Municipality of Lagoa extends state of alert until end of April

In the municipality of Lagoa all municipal equipment will be closed and all cultural and sport events will be cancelled, including the celebrations of April 25th.

The extension until the 30th of April 2020 of the state of alert, foreseen in the current contingency plan, It was decided at a meeting of the municipal operational group – GOM-  on Monday, 23rd of March.

At the same time as the time period for contingency measures is extended, resources and response strategies are organised in Lagoa depending on the forecasts of the development of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The preparation and equipment of the two multi-sport pavilions of the schools of the Group ESPAMOL and the Municipal Pavilion Jacinto Correia, to support volunteers who will help those who need it most, is one of the measures already implemented.

The urban cleaning campaign with application of certified products for disinfection is ongoing in the municipality, and another of the actions to combat the spread of the virus.

Cooperation between local and regional authorities and local health authorities will result in the opening, in Silves, of a clinical analysis center for analysis of suspected COVID 19. It is intended for users of the municipalities of Lagoa and Silves and is expected to start operating during this week (probably on 25th March).

At the same meeting of the GOM, those responsible praised the response of the Lagoa community to the appeals of the authorities to stay at home. They also considered that the development of the public health situation depends to a large extent on the continuation of this co-responsibility of all/them.

Among the events scheduled for the month of April and now canceled are the festival Sons do Fado, the inauguration of the commemorative exhibition of the Amália Rodrigues’s 100th birth, the spectacle of the Algarve Jazz Orchestra, the Promenade concert, the Paths of Heritage, the International Children’s Football Tournament – Bonicup, the Algarve Futsal Cup, the final of the Algarve Cup in Football, the 7th mile of Bela Vista in Athletics, the Regional Cadet Tournament – Swimming and the Athletics Stage of the Quelfes Games.

In conjunction with the Municipal Assembly of Lagoa the April 25th celebrations were also cancelled.

Lagoa, 23rd March 2020

Source : Municipality of Lagoa (press release)