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Fad` Nu – intimate complicity, scenic and musical dialogue between singer and guitarist, the key characters of FADO. With obvious links to the tradition, Fad’Nu is a dogma-free option, opened to the new paths of the artistic globalization. Deep poetry, strong music and a soulful scene/stage, are the ingredients that present fado with a different outfit but also bring to it things that have never been there. In this sense Fad’Nu is an open door to the great poets and troubadours of the Portuguese language, widening and discovering new repertoires and establishing bridges between different genres and cultural roots. Fad’Nu has no creeds or boundaries and like music and poetry, it finds its essence in discovering an open path that reinvents itself at every new step.

In this cycle of 5 meetings we will investigate and explore the 5 elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine, from a fusion of expressive vital movement, stretches and postures of yoga, conscious touch and meditation.

In August, the City of Olhão hosts the Seafood Festival at Jardim Pescador Olhanense, next to the Ria Formosa. There are many types of seafood that can be tasted for six days in the dozens of restaurants that gather at Jardim do Pescador Olhanense, in the center of Olhão, this being one of the main points of the year for all those who live not only from fishing but also from restoration in Olhão. Regional sweets, handicrafts and shows also fill a tourist poster par excellence.

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