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ANYMAL RATIONAL and BAFO DE BACO present the 3rd edition of BAFORADA, an event that has already brought to Loulé bands such as Filli Nigrantium Infernalium, Toxikull, Wicked Edge, Prayers Of Sanity, Son Of Cain and Decayed. This 3rd edition features the return of the Jurassic BIZARRA LOCOMOTIVA to our space in an edition in which they bring in their luggage the latest EP ‘Fenótipvs’ (Rastilho) released in 2021 and which precedes the next long-running original with no scheduled date. Show up and bring another friend too BECAUSE NOTHING IS BUILT ALONE ******************************************** Location : Bafo de Baco, Loulé Date: 2/5/2022 (Saturday) Opening: 21:00 Start: 22:00 Pre-sale: 12.00 Door: 15.00 Info: anymalrational@gmail.com

Inhuman presents “Contra” Concert that presents to our public the new album “Contra” by Banda Algarvia Inhuman. Admission will be €7 and can be purchased in advance by MBway at number 962353788, please say what concert it is for and a name for identification on the door.

Som Riscado: it’s time to vote! Som Riscado, a sound and image festival held annually in Loulé, is nominated in several categories at the Iberian Festival Awards, one of the biggest recognitions in Portugal and Spain when it comes to festivals and events. Now it’s time to help you gain more recognition through the online public vote that runs through the end of the month at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/IFA2022 In the Iberian Festival Awards (IFA), which encompass events from all over the Iberian Peninsula, the Som Riscado Festival is nominated for Best Festival, Best Indoor Festival, Best Cultural Program, Best Space (in this case for the Cineteatro Louletano, the main stage of the event ) and Best Performance, with the concert by the Miramar project (Frankie Chavez and Peixe). In the Indoor category, Som Riscado is competing with Bilbao BBK Live and Ebrovisión from Spain, and the Portuguese Festival Emergente, Sintra Music Festival and Loures Jazz, among many others. In 2020, the edition that competed for the IFA, Som Riscado – programmed by Cineteatro Louletano, from the Municipality of Loulé – had several special moments, including an exceptional concert by composer and instrument creator Victor Gama with Salomé Pais Matos and the […]

It is a solo for two performers, with their own scores, in a state of search and surrender to movement and “happening”. “You don’t get there or when, or because you want to, it happens.” – Amália Rodrigues In 1962, three revolutionary events, three moments of cleavage transformed the way of understanding pop music, dance and fado. In Liverpool, the explosion of the Beatles begins, with “Love of the Loved” being one of the band’s first songs. In New York, at the Judson Memorial Church, a group of creators gathered, changing the path of dance, among them Yvonne Rainer, who would later create Trio A, an important critical milestone in the history of contemporary dance, and in Lisbon Amália Rodrigues records “Busto”, in an unlikely partnership with Alain Oulman, from which a new fado is born. Without resorting to direct references that build a coherent and descriptive discourse, this creation finds in Amália the integrity and respect, the intensity and restraint that we seek in Dance, in a dramaturgical path punctuated by the writing of Gonçalo M Tavares (Livro da Dança), by unique quotes from Amália and by original solo piano songs by 6 composers. ARTISTIC FACTS Dramaturgical path, creation, […]

“There’s no Knowing”, by Joana Gama and Luís Fernandes Since “Quest” (Shhpuma, 2014), Joana Gama and Luís Fernandes have maintained a continuous dialogue, which accepts constant ruptures and new sound explorations in their music. Continuity exists in the harmony of their work, the meeting of the languages ​​of both, a permanent communication that respects the rhythms of both and that knows how to respond to challenges, as happened with “Harmonies” (Shhpuma, 2016) in which Satie’s heritage worked. with Ricardo Jacinto, “At The Still Point Of The Turning World” (Room40, 2018) where, with José Alberto Gomes, they extended their work to an orchestra or “Textures & Lines” (Holuzam, 2020) that they co-created with Drumming GP. “There’s no knowing” (Holuzam, 2022) opens with Joana Gama’s piano to which Luís Fernandes’ electronics joins. The piece grows in a kind of whisper between the two and develops into a progressive game of proximity. As “There’s no knowing” progresses, there is a greater interconnection between the elements and the consummation of what Joana and Luís do together: bringing out the best in each of them. Their fifth album is a pulsating adventure, which has its origins in the invitation to create the soundtrack for the […]

Three big bands in the national Punk-Rock scene. The return to the stage and for the first time in the Algarve, MY FRIENDS AND I , more than 10 years of hiatus, return full of desire for stages and the long-awaited Album that many wish to have. Who doesn’t remember them in bethlehem with NOFX, TARA PERDIDA and so many others. Also for the first time, CONTRASENSO comes with great determination to present their latest work ROSTOS DA PANDEMIA edited by INFECTED RECORDS. From the ashes of several projects, Contrasenso is born…. Positive messages with Positive Music. Very well done themes and a very cohesive and energetic stage performance. And to warm up the night, a house band representing the Algarve well, none other than NO TIME TO WASTE. The hosts N.T.T.W already with an album edited during the pandemic with the Canadian label PEOPLE OF PUNK ROCK RECORDS will delight us with their various already classic themes. Not to be missed one of the BIGGEST PUNK NIGHTS OF THIS YEAR!!!!

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