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This solo by Eduardo Fukushima has become an iconic work by one of the most prominent / awarded choreographers of Brazilian contemporary dance. Since its inception, it has been uninterruptedly presented, which is justified by the quality, simplicity and truth it conveys. It resulted from a very personal language, a simple and raw vocabulary that toys with disharmony and confrontation.

Direction by Sofia Dias & Vítor Roriz This piece arises from the comparison of the research tools and choreographic composition of Sofia Dias and Vítor Roriz with the bodies and sensitivities of the artists of the Companhia Maior. A piece that begins with an appeal to experimentation, which is nothing more than an attempt to encounter what we have not mastered or puts us in a zone of conflict, risk and even bankruptcy. It seems to us that it is in this place, between what is dominated and what is unknown, that the body acquires the quality of the present – a transparency that allows to see its way of acting and thinking. The place of singing is empty is a game of alternations between the abstract and the figurative, the recognizable and the strange, the individual and the collective, the biographical and the fictional. A composition of sound scores, gestures that connect with words, brief narratives interrupted by movements and objects that give rise to voices.

Animale, dance at its finest. Debuted at the Venice Biennale and winner of the 2018 Danza & Danza Prize – emerging choreographer. Animale is the deliverance of nature, of the human, of all that is sublime and animalistic. It is an absolutely unmissable piece that lives through an interpretation with a rare, chilling, truly sweeping quality. Rarely is such a perfect balance found between strength, intensity and poetry. Duet for two dancers results from frenzied questions and answers, full of emotion, tension and humour. It’s all this and more. In this performance two men save themselves by striving to answer the many questions that assail performers of contemporary dance. This duet is “a repertoire of movements for all states of emotion and dance: unexpected, illustrious, impressive, spectacular, exhausting, erotic, beautiful.” Lilo Weber (NZZ newspaper)

This work explores the father-son relationship in a wide spectrum, like a shipyard and arena where spaces, times and states made of the tension between what is domesticable and what is indomitable come into play. Between animality and humanity. Bodies in metamorphosis and unfolding. Created in close relationship with the two singular artists who will be on stage – Beatriz Batarda and Romeu Runa -, the piece addresses issues of gender, affiliation, domesticity and the limits between reality and fiction. Continuing his exploration of the forms of representation, Marco Martins starts from these premises to create a show that crosses languages to address issues related to the perception and conditioning implicit in our notions and experiences of descent and ancestry.