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LAZARUS SPECIES Art’Image Theater WED. NOV 30 // 21:00 Tickets: 10€; <30; >65 – 7.50€ Duration: 90′ // M/12 Specialists aboard the ship Isabel Barreto, develop a project to catalog the seabed of the bank of Galicia. Several weeks of coexistence and an unexpected illness, the crew begins to show their marked differences of unstable moods due to the “anteparitis”. At the same time, in January 1596, the galleon San Jerónimo sailed for Manila after a failed expedition to the Salomón Islands, discovered by Álvaro Mendaña in 1567. With the death of Mendaña, his widow Isabel Barreto captained a reduced crew without provisions. .

THE CURLS OF MY HAIR Regional Theater of Serra do Montemuro SAT. DEC 3 // 10:30 am Tickets: 5€; Schools – 3€ Duration: 60 // M/6 A girl has curls in her hair that match her skin tone. No boy at your school has curls in his hair as beautiful as hers. You know it’s different.” – This story starts from the most perverse side of the school universe, discriminatory, hostile, unfiltered as is peculiar in these generations. But this girl carries with her stories, objects that are part of her origins and that she is so fond of You can see that that space will be small for the size of your dreams and your knowledge.

December 03 Saturday | 21:30 Duration: 50 minutes Age rating: >6 THEATER OF OBJECTS | CONTEMPORARY CIRCUS Who is Elzear Duquette? On LIHED, it’s a great sand clock, like all our puppets, but in real life, it was THE king of the walk. A man who, at the age of 59, realized he had only a few grains of sand left and decided to seek life wherever the current was strongest. He embarked on a walking journey that took him around the world for 8 years, pulling his own coffin, in which he slept and stored his few belongings, looking for his best friend. Why did you decide to travel pulling your own coffin? A reminder of the end of the journey, the end that makes us all the same. In each of us, always immobile, always moving, regardless of our will, there is an hourglass. We change, he, impassive, he fulfills his destiny. The passage of time unites us in an adventure, life, whose outcome will be the same for everyone. We can gain more money, property, friendships, or power, but we cannot gain more time than our hourglass holds. LA INCREÍBLE HISTORIA DE ELZEAR DUQUETTE is inspired by […]

THE GARDEN OF VALENTIN Tranvia Teatro – Zaragoza Spanish Theater Cycle WED. DEC 7 // 9:00 pm Tickets: 10€; <30; >65 – 7.50€ Duration: 80′ // M/12 Two clowns meet in an undetermined place that, however, is circumscribed. For them, life seems like an infinite new beginning, an eternal passage whose destiny takes them back to the beginning. They redouble their efforts to discover that beyond that place there are other worlds. They face dangers with the restlessness that loneliness produces. It is vital for them to return to this safe, comfortable principle before they admit the fear that freedom creates in them. Valentin’s garden is the perfect place where they can expose their fantasies, illusions and desires, knowing that the end is just the beginning.

Theater | “Florbela” | Ana Sofia Brito The theatrical performance “Florbela”, by Ana Sofia Brito, will be on stage in the Multipurpose Room of the Municipal Library of Lagoa, on December 16th, at 7:30 pm. Synopsis: “Florbela” is a performance between a poetic soirée and a theater play, or perhaps the fusion of both. Through the moments of narration and interpretation of the character, Ana Sofia Brito outlines the life and work of Florbela Espanca. The actress takes the audience on this 50-minute journey, traversing Florbela’s life and death, going through all the dilemmas and anxieties of the woman Fernando Pessoa called a soul mate. A show for the general public and free admission.