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VÄRA January 22 | 9.30 pm Location: Lagos Cultural Center – Duval Pestana Auditorium Org.: BED a. ç. Duration: 90m Class age: M14 Ticket: €8 (usual discounts apply) “I’m looking for a laboratory of those very white and cold and blue, like a butcher’s shop when the kitchen lights are turned on, where we can hang the skin. A place where we kiss and play the violin together, inside carcasses, barefoot, harvesting the liver… Where a cool techno is played in the middle of orthodox choral music and lots of flowers, lots of blue flowers, to be beautiful and so we can be happy.” VÄRA is a choreographic object designed for seven performers in an arena surrounded by suspended plastics as a reference to the way meat is displayed in a butchery. It arises from the urgency of the encounter, from a constant cry, in what it means to seduce and be seduced, looking for and potentializing the attempt at a dialogue lost through the flesh. VÄRA is a work about meat.

ARE WE GOING TO THE THEATER? This is a good opportunity to challenge your parents and live a unique and exciting experience. “The Little Soldier of Lead”, by Hans Christian Andersen, in a theater version of this beautiful fairy tale, tells the adventure of a little soldier with only one leg, who falls in love with a paper ballerina and dreams of marrying her. This story shows us that, even in the face of difficulties, we must not lose hope and fight for our goals. So this Sunday, January 23, come and be part of the magical world of “Dominguinhos” at MAR Shopping Algarve and let yourself be enchanted by a beautiful love story. Winter offers us a “rain” of activities for the youngest, between workshops and theaters, varied initiatives that, in addition to a playful-pedagogical character, always have an associated environmental concern. Now online, the “Dominguinhos” program continues to enliven the Sunday mornings of children who visit the MAR Shopping Algarve Facebook and Instagram pages at 11:00 am. The online activities program intends to continue to provide magical moments, with space for play and pedagogical experiences. MAR Shopping Algarve intends to continue offering the newest programs to make the […]

Cantaloupe Café, at Mercados de Olhão, is pleased to announce that it will present on the 23rd of January, Sunday at 14:30, a show with: Alein Steinbert Guitar Alex Gómez Guitar Alex Gomez and Alein Steinbert are guitarists and composers very active in the Spanish jazz scene. Han shared a stage separately with artists from the likes of David Pastor, Perico Sambeat or Javier Moreno. In parallel with their separate projects, they carry out the load with this guitar duo in which they offer their particular point of view of some compositions by both musicians, as well as jazz standards and post bop themes with original arrangements. reduced capacity Compliance with the best practice guide, Validated by the General Directorate of Health Reservations by phone: 289 704 397 During live music shows, for the 1st consumption, an increase of €7.00 (seven euros) is applied for each consumer.

The King and the Mermaid – Children’s Play For more information, contact Casa da Cultura de Loulé. ccloule@ccloule.com or 289415860 In a very distant Kingdom like others already portrayed in many plays throughout the ages, there lived a King who was used to thinking that as a powerful man he still had the advantage of being the owner of the Earth and the Seas, something that no one had ever heard. speak. That King who lived in deep sadness, because he will never find the ideal companion to rule such a great Kingdom with him, discovered one morning by the sea, a very strange being, nothing less than a Siren, with whom he fell in love with immediate. On the same morning, a starfish was also brought by the tide to the royal palace where he met such an illustrious royal personage trying to help solve such a puzzled love problem. Called the Counselor of the Kingdom and a soothsayer of unconfessable knowledge, they also tried to bring to light the solution for the realization of this King’s love for a Mermaid from the bottom of the Oceans. But within this story will still fit the Pirata da Perna de […]