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Another Jazz night with the Golden Dawn.

YEAR-END SHOW OF THE LAGOS DANCE ASSOCIATION 23rd to 25th of June | 7:30 pm Location: Lagos Cultural Center – Duval Pestana Auditorium Org.: Lagos Dance Association Duration: 90m Class age: M6 Ticket: €10 (€8 for ADL students)

Ricardo J. Martins, the winner of the best instrumental theme at the International Portuguese Music Awards 2018, presents his new CD of instrumental Portuguese Guitar entitled “Escapismo” – the attitude of escape from everyday life or a specific reality.

“DE POLO TO POLO” EXHIBITION, by the La Caixa Foundation Patent from June 14th to July 17th Location: Avenida dos Descobrimentos (opposite the Lagos Courthouse) Free access From the Arctic to the Antarctic, we want to show you some of the most spectacular natural spaces on Earth, many of which are known as hotspots, terrestrial ecoregions recognized for their high biodiversity, high level of endemic species (that only live there) and that are seriously threatened by human activity. . More than half of the world’s plant species and more than a third of mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians inhabit just 2.3% of the earth’s surface, most of them in the tropics, habitats that are being rapidly destroyed. The loss of biodiversity is alarming and increasing at a rate never seen before. According to Conservation International, 38 hotspots have currently been identified worldwide. Although these areas once covered approximately 16% of the Earth’s land surface, currently, 86% of their habitat has been destroyed. This traveling exhibition aims to show the beauty and diversity of the planet’s natural spaces, as well as their threats and create a space for reflection on the effects of the high rate of species extinction and the […]

Organization: Municipal Museum of Olhão – Maritime Commitment Building Audience: cultural mediators and teachers Registrations: Teachers: https://www.cffaro.pt/ Cultural mediators: museum@cm-olhao.pt / 289700103 Topics to be addressed: Formal and Informal Networks (Territories) | Our public space and our audiences (Diversity)| Systems of cooperation and cultural and artistic synergies (Mediation); Artistic Creation as an affirmation of a collective identity (Happiness) | Good practices and methodologies for participatory artistic creation (Creation). Goals – Recognize the concept of cultural access and inclusive artistic practices; – Awareness of the concept of diversity; – Acquisition of inclusive methodological processes, in the exercise of creative practice through theatre, photography and music; – Recognition of diversity as a creative engine; – Strengthening the sense of mutual help, cooperation and representation; – Valuing one’s own identity and culture; – Provide trainees with tools around accessible culture and inclusive artistic practices.