Through its educational and training offer (Specialized Artistic Education in Music and Theater, and Professional Course in Performing Arts – Actor/Actress, Jazz and Strings and Keyboard), the Bemposta School Group presents a musical to mark the 50 years of April 25, 1974.

The musical transports the audience until the early hours of April 25, 1974, covering important moments of the revolution, from the moment when João Paulo Diniz announces to the microphones of Emissores Associados de Lisboa “Five minutes left until twenty-three o’clock. With you , Paulo de Carvalho with Eurofestival 74 ‘And After Goodbye'”, the signal that began the MFA’s military operations, until the moment when General António de Spínola assumes the responsibility of power after the surrender of the President of the Council, Marcello Caetano.


TEMPO – Teatro Municipal de Portimão