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Lagos annually celebrates Portuguese Fado, inviting artists ranging from veterans to the most acclaimed singers of the new generation.

Festival, color, taverns, lots of musical entertainment and parades is what you can expect from Marchas Populares at a party that represents one of the greatest Portuguese traditions.

25 national and international beers // Beer SPA // Rustic food // Barbershop // Music shows // Beer Puppet Machine // Drink and pedal car // Street entertainment

Presenting in a Big Band style, the Portuguese Army Light Orchestra presents eclectic shows that include jazz, funk, Latin rhythms, rock and fado. Annually they are present in Lagos, inviting artists to liven up this summer night.

International Colloquium organized by the Humanities Center of Universidade Nova de Lisboa (coordinated by Nunziatella Alessandrini) with the support of the Municipality of Lagos

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