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The Manuel Teixeira Gomes Secondary School group – Teatro da Caverna, was formed in the academic year 1993/94 as an extracurricular project. Integrating all students of Secondary Education who wish to experience theatrical expression, it has proved to be an important link between the school, the family and the community, since creating its own space in the cultural universe of the city of Portimão. Over the years, this project has contributed to the personal, school, civic and artistic training of young people and to the creation of a theater audience. Proof of this are the more than 20 shows presented over these 25 years of artistic activity, which, through photographs, setting notes, props, wardrobe and posters, guide the exhibition visitor through the intricacies of what was the group’s journey , in favor of education through art.

http://portugaltantrafestival.com/ We are proud to announce the 2020 Portugal Tantra Festival. Join us at Awakeland to celebrate and explore the world of tantra. Enjoy the beautiful land here, the roaming hills and lakes as you expand your consciousness to cultivate the love you have for yourself, your life and your relationships. You will be joining an amazing group of like-minded people, fully supported by James & Ashik along with a team of International Workshop Leaders, Session Givers, Emotional Support Crew, DJs and Performers, Volunteers and Retreat Centre Workers. Teachers to be announced soon! AM I WELCOME? Yes! We embrace all relationship styles, orientations and ages over 18. Whether you are single — wanting to interact and explore with others — or a couple wishing to deepen your intimacy, the festival is the perfect environment to dive in! Relax, spending time in nature, leaving your busy lives behind. Treat yourself to reconnect with your body in what will be a loving and blissful experience. TICKETS Super Early bird tickets are on sale for just €155 + €206 for camping accommodation, including 3 nutritious vegetarian meals a day! Other accommodation choices also available.

Market open every Wednesday between 10 am and 2 pm and in the yard of Re-Criativa República 14 in Olhão. Local producers with organic products, selected handicrafts, clothes made of natural fibers, bread, honey from the mountains, natural cosmetics, etc …

Fado is Portuguese but is also UNESCO’s ‘Intangible Heritage of Humanity´, reflecting the experience of a people and a history. Show Timetable: 12:15a.m., 3:15p.m. and 5:15p.m.

These 8 Online Meditation Classes are for those who have no experience with the practice, but also for those who already do it regularly. These classes arise with the purpose of working with our Vital Energy, Ki or Chi, which, as the name says, is present in all Living Beings. Since our body is made up of 70% water and being water Energy, our emotions (energy in motion) are totally connected to our physical body, and more than that to our way of experiencing Life. Chakras or Energy Centers are a vortex where that same energy is located in our body, and these are associated with different levels of consciousness (the way we operate in the world). To have good physical and emotional health, these centers need to be harmonized. In these 8 classes I invite you to take a trip through your 7 main Energy Centers. In the next 8 Wednesdays we will have a Meditation class to harmonize each Chakra, and in the last class we will make a Trip through all Chakras. In this second class we will take a trip through the second Chakra – Swaddistana. FIRST FREE CLASS Prior registration is required Comfortable clothes Notebook […]

Patrícia Viegas started again with Yoga classes in the online format. To participate, just send an email to yoga@re-criativarepublica14.pt and choose your class: Classic Yoga, Yoga for Children or Yoga for Seniors.

From the fusion of Yoga with the tranquility of this village, the idea of Yoga classes outdoors arises, in a space like the guest house Vila Milreu: a calm, reserved, pleasant, safe and easy parking place. Classes will take place on a wide lawn or on a rooftop overlooking the mountains, where current safety rules must be maintained and respected. The invitation is to share with you, among other things: Bandhas, Ásana, Pránáyáma, Yoganidrá and Meditation. Necessary material: – Comfortable clothes – Carpet – Blanket or Towel for relaxation – Water Registration is mandatory since each class has a maximum capacity of 9 people. Contacts for registration or information: 962693523, ritacavaco7@gmail.com or MP. Rita Cavaco Profª Yoga adults Profª Yoga for babies and children

It is not necessary to have previous experience in the practice of yoga. If you feel the day comes and starts wonderfully in line with you and with your true essence preparing you to fully enjoy your Sunday. Prior registration required by: Private message Facebook Email: patriciazedoviegas@gmail.com Mobile: 919490402 Location: Faro riverside park Meeting point: In the car park of the riverside park after the railway line. Bring: Yoga mat Water Comfortable clothes Blanket for relaxation if you feel the need