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Market open every Wednesday between 10 am and 2 pm and in the yard of Re-Criativa República 14 in Olhão. Local producers with organic products, selected handicrafts, clothes made of natural fibers, bread, honey from the mountains, natural cosmetics, etc …

Welcome to our Swap Market! 1. To participate bring max 10 pieces of clothing, shoes or acessories. There will be a book market as well (yes, english book are welcome) that is not connected to our clothing market. So if you bring a dress and a tshirt you can choose 2 pieces of clothing, shoes or acessories. If you bring 7 books you can bring 7 books. 2. As soon as you arrive you’ll have to check in, then you get in a “store” where you can choose your items. When you are done you have to check out, a volunteer will count the amount of pieces you have. 3. Please bring only stuff in good conditions and clean otherwise will be refused. Also with books, books that are too old, written or ripped won’t be accepted. 4. We need volunteers! If you are interested in volunteering with us please leave a comment or send a personal message to Green Vibe. 5. We are accepting donations to keep running this event.

The well-known Algarve blues band The Fried Fanekas with João Melro on drums, Luís Henrique on bass, Pedro Gil on guitar and Tércio Freire on guitar, harmonica and voice, welcomes guitarist Fast Eddie Nelson. Fast Eddie Nelsom comes from the city of Barreiro and has integrated projects such as Gasoline, The Sullens, Los Santeros, Big River Johnson and Fast Eddie Nelson & the Riverside Monkeys, has edited the latest works on an individual basis. In a musical path that varies between the Blues, Rock, Folk and Bluegrass, he has performed all over the country as well as Spain and Italy. Its sound crosses the Mississippi Blues, Rock and Folk.

ATTENTION! The Intensive Workshop on Theater Improvisation has been postponed to the weekend of October 10th and 11th. Registration is open! Sign up now by e-mail oficinas@re-criativarepublica14.pt – the number of participants, due to the State of Contingency, is limited to 9 people! It is not necessary to have theatrical experience!

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