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Ana Alves Quartet: Luís Henrique (cb) Alexandre Dahmen (piano) João Melro (drums) Ana Alves (voice)

The Municipality of Vila do Bispo will celebrate the International Day of Educating Cities, marked on November 30, and the 30th anniversary of the proclamation of the Charter of European Cities, the itinerary of the cities that make up the International Association of Educating Cities (AICE). To mark this edition, which has the motto “30 years of transforming people and cities for a better world”, the Cultural Center of Vila do Bispo receives, on November 30, an exhibition entitled “30 years of Educating Cities”. In this show you will be able to appreciate 20 wooden hands decorated with the 20 principles of the Charter. It is a set of works, where each hand explains a principle, carried out by students of pre-school and 1st cycle of the municipality. The initiative aims to make known to the little ones the principles that guide this document and the respective association. We recall that the Municipality of Vila do Bispo integrates, since September 2019, the AICE and, consequently, the Portuguese Territorial Network of Educating Cities (RTCE), which currently has 84 municipalities on the continent and autonomous regions that have signed the Charter Educating Cities. The Charter of Educating Cities is a unifying element […]

The painting exhibition “Dialogues with (a) Terra”, by Patico, will be open from November 4th until the end of the month. Patico (Francisco Alberto) is from Monforte, lives in Lagoa and has been painting for about 24 years. He likes to mix paints and use different materials such as canvas, ceramics, wood, paper … to which he sometimes adds poetry. It has a vast curriculum of exhibitions and several literary editions. Discover Patico’s passion for painting and poetry. Casa Manuel Teixeira Gomes is open from Monday to Friday, from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm and from 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm.

Technological Mornings With the help of their monitors, participants will be able to develop their own projects in the areas of engineering, computing, robotics, programming or electronics. Science Afternoons After lunch, they will go on to discover such important areas of Science as Biology, Geology, Chemistry, Astronomy or Physics. Schedules 9:30 am> 5:30 pm Prices half day: 8.5 euros full day * 15 euros (15% discount for brothers) * children who carry out activities all day can have lunch at the Center. Lunch not included. Mandatory registration Maximum number of participants: 8 | Ages: 6 to 12 years Contacts 282 770 000 | 969 685 985 | info@lagos.cienciaviva.pt | lagos.cienciaviva.pt

Synopsis: Someone is killing the most prominent Iranian filmmakers by cutting off their heads after engraving the word “pig” on their foreheads. All but one: Hasan Kasmai, who has been prevented from filming for two years. He’s a mommy’s boy, selfish and self-centered, and he’s convinced he’s a genius. Feeling ignored, he finds solace in his mother’s words: “Let it be, I promise you that the killer will come after you. And if he does, I will kill him.” In competition for the Golden Bear at the Berlin Festival, a comedy signed by Iranian director Mani Haghighi (“Canaan”), which features Hasan Majuni, Leila Hatami, Leili Rashidi and Parinaz Izadyar. Text: Public Cinecartez