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Browns Walking Football Festival is a growing annual event with local and foreign participating teams whose players are all over 50 years young.

The British Army Rugby were due to be back in Vilamoura for the 10th edition of the Algarve Rugby Festival to play against London Irish XV on Saturday 28th March 2020 at Browns Sports Resort. It is with much disappointment that the 10th edition of the Algarve Rugby Festival has been postponed due to coronavirus pandemic. Once confirmed, the new date will be announced via all of our social media. Browns would like to take the opportunity of this announcement to wish everyone good health and resilience during this trying time. The Algarve Rugby Festival is one of the many diverse annual events that make Vilamoura such a dynamic resort, attracting people from all over the world.

B.Sides is the new show at Casinos do Algarve, with another perspective on the success of past shows. It is also intended to present original views of new themes. B.Sides is a casino show where dance and music are the protagonists, resulting in an eclectic and fusion presentation, modern and traditional at the same time. Datasheet: Scenography – Joel Pais Production Assistant – Adelina Fernandes Lighting and Special Effects – Joel Pais, Jorge Sousa Technical Direction – Jorge Sousa Soundtrack – Joel Pais, Jorge Sousa Special Collaboration – Max Oliveira Choreography adaptation – Alessia Giustolisi, Grigory Shakhov, Olga Karasik Conception of the Show – Joel Pais Executive Production – Joel Pais   Prices: Show only (from 10 pm) Includes 1 drink – € 15 p.p. Dinner and Show Tourist Menu (From 20h00) Includes starter, fish or meat dish, dessert, coffee and ½ bottle of wine from our selection – € 35 p.p

“Mystery of Culture” is, in principle, about culture, art and its models of production, representation and support, but you never know. It is a network of motivations, a dancing bureaucratic thriller, an enigma of decades to be unraveled. What mysterious has happened or will happen during this process of creation was or will be completely alien to our will and our transparency. What remains of the initial desire to do a show? What don’t you see when you watch a play? Someone said or will say during a “Mystery of Culture” broadcast: “Sometimes I pass by the theater door and I remember that a few meters away from me is a group of people sitting looking at a stage feeling the time in another way . Only one wall separates us, but these are two completely different times. Funny.” Duration: 90 minutes Age rating: M / 16 Tickets on sale soon

Carlos Bica _ double bass Daniel Erdmann _ tenor saxophone DJ Illvibe _ turntable João Paulo Esteves da Silva _ piano A double bass, a saxophone, a pair of record players and a piano. It will be in the light of this unusual formation that Beethoven’s legacy over the 250th anniversary of his birth in 2020 will be reinvented. But how to recreate Beethoven’s work while it is perfect? Carlos Bica’s “romantic” and especially melodic approach, which drinks simultaneously with jazz, classical music and popular tradition in Portugal, combines with elegant and very free discourse, although not guided by the canons of the so-called free jazz , by Daniel Erdmann, with the many colors summoned by DJ Illvibe (Vincent von Schlippenbach), a gold digger looking for the craziest fragments of sounds, a manic DJ, and with João Paulo Esteves da Silva, owner of a fascinating musicality that crosses jazz language with a strong and unique Portuguese sensibility. Together they accepted the challenge of Cineteatro Louletano to rediscover Beethoven’s work, giving it a new existence. Duration: 70 minutes Age rating: M / 12 Tickets on sale soon

Loulé has “Memories in the Creative Subjective” An exhibition that presents a path, in which emotions and experiences are the main characters. If at first we are confronted with the importance of listening, in the next moment the stories heard and lived are revealed in an archive of memories. A rewritten and disseminated universe where the past may or may not be part of the present. Source: http://www.cm-loule.pt/pt/agenda/19217/memorias-no-subjetivo-criativo.aspx

Fado singer Cuca Roseta’s new album is a tribute to Amália Rodrigues (1920-1998) and who recognizes influence on her journey. The desire to sing Amália came from behind, but it ended up materializing for this year if we celebrate the centenary of the birth of Amália Rodrigues. In Loulé, Cuca brings the album “Cuca Canta Amália”, a musical sharing between Cuca Roseta and the musicians who accompany her. The themes are the same as Cuca has always sung in Amália’s repertoire and which are still part of the lineup of her shows. Among them, two fados with lyrics by Amália Rodrigues, “A Lágrima”, music by Carlos Gonçalves, and “Estranha Forma de Vida”, interpreted in the melody of Fado Bailado, by Alfredo Marceneiro. The fado singer decided not to choose only traditional fados and that is why the album includes two marches, the Centenário, a creation by Maria Clara, in 1940, which Amália recorded, and a “Marcha da Mouraria”. The album also includes “Ai, Mouraria”, “Fado Malhoa”, “Fadista Louco”, “Vagamundo”, “Com Que Voz” and “Barco Negro”. Cuca, who has already published three albums, recently released the book “Cem poemas de Cuca Roseta”.

Enoch Arden – Melodrama for Richard Strauss’ narrator and piano on Tennyson’s poem Basically the definition of melodrama refers to a work, or part of it, in which the text is recited about music. Although some operas have moments of melodrama – Fidelio or The woman without a shadow, for example – several composers dedicated whole works to this musical practice. In 1896/97, Strauss composed the melodrama Enoch Arden, for voice and piano, on Tennyson’s text. The work is located between the symphonic poems Thus spoke Zarathustra of 1896, and D. Quixote of 1897 and, like these, it can already be considered a work of maturity for a composer with 33 years old who still had a long and creative career with your front. It was with Enoch Arden that Strauss achieved a resounding success at the time, even greater than that achieved with symphonic poems, having made numerous tours with his dedicator, Ernst von Possart, actor and theater director. Enoch Arden is one of the longest existing melodramas and one of the best built. The theme reminds us of Ulysses and Robinson Crusoe, but the melancholy of the sailor who loses and finds his family again formed, judging him […]

After “A Freguesia”, with dramaturgy and staging by Ricardo Neves-Neves (in 2017), a show that ended the program commemorating the 100th anniversary of the parish of Quarteira, Cineteatro directed a new invitation to Teatro Do Eléctrico for the creation of a a show based on a theme from the municipality of Loulé: the Mother Sovereign. “Soberana” is a show with text by Ana Lázaro, staged by Ricardo Neves-Neves and musical direction by Rita Nunes, about the history and worship of the Mother Soberana de Loulé, which is celebrated annually on Easter Day (Festa Pequena) and two weeks later (Festa Grande). “As soon as I started researching the Sovereign Mother, I realized that more than a religious, cultural and historical manifestation, this is, like the genetic and intrinsic bond that links the Mother with her son, part of a collective body, of identity of a people. The affiliation of the Louletanos to their Mother is lost in time and space, is rooted in the blood, in the cycles of the seasons, in the daily struggle, in the joy and pain that they live, under an odd intimate connection of protection and complicity. In a relationship of affection deeply divine, and at […]

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