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[Mediation | Training] i.Lab Mil Pássaros #2023 – Immersive Training in Art for Children, by Companhia de Música Teatral July 31st to August 5th – Solar da Música Nova Auditorium – ••• ••• ••• “i.Lab Mil Pássaros #2023”, by Companhia de Música Teatral, is training in the field of art for children, which includes the final presentation of an artistic experience aimed at families with babies. The preparation of this piece involves experiencing situations of musical practice (voice and movement) and plastic expression with specific elements from the universe of Mil Pássaros. The training involves a registration fee and is aimed at kindergarten teachers, teachers, musicians and other artists. For more information and registration, please visit https://musicateatral.com/encontro/i-lab-mil-passaros/. The application deadline is May 31, 2023.

“With a career spanning 20 years, the Guinean singer and social activist continues to gift us with her brilliant music and raises her country’s flag as high as possible” – in Forbes Africa Eneida Marta is one of the most genuine and vibrant African voices and a true ambassador of Guinea-Bissau music. This passion for the land that saw her born led her to embrace humanitarian causes, having been appointed by UNICEF as its ambassador for Guinea-Bissau. In 2006 she caught the attention of World Music giant Putumayo World Music, who included her work on the compilation An Afro-Portuguese Odyssey. That same year, Eneida Marta won first place in a World Music competition with the theme “Mindjer Dôlce Mel”, which Putumayo would also include in the compilation Acoustic Africa. In 2008, she joined the selection of the largest World Music fair in the world, WOMEX, performing for more than 3 thousand professionals from all over the world. A special moment that resulted in an applauded international tour. This is just a summary of the journey that brought Eneida to the present, taking her across stages, from Madrid and Barcelona to Amsterdam or Vancouver, from Rome to Budapest and Mexico City, […]

Band of the Philharmonic Society Artists of Minerva de Loulé – 147th Anniversary June 4th – 4pm ••• ••• ••• The Band of the Sociedade Filarmónica Artistas de Minerva de Loulé “invades” the Cineteatro Louletano to celebrate its 147th anniversary, bringing with it a guest band, the Sociedade Musical de Instrução e Recreio Aljustrelense, thus bringing together on one stage the south of Portugal, with the Alentejo and the Algarve. The direction will be in charge of conductors Pedro Branco (Loulé) and Ricardo Lemos (Aljustrel). Admission is free, but tickets need to be collected at the local ticket office.

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