova and Bruno Martins (Piano and Double Bass) August 28th | 21:00 | Lagos Cultural Center João Vila Nova (Piano) September 11th | 19:00 | Military Messe Joana Shumova and Carlos Ramalho (Piano and Saxophone) October 2nd | 18:00 | Military Messe Pereverzeva Family (Piano, Singing, Violin and Guitar) November 6th | 18:00 | Military Messe Vasco Ramalho (Marimba) November 20th | 18:00 | Military Messe Gina Grigore and Gabriel Vacariu (Viola d’Arvo and Double bass) December 4th | 18:00 | Military Messe Gonçalo Duarte (Guitar) December 18th | 18:00 | Military Messe Irina Mamrici and Margarida Galvão (Piano and Flute) Source: https://www.cm-lagos.pt/municipio/eventos/9010-sons-ao-crepusculo-i-edicao

Unwind with some after work drinks & meet other remote workers. The Digital Nomad Meetup is our weekly event for remote workers to connect and celebrate making it through the work week. Whether you’re here long term or here for the week, everybody is welcome to join us from 7PM.

We are starting our tour with a little hike to a hidden spot in Lagos viewpoint surrounded with an amazing cliff view over the sea. The hike is a good warm up for our beautiful Hatha Yoga session watching the sunset over the beach The class is a Hatha Yoga-based class that is open to all levels of practice, beginner to advanced. When the sun is setting, there is a magical feeling in the air, the light is changing and another small cycle closes after a busy day. This is the perfect time to practice and remind yourself of the journey of letting go. Come and join us and enjoy the wind in your hair, the sun on your face, the sound of the waves and the smell of the fresh ocean. Please note that the exact time will depend on the sunset and tide, so please sign up in advanced. In case you wish to have this program on another day, please contact me and I am sure that we can organize it for you.

EXHIBITION OF PAINTING AND CRAFTS “COLOURS BETWEEN TIDES”   Patent from August 21st to October 10th Location: Clube Artístico Lacobrigense (Rua General Alberto da Silveira 8) Org.: Clube Artístico Lacobrigense with the support of CM Lagos Free entry Exhibition integrated in the project “MAR – Encontros de Música & Artes” with paintings by Antero Anastácio and handicrafts by local artists

Patent from September 18th to October 30th | 10:00 am to 6:00 pm (3rd to Saturday) Location: Lagos Cultural Center – Room 0 Free entry With some fixation on Art in Prehistory, the artist uses the most varied techniques without obeying the rules in the act of creation. She has her own style without worrying about the result, offering to each of her works a character of simplicity, purity and ingenuity, inspired by stories, myths and forms. In the exhibition “A Brincar com o Fogo”, Adelaide Filipe goes beyond the limits of risk by joining iron and clay, two materials in different stages – one dead material, the other living material. From iron, which she has been collecting over time, she creates unlikely associations with clay and ventures new forms that reveal her fascination for stories that come from remote times. Her pieces bring together an unusual genuineness and singularity and take on the organic aspect that the earth gives them, bringing together unique shapes found by chance. “We can understand the expression as a bolder action, attitude or thought, outside of commonly accepted standards, which involve certain risks, more or less conscious, and which, in succession, end up being […]

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