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Dreaming with open eyes…… Charlie Holt presents an imaginary journey through time and space…. The poet Antonio Aleixo floats in a dreamlike world…..appearing in many surprise places from Kochi in India to the Serralves Institute in Porto…… A journey of the imagination that is in all of us….. the mystery unfolds telling new and untold stories……possible connections ….. chance meetings in the real and surreal worlds……he appears like a ghost or an apparition ….we are not sure if he is present….drifting like a cloud in the atmosphere…….a spirit that lives on.   Place: Convent Cloisters

Ideias do Levante – Cultural Association of Lagoa, through its project “Lagoa a Fotografar”, will launch on June 22, 2020, the first edition of the photo contest entitled “Lagoa pelos nossos Olhos” with the theme “Local Commerce” . This contest will be aimed at adults and teenagers (from 12 to 17 years old), national or foreign, with the objective of encouraging the taste for photography, promoting the municipality of Lagoa and, in parallel, stimulating / promoting the local commerce of Lagoa, through photography. The photographs to be submitted will allude to the theme “Local Trade” and may be registered in various styles (and forms), with professional, semi-professional, instant cameras, tablets or smartphones. That is, there will be no restrictions for any photographic capture equipment. Each participant can only participate with two unpublished photographs. The jury, nominated by the organization, reserves the right not to award prizes or publish the photographs submitted, if it considers that the photographs do not meet the required criteria (ie, originality, creativity and visual history related to local commerce ). The regulations and registration form for participants will be available from June 22, 2020 on the website www.ideiasdolevante.info. Registration will close on July 4, 2020, at […]

The “Escolinha de circo para tod@s”  activities are the beginning of the formation of a circus school inclusive for Faro where the goal is to join children from different backgrounds, create new friendships and work together as a team to fight prejudice and social exclusion. In partnership with: Cooperativa Mandacaru & Escola secundária Pinheiro e Rosa Courses: juggling, balancing, music and rhythm, acrobatics, aerial silk, clowning, mimes, body expression, children’s rights, scenery and costume design; Summer Holidays Timetable: Monday to Friday from 9 a.m till 5 p.m More Information: https://amarelarte.weebly.com/circus.html 

I teach a simple, straight-forward technique using one brush and the three primary colours, red, blue and yellow. No drawing is required. All painting media are welcome. Let me know if you are interested at dora@dorakeogh.com and I will send you a list of suggested tools and paints.

Fado is Portuguese but is also UNESCO’s ‘Intangible Heritage of Humanity´, reflecting the experience of a people and a history. Show Timetable: 12:15a.m., 3:15p.m. and 5:15p.m.

Tuesdays 17:30 – Children 18:30 – Youth 19:30 – Adults Thursday 18:30 – Children 19:30 – Youth and adults Capoeira is fight, dance, rhythm and acrobatics. Promotes a healthy lifestyle. Improves creativity, self-confidence, verbal and non-verbal communication, coordination, agility, strength, rhythm, balance and resistance.

Laginha entered the music school for the first time when he turned 6 years old and until now the accordion has always been present in his life. Thus, in the area of popular music, it has a 17-year history (2003 – 2020). Many have been parties, dances and other events in which he made his music sound. Its goal is to bring music to the most varied points of Portugal and to Portuguese communities around the world, thus increasing its projection and promotion in balls, parties and pilgrimages that animate with its music and good mood. https://www.facebook.com/LaginhaOficial/