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Browns Walking Football Festival is a growing annual event with local and foreign participating teams whose players are all over 50 years young.

[Person event and / or online by developments around the pandemic] Within the scope of its musical production plan for 2021, Ideias do Levante – Cultural Association of Lagoa (Algarve), in partnership with the Municipality of Loulé, through the Cineteatro Louletano, and with the support of the Loulé Music Conservatory – Francisco Rosado , will organize a Harp Concert, inserted in the programming of the first edition of the Algarve Harp Festival, with harpist Helena Madeira, on April 17, 2021, at the Solar da Música Nova Auditorium, in the city of Loulé (Algarve) at 7:30 pm. #PROGRAM The harpist will interpret several popular and religious by D. Dinis (1291-1325), John Newton (1725-1807), Teodoro Cottrau (1827-1879), among others. #OBJECTIVES This event aims not only to promote the repertoire around the harp, but also to raise funds for the following institution: ONCOLOGICAL SOS NIF 510 995 748 www.sosoncologico.pt If a live concert takes place, a dedicated venue will be available at the entrance / exit of the Solar da Música Nova Auditorium, where donations can be delivered. If the concert takes place online, without an audience, donations may also be made via bank transfer to the following IBAN: PT50 0045 7060 4026 […]

“Faces do Acordeão” is a project created within the scope of the Garvefole Accordion Association’s first anniversary. A show created around the accordion takes place on the stage, with the participation of several young laureates in national and international competitions. This musical moment promises a lot of irreverence, virtuosity and emotion, with a new approach to immortal themes, where the phonic brilliance of the accordion predominates combined with the beauty of the sounds of classical guitar, violin, double bass, percussion and voices, in an orchestral and captivating environment. The prestigious teacher and accordionist Nelson Conceição signs the artistic direction for this concert. Originally from Bordeira, a place rich in accordionists, the musician has had an inspired and dynamic journey from his childhood to the present, embracing a notorious diversity of genres that allows a symbiosis between ancestors and contemporaries through the exploration of relations between fado and tango, corridinho and classical music, or traditions / charolas and jazz manouche / gipsy. Duration: 75 minutes Age rating: M / 6 Tickets on sale soon

Maiden uniteD are a band that plays classic Iron Maiden songs in new acoustic arrangements. They are on tour in Europe and Loulé is on his route with a passage through BAFO DE BACO. Tickets will be available soon through the band and on the spot. We will give you more news soon and as it is natural everything may depend on the situation that we will be dependent on at the time. www.MaidenuniteD.com

Considered the biggest manifestation of faith south of Fatima, the Festa da Mãe Soberana returns, after the 2020 edition was not held due to the risk of spreading the new coronavirus. This year, with the ongoing lack of definition, the event will take place in a different format, without a procession, with most of the initiatives taking place at the Sanctuary and transmitted on digital platforms. Thus, from April 4 to 18, pilgrims will be able to experience this cult in cyberspace, through a religious and cultural program. In this edition, the image of Nossa Senhora da Piedade will not remain for fifteen days in the city of Loulé. You will leave your little Chapel just to stay, in the period between the two festive moments, a few meters away, in the sanctuary next door. In keeping with tradition, the celebrations will begin on April 4, Easter Sunday, the day that marks the Small Party. But this time, at 17:00, the Men of Andor will place the Image of Nossa Senhora da Piedade in the Sanctuary, where the solemn Easter Mass will take place. It is from there that, between April 5 and April 16, at 9:00 pm, the recitation […]

Praça do Mar Art Gallery – Quarteira From Fan to Fam – by Nuno Viegas from April 6 to May 29, 2021 Nuno Viegas will be present at the Gallery, between 4 pm and 6 pm on April 6. De Fan, the Family presents us with fragments of the history of the beginning of the career of Nuno Viegas, the visual artist from Quarteirense who has been taking large steps in the international urban art scene. After completing his master’s degree at the University of Algarve, Nuno Viegas left, at the end of 2014, on an adventure towards Rotterdam, in the Netherlands. This trip opened the door to a future that was previously unthinkable. Over the following years, Nuno had the opportunity to meet and establish ties with some of the artists he most admires, whom he has always idolized. These artists have been a great support in the constant evolution of Nuno Viegas’ career. This exhibition tells stories of Nuno Viegas’ journey with his friends to this day through works by the artist and his idols … His family in the world of the arts. from thursday to saturday 09.30h to 13.30h 15.00h to 18.00h The visit to the […]

Teresa Salgueiro is, without a doubt, a unique artistic figure in our country and constitutes an emblematic image of Portugal in the world. Her career in music begins in 1986 when, at just 17 years old, she is invited to join the foundation of the Madredeus group, recording 9 albums of original music, created specifically for her voice. Between 1987 and 2007, twenty years of travel and more than five million albums sold worldwide, made us the first international representatives of music made in Portugal, after Amália Rodrigues. And Teresa Salgueiro, with her discreet and delicate presence and her extraordinary voice, was the “figurehead” of this musical ship. Invitations from names as different as José Carreras, Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil, Carlos Núnez, Angelo Branduardi or Zbigniew Preisner recognized Teresa as one of the great contemporary singers. The last 13 years correspond precisely to the period that marks his independence as an interpreter and producer, since the departure of Madredeus in 2007. As of 2012, he still asserts himself as the author of the music and words he sings, gathered in the albums “O Misterio” ”And“ O Horizonte ”. The themes of his creation, along with the great variety of Portuguese […]

THE MARGIN OF TIME – EUNICE MUÑOZ AND LÍDIA MUÑOZ At 92, Eunice Muñoz feels prepared to leave the stage. More than a farewell, the show “The Margin of Time” is a testimony to his granddaughter Lídia Muñoz and to generations to come. The renowned actress once again assumes an intervening role in her career in this intimate show, where grandmother and granddaughter act together to the sound of an original soundtrack created and performed by conductor Nuno Feist, confronting us with several reflections on women in our society: What life are we allowed by today’s society? After 40 hours of work a week, what are the other 128? Free time to exercise what freedom? What life is that of a woman employed in a factory, in her middle years, without a sexual life? To what extent has this fought since the beginning of the century, the power of a woman to earn her life and live her life alone, has changed society? Or to what extent was it not just finding a place on the margins of society, a makeshift temporary place, interim life? In a society organized about production relations and the family, what place does a woman […]

Intrazyt 0.0 – First production INTRANZYT Cia. Jovem With the indispensable partnership of the Municipality of Vila Nova de Famalicão, the Casa das Artes de Famalicão and the Cineteatro Louletano, Compagnie Illicite-Bayonne, Augsburg Ballet, Orquestra Sem Fronteiras, Associação ESTUFA, Companhia Olga Roriz and from Dance Fusion studios, the company debuts its first program – Intrazyt 0.0 – consisting of three choreographic pieces that pave the way for the company’s artistic and aesthetic line, two of which are national premieres and an absolute debut. This first show, signed by Fábio Lopez, Ana Isabel Casquilho, Cristina Pereira and Vasco Macide, will start the creation of a dance repertoire that wants to create value for the dancers, professionals, companies and partners involved in the process, as well as for the audiences. Program

The Stories of Ana Paula Reading “Great Friends” by Linda Sarah and Benji Davies

Here is the schedule of the “sheet” for April (always at 7 pm), the month of hope that will be fulfilled. Still online, but confident that we will soon be together again.

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