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Patent from October 27 to December 30 | 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm Location: Lagos Cultural Center – Exhibition Hall 2 and 3 Free entry A multidisciplinary collective exhibition, in the areas of sculpture, painting, installation, video and photographs, which addresses the evolution of the work of art as an object and the use of its materiality today. Three artists, from different countries (United Kingdom, Germany and Portugal), born in the 80’s, their vision in relation to artistic work, yours and that of your peers. The exhibition consists of sculpture, photography and video. They are hybrid works where the artists present their work at the intersection between the various established techniques. Tom Saunders’ photographs are ready made interventions that aim to create a narrative. Martim Brion’s photographs focus on the plasticity of the object, on the use of different supports, from photographic paper to large canvases with color prints. In sculpture, Martim Brion and Silke Weiβbach work on a perception of color in the object and its shape, indicating a strong connection to painting and aiming to subvert the form in order to criticize the current state of the art and its manifestations. On video, the works of Saundres and […]

Patent from October 27 to December 30 | 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm Location: Lagos Cultural Center – Exhibition Hall 1 Free entry Ivan Ulmann was born in 1976 in Switzerland, where he lived until he finished his course at the Escola Superior in St. Gallen in 1995. Between 1996-98 he carried out many works in stone, marble and granite for public and private spaces in the Algarve / Portugal. Inspired by the works of Antonio Gaudi and Andy Warhol, he changed his style in 1999 to broken tiles and discovered a new world of art. Since 2000, his sculptures and portraits have led to several successful exhibitions across the country. Fragmented Worlds: Welcome to a world made to be broken, Where time and past meet and where the present shapes the future, Where different perspectives lead to divergent conclusions, Where polarized interpretations create segmentation, strife and conflict, Where individual freedom is sacrificed on the altar of postmodernism. Welcome to the lands of ambiguity, Where faith and reason are harassed in favor of a “common good”, Where the security spectrum has become the new god of our age. Welcome to a brave new world When everything is changing and at […]

April 19 to July 17 patent | 10 am – 6 pm (Monday to Friday) Location: Lagos Cultural Center – Room 1 Magalhães is a source of humor! In this unique exhibition to see, laugh and think, dozens of caricatures about the navigator are presented, which, 500 years ago, confirmed that the earth is round through its circumnavigation journey. In this amazing exhibition, a set of 70 caricatures from the Special Caricature Prize integrated in the 21st Porto Cartoon World Festival dedicated to this hero of the Discoveries are presented. The artists come from several countries such as Bosnia, Brazil, China, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Iran, Kenya, Serbia, Turkey, and the winner of the 1st prize was the Portuguese artist Pedro Ribeiro da Silva.

April 19 to July 17 patent | 10 am – 6 pm (Monday to Friday) Location: Lagos Cultural Center – Room 2 and 3 Free entry “Art-Space-Architecture Interdisciplinary Dialogue – The greatest potential for human freedom lies in self-determined restrictions” It was at the Art Academy of Düsseldorf (Germany), in 1970, that Ernst Föll studied and had the pleasure of having as a teacher the artist Joseph Beuys, considered one of the most influential German artists of the second half of the 20th century. It was also there that he met the Fluxus Art Movement, a libertarian movement characterized by a mixture of different arts, originally in the visual arts and later also in music and literature. This movement was very active in the 60s and 70s. However, it was considered anti-art, since at that time the Fluxus movement went against the very object of art. Ernst Föll witnessed this artistic manifestation, as his teacher and another group of artists had a thought beyond borders. It is with this thought and learning that Ernst learned to see Art in a broader way, without barriers and with a lot of ambition. In his artistic career, poetry, philosophy and architecture play a […]

Patent from May 3 to July 23 | 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (Monday to Friday) Location: Former City Hall Free entry Collective exhibition resulting from the Artistic Residency Program of the Laboratory of Creative Activities (PRALAC), in the typologies of long and short term projects carried out throughout the year 2020, as well as showing some works that make up the LAC collection. The exhibition includes works in the field of plastic arts, architecture, painting, sculpture, design, video and photography installations, promoting and promoting their art. Participating artists / Fine arts: • António Pedro Correia (A. Pedro Correia) – plastic arts • Jorge Pereira – plastic arts • Madalena Campos – plastic arts • Raymond Dumas – sculpture • Rita Pereira (RoMP) – sculpture • Ricardo Lopes – ceramics • Alexandre Barata (Xana) – plastic arts Source: https://www.cm-lagos.pt/municipio/eventos/8735-exposicao-coletiva-pralac-lac-associacao-cultural-laboratorio-de-actividades-criativas

FREE EVENT / INFORMATION ON WWW.DANCENEMA.COM A LOVE SONG DANCED BY US SING BY THE PUBLIC CUORE presents the idea of love as a non-romantic discourse that is shared before bodies that confront and interact. This piece / song proposes a joint celebration of the idiosyncrasies of love relationships in which they reflect patterns that are considered romantic because we can recognize them and not romantic because we do not know how to resolve them.  

Take a look at the June menu and book in advance! On Sunday lunch, from 1 pm to 5 pm, eat well and have fun with the rhythm of the Duo Musical Ana & Edgar. This month there are even snails, mussels in the Algarve and the beauty of S. Pedro sardines!

Location: Lagos Cultural Center – Duval Pestana Auditorium Org.: ADL – Lagos Dance Association Class Age: M6 Free parking – The Centro Cultural de Lagos offers free parking at the Frente Ribeirinha car park – Avenida dos Descobrimentos. offer concerns only one hour before until one hour after each show). Source: https://www.cm-lagos.pt/municipio/eventos/8844-espetaculo-final-de-ano-da-associacao-de-danca-de-lagos

Location: Municipal Library of Lagos Org.: Lagos City Council Duration: 90m Class Age: M14 Free participation, but subject to a limit of 16 mandatory prior registrations by calling 282 767 816, Library Facebook page or email library@cm-lagos.pt Counting and singing are like the button and buttonhole of a very large coat that we can all fit in, or like the needle and thread with which we knit it, word for word. We make an appointment to celebrate tales and songs from the Portuguese oral tradition…and not only that. SHORT PRESENTATION: Ana Sofia Paiva was not born in Alentejo, but it was the Alentejo that rocked her. It is from him that her oldest memories are born, the ones that reaped the field of her soul to sow Poetry. She’s an actress, apprentice and stuff. Daughter of the banks and the wind, granddaughter of ancient Lisbon, goddaughter of some North and all of the South, she grew up with stories, songs, delights and a lot of root thirst. Since 2008, she has been dedicated to narrating and investigating tales of oral tradition, inside and outside Portugal, listening and telling to trace her own geography. Source: https://www.cm-lagos.pt/municipio/eventos/8840-contos-cantos-e-outros-tantos-narracao-de-contos-tradicionais-por-ana-sofia-paiva

Location: Municipal Library of Lagos Org.: CM Lagos Duration: 2h Class Age: M18 Free participation, but subject to a limit of 16 mandatory prior registrations by calling 282 767 816, Library Facebook page or email library@cm-lagos.pt A ESCRITA SALVA?, with Pedro Sena-Lino and his Marquês de Pombal – The lighting of a cursed person in times of pandemic. An initiative of the cycle of meetings “The Library of Lost Books. Conversations that Burn” from the Municipal Library of Lagos. Pedro Sena-Lino, author of the book “From Almost Nothing to Almost King: Biography of Sebastião José de Carvalho e Melo, Marquês de Pombal” (Contraponto Publishing House) comes to the Municipal Library of Lagos to talk about his process of “writing of salvation” and of a “cursed” name in Portuguese historiography. Through a long journey that lasted about three years, between 2017 and 2020, Pedro Sena-Lino read the letters written by Sebastião José and the correspondence of third parties who speak about him and wrote about the personal dimension of a real human being and his life contexts. The result was a magnificent re-presentation of the Marquês de Pombal to contemporary readers. He is the real man I wanted to meet. The […]

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