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In the former cistern at the Factory, where rainwater was collected and reused to feed the factory’s brine tanks and boilers, we now discover moving images of the underwater fauna and flora of the Arade River and the coastline of Portimão. In this same Cistern, in September 2013, the nucleus Ocean Revival – Portimão Underwater Park was installed, which made it possible for our visitors to follow on land what is going on underwater with the ships sunk about three miles from Praia de Alvor .

The photographic exhibition on Portimão – European Sport City 2019 (CED) portrays some of the remarkable moments of a program that involved the entire municipality, having attracted around 550 thousand protagonists, among practitioners, spectators, volunteers and partners. In all, there were more than 700 sporting events, around 100 training sessions and awareness-raising activities and more than 20 inclusive sports activities were promoted. All these figures contributed to the choice of Portimão as the Best European Sport City in 2019, representing this show a privileged window for an extraordinary year, of great vitality and energy, with an intense program of sporting events that have left an invaluable legacy. The selection of images, which draws a diversified portrait of CED 2019, combines the perspectives of photographers Filipe da Palma (Portimão City Council) and Miguel Veterano (Kore), with the images captured by the young André Guerreiro, Jéssica Coelho, Ana Kovdiei, Verónica Santos, Beatriz Cardoso, Jack Palmer and Ângelo Zambujo, students of the Professional Technical Course in Photography at the Professional School Gil Eanes. In the collected photographs, movement, effort, overcoming, inclusion, the spirit of unity and the desire to conquer athletes who gave their best, always bearing in mind the support of the […]

The Manuel Teixeira Gomes Secondary School group – Teatro da Caverna, was formed in the academic year 1993/94 as an extracurricular project. Integrating all students of Secondary Education who wish to experience theatrical expression, it has proved to be an important link between the school, the family and the community, since creating its own space in the cultural universe of the city of Portimão. Over the years, this project has contributed to the personal, school, civic and artistic training of young people and to the creation of a theater audience. Proof of this are the more than 20 shows presented over these 25 years of artistic activity, which, through photographs, setting notes, props, wardrobe and posters, guide the exhibition visitor through the intricacies of what was the group’s journey , in favor of education through art.

Exhibition “A look at the churches of Alcoutim” which aims to disseminate the script of the sacred art of the municipality, integrating it into the set of its cultural heritage and, thus, contributing to the knowledge of its unique history. vehicle of pedagogical extension to the local population, namely the school, this nucleus intends to make known the history of the county’s art, in the context of the history of regional, national and European art. This exhibition is guided by a historical / expository route, which begins in Manueline (16th century) and ends in Neoclassicism (19th century), consisting of panels with information related to each historical period and the graphic representations of the most important works . Along the way there are also showcases with some images, as well as liturgical implements.

Every Friday: Pizza, Lasagne, all you can eat Firerplaces…. hot drinks cold drinks Life Music DJs Artists Performer 3 Stages 3 Styles of Music

In Tavira, Algarve the month of summer in full with blue sunny skies and white beaches are waiting. Tavira our little town along the river where time stands still, a beautiful zen location for a yoga retreat close to the beaches in a calm local atmosphere away from busy cities. As a group, we have lunches and dinners together in selected local restaurants in Tavira. The dinners can be vegetarian but Tavira has a variety of great and cheap restaurants to try. The Yoga classes are taking place in our fully equipped Iyoga studio and suitable for all levels, incl. beginners with regular practice as well as intermediate level are welcome. 7 NIGHTS PACKAGE INCL.: 7 nights accommodation in 4star hotel in Tavira daily yoga classes at Iyoga studio 3 x dinners in Tavira (excl. beverage) 1 x lunch (incl. beverage) Package price A at Maria Nova Lounge hotel, per person in shared twin room/private bath 995€ or single 1.355€ (*to book twin you need to be 2 persons.) PROGRAM How your day could look like with 8 days Day 1 | Arriving – Yoga 16.30hr – Dinner Day 2-3 | Yoga 8.30 – 12.30hr with a break between 2,5hrs dynamic asanas practice and Restorative […]

Master in Ayurvedic Therapy and Consultancy – DGERT Certification – 354hrs Ayurveda is recognized as one of the most important wellness systems for the body and mind, and its popularity is booming. This Traditional Medicine is a precursor and considers all therapeutic areas, from diet to plants, from mantras to meditation, to a range of treatments of more direct therapeutic application. It is applicable to the whole planet and adapts to the modern health system as Ayurvedic methods of disease prevention and daily routine management are becoming important issues for everyone. The syllabus of the course comprises the key aspects of Ayurvedic theory, diagnosis and practice. This is not an introduction to Ayurveda but a complete training in terms of its ramifications of practical application. The course emphasizes herbalism, using both Portuguese and Western flora according to Ayurvedic energetics and Indian herbs, presented in order to be a treatment model accessible to the West. All aspects of life are approached in a practical way aiming at treatment and transformation. There are no prerequisites for the course but it is necessary to consider that it is a challenging course with theoretical and practical moments of assessment throughout the training. Modules: – […]

The “Escolinha de circo para tod@s”  activities are the beginning of the formation of a circus school inclusive for Faro where the goal is to join children from different backgrounds, create new friendships and work together as a team to fight prejudice and social exclusion. In partnership with: Cooperativa Mandacaru & Escola secundária Pinheiro e Rosa Courses: juggling, balancing, music and rhythm, acrobatics, aerial silk, clowning, mimes, body expression, children’s rights, scenery and costume design; Summer Holidays Timetable: Monday to Friday from 9 a.m till 5 p.m More Information: https://amarelarte.weebly.com/circus.html 

Fado is Portuguese but is also UNESCO’s ‘Intangible Heritage of Humanity´, reflecting the experience of a people and a history. Show Timetable: 12:15a.m., 3:15p.m. and 5:15p.m.

Tibetan Bowls Workshop, offering 1 Tibetan bowl Do you feel an affinity with these ancestral sounds? So take advantage of this opportunity, but registration is limited! We will address topics such as: -What is a Tibetan bowl? -How to handle and how to touch. -What are the harmonics of the bowls and what are they for. – Take care. -The cups in everyday life -Meditation with bowls. In this workshop you will be able to play various Tibetan bowls, learn various techniques and feel their vibrations. Each participant receives a Tibetan bowl of 300gr and 11cms (11cm in size and 9cm in opening). It will be a very practical and experiential workshop. If you already have a Tibetan bowl, you can bring it. Facilitator: Lia Gonçalves, works as a Sound Therapist, as Individual Therapy, Sound Massage, makes Sound Trips and Sound Guided Meditations for groups. He is also trained by Escuela Internacional de Cuencos Tibetanos S.L. – Barcelona, ​​he is also a qualified professional and authorized to use the Crisom® Meditare technique, thus facilitating this technique in the Algarve. Limited places * Registration call (+351) 282101174

What’s next …… a unique event! Book your agenda now, 3, 4 and 5 July in Faro. We will enjoy the Algarve’s sun and sea, and share 3 intensive days of dancing. Battles, championship of all styles crew and Dancehall, workshops, after party, entertainment around the cities, discover Faro and its history … 3250 euros of prize money and 4 international judges!