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Every Tuesday a different fado singer. Booking for dinner fado@re-criativarepublica14.pt Typical menu (caldo verde, roasted chorizo, cod salad with chickpeas, drink, dessert and coffee) €20 for members and €24.50 for non-members. Dinner can start at 7 pm.

Rita Damásio, 33 years old, born in Olhão. During the first confinement, only with the escape of strolling through the salt marshes of her land, she found in the painting a comforting and fascinating refuge. This exhibition of acrylic painting on canvas portrays precisely this discovery. “Refuge” The calm, complexity and irreverence of the salt marsh landscapes. Where the blue of the sky, the green of the vegetation and the yellow of the pastures contrast with the pink of the salt flats. A combination of elements that overflows with colors and walks a path of beauty. A haven of good vibes during an apocalyptic period.

Creative coding or generative art is a form of art that is created using an algorithm, written in a programming language. In this exhibition, two series of prints will be presented, from images generated by two programs “K_8” and “Power, module” developed in Javascript and P5.js (Processing) by the artist. All images are unique, without any post-processing. They are totally abstract, using only computational and mathematical concepts for their generation, such as recursion (which leads to the fractalization of images), pseudo-random number fields, cellular automata, among others. It should be noted that, underlying the algorithm, the artist’s aesthetic idea is always present, without which there would be no possibility of carrying out the work. “The idea becomes the machine that makes art.”. Sun LeWitt Henrique Silva is a geographical engineer, artist and computer programmer in Javascript. https://about.me/hsilva321

#almostpainting From the photographic register between everyday life, the pictorial look and poetic possibilities. The images captured in an almost stumble in the surrounding reality, arise from observation and questioning of the visual field, whose framing distances them from the referent, transforming them into something, sometimes indistinct, abstract. The photographic medium is subject to a subversion by the look, which expands the senses of color, texture, shadow, reflection, pattern, matter. The reality that, contained in the stability of a square, transcends the photographic condition of the records is decontextualized and recreated.

Pedro Iaco and Manuel Linhares met at the Circle Singing workshop given by Bobby Mcferrin in New York, and since then, they have been embodying the joint project. Two voices and a seven-string guitar, using a taste for vocal improvisation as a motto. On stage, they put together their own repertoires, stripping them of artifice. Pedro Iaco is the Brazilian part of the duo, and lives in São Paulo. the singer is instrumentalist is nominated for the Professional Music Awards (PPM) in the categories of Best Singer, Best Composer and Best Author. With the theme “Nó de Marinheiro” he is a finalist at the 51st National Festival of Brazilian Song. Manuel Linhares, for his part, is preparing the release of his third album for the beginning of 2022.

The Circle of Voice The workshop “O Círculo da Voz” is a laboratory for improvisation and vocal creativity that was founded in 2017 by singer Manuel Linhares. This workshop aims to present new ways of working with voice, improvisation and musical creativity, democratizing access, boosting communities of singers and boosting interdisciplinary artistic creation. Manuel Linhares often works as an assistant to artists such as Meredith Monk or Bobby McFerrin and has extensive experience as a facilitator of musical workshops and retreats. He works regularly in Porto but in the last 2 years, and even during a pandemic, he took “O Círculo da Voz” to Coimbra, Lisbon, Évora, Aveiro, Leiria, Matosinhos, Caldas da Rainha. “O Círculo da Voz” is now coming to the Algarve for the first time with this unique experience that aims to boost vocal improvisation and creativity. Minimum number of participants: 6 Prices: 22€ non-members 20€ members Hours – 11.00 – 13.00 Registration: reservas@re-criativarepublica14.pt ——————————————– “the voice as a possibility of artistic and individual expression, but also as a manifestation and construction of a common space, through circlesinging and other exercises in singing and group improvisation, contemporary techniques for working the voice, other than the traditional choral forms, […]

After an involuntary departure, here is the return of the mythical Algarve band for a Halloween concert in República 14. Come with or without a (Halloween) mask, warm up to the sound of the band and leave for the night of Olhão on the scariest day of the year . Book now at reservas@re-criativarepublica14.pt

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