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Through its educational and training offer (Specialized Artistic Education in Music and Theater, and Professional Course in Performing Arts – Actor/Actress, Jazz and Strings and Keyboard), the Bemposta School Group presents a musical to mark the 50 years of April 25, 1974. The musical transports the audience until the early hours of April 25, 1974, covering important moments of the revolution, from the moment when João Paulo Diniz announces to the microphones of Emissores Associados de Lisboa “Five minutes left until twenty-three o’clock. With you , Paulo de Carvalho with Eurofestival 74 ‘And After Goodbye’”, the signal that began the MFA’s military operations, until the moment when General António de Spínola assumes the responsibility of power after the surrender of the President of the Council, Marcello Caetano.

“Fernando and the Stars” tells the story of a boy who spoke to the stars and believes that Portugal’s destiny can and should be different. Thus, we enter the world of imagination and the mind of Fernando Pessoa during the process of creating his great work “Mensagem”, focusing on the exploration of the first part, entitled “Coat of Arms”. In studying the work, in addition to the poetic and historical perspective, choreographer Filipa Rodrigues also explores the astrological side, as Fernando Pessoa was also an astrologer. By knowing this side, we will better understand the author’s mind and, consequently, we will understand the work itself.

Price: €17 (1st audience) | €15 (2nd audience) Duration: 75 minutes Age rating: >6 This concert is unmissable because it marks the 200th anniversary of the most important symphony in the history of music, which is rarely possible to hear live in its grand formation for choir and orchestra. Music that fills the ears and the heart, full of ideals of citizenship and democracy, or if it weren’t also the music that serves as an anthem to the European Union. This will be a project with Orquestra Sem Fronteiras, which will reinforce the Orquestra do Algarve with 26 musicians, including a training moment with the string section leaders the previous week, taking place in Idanha-a-Nova.

On May 11, Saturday, journalist Luís Osório headlines a show created from his book of the same name, “Ficheiros Secretos”, delving into the recent history of Portugal and bringing to the stage memories of notable figures such as Mário Soares, José Saramago and Amália Rodrigues , between others. Tickets available at the usual locations or on the BOL online platform: https://shorturl.at/vyU26.

MICRUS is the new album of originals by saxophonist Desidério Lázaro, which returns to the trio format, featuring André Rosinha – double bass and João Sousa – drums. Desidério Lázaro, is a name that gathers consensus, praised by critics and the public thanks to the honesty of the writing and its melodies, which give it its own identity. MICRUS is the 10th album in his own name by the Algarve author who appears as a successor album to the tetralogy Oblivion (2022), Samsara (2012), Moving (2018), and Homegrown (2019). * Desidério Lázaro | Saxophone * André Rosinha | Contrabass * João Sousa | Battery

SYNOPSIS February 1974. Because she becomes pregnant by accident, Annie, a factory worker and mother of two children, discovers the MLAC – Movement for the Freedom of Abortion and Contraception, which practices illegal abortions in the eyes of everyone. Received by this unique movement, based on concrete help for women and the sharing of knowledge, she will find a new meaning in her life in the fight for the adoption of the abortion law. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Free entry, upon collection of tickets at the local box office or through the BOL online platform and subject to

BRIEF INTRODUCTION “The Brain Collector” is a visually striking comedy show, full of metaphors and interactivity with the audience that takes place “inside and outside the box”. Addressing brain plasticity, neurons and glia, dreams, memories, emotions… Alec Ziegelstein, a character with a grotesque character and a genius in the field of studying the brain, faces curious attempts to understand this remarkable organ, interacting with eccentric characters and unraveling mysteries in a unique and surprising vision of the human body.

The municipality’s associations show their dynamics: music, dance, workshops, demonstrations, sport, environment and much more.