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FOOTBALL Teatro O Bando / Teatro de Montemuro SAT. OCT 2 // 9 pm Tickets: €10; <30; >65 – 7.50€ Duration: 90’ // M/12 The Soccer dramaturgy will draw from the book “The Natural History of Soccer” by Álvaro Magalhães challenging the author to write a theatrical text where the ancestral and anthropological side of the human being’s relationship with a ball is mixed with the soccer of our people. days and question the contrasts between the beauty of the game and the violence that surrounds it; the club passions that bring together classes, age groups and generations so different with corruption, crime and suspicion that distort the essential characteristic of the primordial relationship: the human being and a ball. Text: from the book “Natural History of Football” by Álvaro Magalhães // Dramaturgy: João Miguel Neca Jesus // Staging: João Neca // Music: Jorge Salgueiro and Rui Souza // Scenography, Costumes: Rui Francisco and Maria João Castelo // Light Design: Paulo Duarte // Cast: Abel Duarte, Eduardo Correia, Nylon Princesso, Raul Atalaia // Creation: Teatro O Bando and Teatro de Montemuro

MIAMI CINEMA Quarteira Community Theater Group A project by JAT – Janela Aberta Teatro SAT. OCT 9 // 9 pm Tickets: €7.5; <30; >65 – €5 Duration: 50’ // M/3 Inspired by the old cinema in Quarteira and the present-day Algarve, Cinema Miami is a critical and entertaining comedy that tells the story of a community that sees its cinema close due to the construction of a hole to discover oil. Quarteira Fora da Caixa is a community project of Colectivo JAT, composed of members of the Quarteira community, neighbors-actresses and neighbors-actresses of all ages, who make the stage a space for meeting, reflection, social criticism and artistic expression. Staging: Miguel Martins Pessoa and Diana Bernedo // Performers: Neighbors-actors and Neighbors-actresses from 6 to 80 years old // Partner: Parish Council of Quarteira // Promoter: Colectivo JAT – Janela Aberta Theater // Support: Câmara Loulé Municipality and Gula Restaurant

DEHUMANIZATION Art’Image WED. OCT 20 // 9:00 pm Tickets: €10; <30; >65 – 7.50€ Duration: 70’ M/14 This is a story of loss, grief and overcoming that makes us wonder about the limits (or their transgression) of humanity. In a small village smothered by the monumentality of the Icelandic fjords, Halldora appears on the scene from the mouth of God to tell us how it was to deal with the death of Sigridur, his twin sister. How to fill in the half that was lost? How to live for both? Halldora tells us that “The world showed beauty, but it only knew how to produce horror”. “Dehumanization” is Ice, Earth and Fire; it is the “inner body of Iceland”. Text: Valter Hugo Mãe // Dramaturgy: José Pedro Pereira // Direction and Direction: José Leitão // Assist. Direction and Interpretation: Daniela Pêgo Music: André Barros // Costume Design: Cláudia Ribeiro // Light Design and Sound Design: André Rabaça // Stage Space: José Leitão and José Lopes // Production Direction: Sofia Leal // Photography: Nuno brook