Mákina de Cena Programming second half of April

After two unforgettable sessions of Samothrace in Paris during the Easter weekend, Mákina de Cena continues to carburete for the month of April at great speed.

Next weekend, Casa da Mákina will host the Theater Workshop “O Movimento da Palavra”, conducted by Carolina Santos.

On the 20th, it’s time to head out of doors to Teatro das Figuras in Faro, for the premiere of the play “A Rapariga da Gabardine Amarela”, the final result of the reactivation of Sin-cera – UALG’s university theater group, in co-production with the Scene Machine and the Theater of Figures.

As part of the International Jazz Day, which takes place on the 30th of April, Mákina de Cena is part of the official Unesco celebrations, with 2 unmissable shows: On the 23rd, the MdC Jazz Club receives a luxury quartet led by Desidério Lázaro (Saxophone) , with Mário Delgado on electric guitar, Cícero Lee on electric bass and Carlos Miguel on drums. A unique opportunity to watch the performance of some of the biggest names in the national jazz scene, which will take place at Casa da Mákina, at 6 pm.

Still with Jazz as the protagonist, on Friday the 28th, in partnership with the Conservatório de Música de Loulé, there will be a Singing Workshop, guided by Sara Badalo, a name already well known to the Portuguese public.

That same week, we also received theater in a double dose. On the 27th, the usual Theatrical Reading Club returns, which this time will be coordinated by António Revez and, on the 28th, the founder, artistic director, actor and director of the company Lendias de Encantar, will appear on stage at Casa da Mákina with “No Pain Limit”. This show is part of the commemorations of the 25th of April, and aims to “preserve a collective memory of the inhumane events experienced by the Portuguese people during the Salazar dictatorship”, assuming itself as “a profound reflection on resistance, fear, humiliation, pain and human dignity” and a warning to new generations of the danger of emerging totalitarianism.