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Registration and information: equilibriovital@outlook.fr Sofrology was developed in 1960 by Colombian physician and researcher Lozano Alfonso Caycedo. It is a medical technique that stimulates, through consciousness, the forces responsible for the biological harmony of human beings. Sophrology means: study of human consciousness.

Fad` Nu – intimate complicity, scenic and musical dialogue between singer and guitarist, the key characters of FADO. With obvious links to the tradition, Fad’Nu is a dogma-free option, opened to the new paths of the artistic globalization. Fad’Nu has no creeds or boundaries and like music and poetry, it finds its essence in discovering an open path that reinvents itself at every new step. Cátia Alhandra – Voz José Alegre – Guitarra Portuguesa Convidados: Tiago Rêgo – Percussão Mediterrânica Paulo Matos da Silva (strak) – Contrabaixo

I teach a simple, straight-forward technique using one brush and the three primary colours, red, blue and yellow. No drawing is required. All painting media are welcome. Let me know if you are interested at dora@dorakeogh.com and I will send you a list of suggested tools and paints.

Still threshing and grinding on our EP-Feed The Machine, with an aggressive sound and melodic harmonies, we like to interact with our audience and remember that they are part of the show. It will be Sérgio’s debut as Lead guitar and welcome Luis back on bass. We count on the Algarve guys to make this night a night to remember.

Morna was recognized as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. With the Trio Mêd composed by Luís Firmino, Juary Lima and Henrique Silva with the singer Débora Paris as their special guest, the first of a series of concerts, that intend to commemorate this event and make this musical genre known to all, will take place on February 29th.

Art teacher, plastic artist and master in Portuguese Art History. “… I have a fascination for stones and the marks they contain… the history of the world and that of humanity ”.

You can work on your own issue and get a constellation in the group. Or you can come and join as a representative. Please register and get more info for your family genogram. Constellation work helps to step out of limiting patterns you took over from your family system and to free yourself in what you truely are. – Find ease and solve patterns of repeating conflicts in partnership, family or at work – Release Family Trauma that holds you back – Stop limiting yourself from success and money – See what it needs to choose the life you really want – Start to love yourself and step out of expectation and projection on and of your family – Release blockages concerning unfulfilled wish for a baby – How to find openness for partnership that contributes – Find clarity about your purpose in life – Open for new possibilities for your business/work with joy

Semba, Massemba, Kilapanga, Kazucuta and Lamento are all rhythms from Angola that Zé Manel Martins (Voice / Guitar) and his guest drummer Marcelo Araújo will perform in a concert where dialogue and rhythmic improvisation will be very present. The repertoire will include compositions of his own but also traditional Angolan themes inspired by the rhythms of Angola.

Miguel Martins completed the Basic Education Teachers of Music Education course at the Escola Superior de Educação de Setúbal in 2004. He worked with a guitar, bass, combo, harmony and other subjects teacher in the following schools and guitar master classes. Schedules to be defined with the teacher, open to all ages and levels of learning, electric and acoustic guitar. Contact: 932 052 139

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