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The King and the Mermaid – Children’s Play For more information, contact Casa da Cultura de Loulé. ccloule@ccloule.com or 289415860 In a very distant Kingdom like others already portrayed in many plays throughout the ages, there lived a King who was used to thinking that as a powerful man he still had the advantage of being the owner of the Earth and the Seas, something that no one had ever heard. speak. That King who lived in deep sadness, because he will never find the ideal companion to rule such a great Kingdom with him, discovered one morning by the sea, a very strange being, nothing less than a Siren, with whom he fell in love with immediate. On the same morning, a starfish was also brought by the tide to the royal palace where he met such an illustrious royal personage trying to help solve such a puzzled love problem. Called the Counselor of the Kingdom and a soothsayer of unconfessable knowledge, they also tried to bring to light the solution for the realization of this King’s love for a Mermaid from the bottom of the Oceans. But within this story will still fit the Pirata da Perna de […]

PANMANIA OR ELECTRONIC FREEDOM EMERGING CYCLE Thursday | 9.30 pm January 27, 2022 Duration: 40 minutes Age classification: over 12 years old Prices: to be announced One night, the show was suddenly interrupted – the Theater was considered a “very dangerous virus, highly contagious and immoral”, for which reason the suspension of all theatrical manifestations was decreed. “By default” of the “state of siege”, two actors clandestinely represent in public places (buildings, squares, streets…) a spectacle that denounces the fraud and deceit of the current Panmania, which instituted the “state of conditioned artistic freedom”. In the end, everything ends up “well”… Co-production: te-Atrito and Teatro das Figuras

SYNOPSIS: It is a piece that puts two generations in shock that do not understand or know each other. A widowed father and a teenage son who are stuck at home, ending up having to talk about everything they never talked about. A widowed father and a son in his late teens, who barely see each other, are shut up at home and forced to talk to pass the time. The dramas, projects for the future, life goals, sex education, family planning, first relationships, the death of the mother, the dog they don’t have and the strange name of the son’s girlfriend create a play to laugh at. from start to finish.

SYNOPSIS Inserted in the commemorations of the 80th anniversary of the stage by Eunice Muñoz. At 93 years old, Eunice shares the scene with Lídia Muñoz, her granddaughter, to whom, in this way, she passes on her artistic legacy. Over the course of sixty minutes, we watch this career close in a text by Franz Xaver Kroetz chosen by the actress, which reveals itself as a long didactics, without dialogue and without monologue, where Ms. Rasch, a character shared by the two actresses on stage, invites us to watch your evening on one of your days repeated like all the previous ones. The theater, here as a place of memory, confronts us with the humanity of an older Rasch lady, Eunice Muñoz, who recalls her days raised and repeated, which materialize in a younger Rasch lady, Lídia Muñoz, who walks invariably in a straight line toward your darkest and most nostalgic self. “A margin of time” is a show staged by Sérgio Moura Afonso, invited by the actresses Eunice and Lídia Muñoz, with an original soundtrack by Maestro Nuno Feist. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Limited mobility tickets on exclusive sale at the local TEMPO ticket office.