The country is currently experiencing a period of considerable social, economic and health vulnerability. This situation has been given the best attention and follow-up by the Municipality of Lagoa, and a plan has been drawn up to support the population, which is particularly vulnerable given the economic situation.

In this sense, the project arises to provide for situations where the local residents have economic conditions, but belong to the groups with the highest epidemic risk who are without informal support network to be able to go to the supermarket and/or pharmacy.

The City Council has in operation a bank of volunteers of the City Council, Parish Councils, IPSS s, Sports clubs and Associations, to be identified and supported the elderly (over 65 years)the carriers of autoimmune diseases and chronic diseases – who are without an informal support network – so that they can stay at home, and support in the need to purchase food and/or pharmaceuticals is left to the volunteer teams.