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EXHIBITION OF PAINTING AND CRAFTS “COLOURS BETWEEN TIDES” Patent from August 21st to October 10th Location: Clube Artístico Lacobrigense (Rua General Alberto da Silveira 8) Org.: Clube Artístico Lacobrigense with the support of CM Lagos Free entry Exhibition integrated in the project “MAR – Encontros de Música & Artes” with paintings by Antero Anastácio and handicrafts by local artists Source: https://www.cm-lagos.pt/municipio/eventos/9114-exposicao-de-pintura-e-artesanato-cores-entre-mares

EXHIBITION “2020 – SEEING IS BELIEVING”, by Paulo Figueiras Patent from July 27th to September 11th | 10:00am-6:00pm (Thursday to Saturday) Location: Lagos Cultural Center Free entry Paulo Jorge Duarte Figueiras was born on December 13, 1963, in the village of Barão de S. João, in the municipality of Lagos. Son of a military father, when he was little he left for other places, along with his mother, being Angola where he grew up until he was 12 years old. Animals and Nature have always been his great passion, but it was in 1980 that he discovered another path: painting. Inspired by the surrealist movement, it was in this year that he began to paint, initially drawings in china ink on paper, but moving on to canvas and acrylic. In November 2000, he opened the Lagos Zoo, as a result of his commitment to the conservation of species and Nature, and he found in painting one of his forms of expression. “With closed eyes, the soul tells the story of the dreams that accompany me. When I open them, I discover the colors and shapes of a reality forgotten by those who had long predicted an ideal world. Discovery is […]

WITH FEET IN THE CLOUDS, by António Alonso Patent from April 2 to May 21 (Tuesday to Saturday | 10:00-18:00) Location: Centro Cultural de Lagos – Exhibition halls 2 and 3 Free entry António Alonso was born in Angola in 1960. He lives and works in Barão de São João, in the municipality of Lagos. As a plastic artist, he works with recyclable materials in experimentation. The artist’s works that will be present in this exhibition assume a force made up of explosive colors in shapes and rhythms aesthetically resolved by the experiences of spaces that influence his artistic decision. In the period of confinement, silence remained stable and pandemic isolation created so many doubts and so many certainties that inevitably influenced his creative process. In a frenetic and permanent production, Alonso reported the whole to his micro space in a short space challenge, to design an exhibition for the Centro Cultural de Lagos. He travels with an almost obsessive idea of ​​finding objects and that is how his curricular universe results.

NOTES ON EMPATHY AND ALTERITY – COLLECTIVE EXHIBITION OF CONTEMPORARY ART Patent from April 2 to May 21 (Tuesday to Saturday | 10:00-18:00) Location: Lagos Cultural Center – Exhibition Hall 1 Free entry The pandemic context reinforced the need to consider the place of empathy, integrity and trust. This urgency, arising from individualism, disregard and dehumanization, is added to the confusion about what the word freedom means and to the growing difficulty in distinguishing between fact and opinion, between criticism and attack, or even between empathy and compassion. The identification of one subject with the other, feeling, desiring or learning like him, seeking to understand him through speculation or sensation and the most extraordinary and complex emotional competences. Because empathy is not compassion, sympathy or simply pity. It’s not exactly about being able to walk in someone else’s shoes, because this walk is not exempt from the prejudices and stereotypes we carry. Empathy can be seen as the understanding of the social self from a combination of outside-in and outside-out looks, without comparisons or projections resulting from personal experience. The exhibition aims to affirm an active path, where the interdisciplinarity and plurality of the selected works help to design a […]

At the Cangalho restaurant, the fadist tradition is still what it used to be. Every Tuesday, starting at 9 pm, let the most representative music of the people of Portugal delight your ears and thrill your soul. Book your table now for fado nights!

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