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Cool Manouche again in Republic 14. Gypsy Jazz quartet inspired by the classics of Django Reinhardt, Stochelo Rosenberg or Tchavolo Schmitt. It is composed by Luís Fialho and Ray Bartlett on guitars, Paulo Strak on double bass and Betty M. violinist and singer.

In this concert Ricardo Gordo presents the various faces of the Portuguese Guitar in its Lisbon, Coimbra and contemporary language. The concert covers a repertoire that ranges from Carlos Paredes to José Nunes and Fontes Rocha, together with Ricardo Gordo’s compositions that bring the language of the Portuguese Guitar to the present.

Alex Stewart – violin, Massimo Cavalli – double bass, Pedro Santos – accordion, Ramón Maschio – guitar and musical direction. FOUR Musicians from FOUR different latitudes: an Argentine, an Englishman, an Italian and a Portuguese. Music is a universal language but it has dialects. In the music of this quartet there are several dialects of the same language, including TANGO and other Port Music, such as FADO, spoken with a mastery of great musicians, in a combination of arrangements of classical themes and original themes. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzOOaT3b3Ec5dH7yp6vdJxg https://www.facebook.com/latitudequatro

Miguel Martins already has 25 years of musical career. With several albums released and awarded by the specialized critic Miguel also has a rich international career having played a little throughout Europe. His KALEIDOSCOPIO project has already been active for 15 years, together with the greats of Portuguese Jazz, José Salgueiro on drums and Carlos Barretto on bass, with whom he shares an intensely creative and spontaneous chemistry. In this concert Miguel will present a repertoire of original themes recently composed and worked together with the participation of Barretto and Salgueiro.

Cantaloupe Café, at Mercados de Olhão, is pleased to announce that it will present on the 23rd of January, Sunday at 14:30, a show with: Alein Steinbert Guitar Alex Gómez Guitar Alex Gomez and Alein Steinbert are guitarists and composers very active in the Spanish jazz scene. Han shared a stage separately with artists from the likes of David Pastor, Perico Sambeat or Javier Moreno. In parallel with their separate projects, they carry out the load with this guitar duo in which they offer their particular point of view of some compositions by both musicians, as well as jazz standards and post bop themes with original arrangements. reduced capacity Compliance with the best practice guide, Validated by the General Directorate of Health Reservations by phone: 289 704 397 During live music shows, for the 1st consumption, an increase of €7.00 (seven euros) is applied for each consumer.

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