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THE STUDENT AND MR. HENRIQUE March 31 | 21:30 Location: Lagos Cultural Center – Duval Pestana Auditorium Organized by: CM Lagos Class. age: M12 Ticket: 12 € (usual discounts apply) | Tickets on sale at CCL reception or through Ticketline Mr. Henrique is a moody septuagenarian who lives alone in his apartment in Lisbon. Paulo, his only son, worried about his father’s isolation, convinces him to rent a room to a student. Constance is beautiful, of scarce resources and completely lost. Mr. Henrique will use her to put into practice a strange plan that will end up causing chaos within the family. A touching comedy about the fragility of family ties, the baggage we carry and the compromises we make with our conscience to deal with the distance that separates our dreams from the life that happens. With Aldo Lima, Inês Castel-Branco, Inês Sá Frias and José Pedro Gomes.

CAPUCHIN theater for children Plage Theater WED. 3 MAY / 10:30 am / 2:30 pm Tickets: 5€, Schools – 3€ Duration: 25’ // From 3 to 5 years old “Mom, grandma, forest, cake.” The spoken word, narrated from a book that opens, suggests the transforming power of the scenario into imaginary. “Careful wolf, dangerous.” The mother-narrator warns of the unknown. And the ballerina Capuchin, on her unique path, dances in the moonlight with the lying wolf, in the forest that is also the house of the grandmother with such a big mouth that it turned out to be the wolf, who wasn’t that bad, but who was hungry. The hunter hears the scream and does not kill, but saves. Morality is appeasing.

EVOLUTION COCKTAIL JAT – Open Window Theater APRIL 15 and 16 SAT. 21:30 and Sun. 4 pm Tickets: €10; <30; >65 – 7.50€ Duration: 50′ // M/6 It is an elegant and original proposal, which pays homage to Physical Theater and Mimo. We like to define it as a “scenic landscape”, being a show composed of two pieces, the solos “Filhos da Evolução” and “Cocktail”. Each piece offers a different look, and both have in common the different aspects of human evolution and its consequences. The proposal, as a whole, takes us through genres such as drama, comedy, tragedy and tragicomedy through languages and styles such as Comic Pantomime, Slapstick and Mimo de Estilo. CHILDREN OF EVOLUTION Wordless piece inspired by Jean-Léon Gérôme’s 1896 painting – “The truth coming out of the well with its whip to punish humanity”. A proposal performed by a single actress who, in an empty space, gives life to multiple characters on a journey through the evolution of the human being. One of power that we impose on nature and the elements of our species. Will the spectator, through this Window Open to the Theater, come to feel part and an accomplice of this evolution, […]

Menina estás à Janela, an event organized by the Professional Event Organization course at Escola Secundária Pinheiro e Rosa, in Faro, had its first edition in 2019. This initiative originally consisted of a pedestrian route in which the windows and balconies of various buildings of recognized architectural and historical value serve as a stage for artists. This year the event takes place on the 3rd of June!