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DEHUMANIZATION Art’Image WED. OCT 20 // 9:00 pm Tickets: €10; <30; >65 – 7.50€ Duration: 70’ M/14 This is a story of loss, grief and overcoming that makes us wonder about the limits (or their transgression) of humanity. In a small village smothered by the monumentality of the Icelandic fjords, Halldora appears on the scene from the mouth of God to tell us how it was to deal with the death of Sigridur, his twin sister. How to fill in the half that was lost? How to live for both? Halldora tells us that “The world showed beauty, but it only knew how to produce horror”. “Dehumanization” is Ice, Earth and Fire; it is the “inner body of Iceland”. Text: Valter Hugo Mãe // Dramaturgy: José Pedro Pereira // Direction and Direction: José Leitão // Assist. Direction and Interpretation: Daniela Pêgo Music: André Barros // Costume Design: Cláudia Ribeiro // Light Design and Sound Design: André Rabaça // Stage Space: José Leitão and José Lopes // Production Direction: Sofia Leal // Photography: Nuno brook

“A VIAGEM”, by Cine Teatro Itinerante Mãozorra October 28th and 29th | 6:30 pm, 7:00 pm, 7:30 pm, 8:00 pm and 8:30 pm Location: Praça do Infante Org.: CM Lagos Duration: 20m Class Age: M8 Free participation, but subject to a limit of 9 mandatory prior registrations (per session) by calling 282 767 816, Library Facebook page or email library@cm-lagos.pt Event integrated in the 30th Anniversary Celebrations of the Municipal Library of Lagos In one of the moments of Raúl’s life, intoxicated by drowsiness, his hand transports us to his own birth and to the discovery of the world around him. Several obstacles face him, until the moment when he gives shape to another similar being and his life turns rosy. However, the unconscious is vulnerable and too sensitive to pursue the romanticism of some of our innermost desires, and Raúl is brought back into his everyday reality, just like his own hand. BIOGRAPHY: João Costa (Oeiras, 1980) has a degree in Design and a Masters in Visual Arts from UA. His path has alternated between training / teaching the visual arts and artistic production. In 2004 he assumes the position of Creative Director of SCS McCann in Angola where […]

“MARAFADA QUARANTENA”, by Teatro Revista Boa Esperança October 28th to 30th | 9.30 pm Location: Lagos Cultural Center – Duval Pestana Auditorium Org.: Clube Boa Esperança Duration: 1h50 (no break) Class Age: M12 Ticket: €10 (single price) With original texts and lyrics by Carlos Pacheco, “Marafada Quarentena” is the latest production by Boa Esperança Atlético Clube Portimonense and is a good example of how local artists do not get discouraged and raise their arms to face the obstacles caused in recent times by the pandemic of COVID-19. The comedy follows the adventures of a family as hilarious as it is dysfunctional, during the period of confinement, and a generous dose of laughter is immediately guaranteed, because “laughing is the best medicine”. When the state of emergency is declared, panic sets in inside the small apartment of the Sampaio family, who are on the verge of divorce. Everything starts to go wrong when Anatolio Sampaio, banker and head of the family, realizes that, thanks to COVID-19, all of his plans are going down the drain. Now, and indefinitely, he will have to share his apartment with his family and some unwanted ones.

A DUDE IS NEVER THE SAME THING AGAIN Co-production CTA / ACTA 9 to 21 NOV // TUES. and WED. 3:00 pm THU. to SAT. 9:00 pm // SUN. 16:00 Tickets: €10; <30; >65 – 7.50€ Duration: 80’ // M/16 When you hear the testimonies of soldiers who fought, reality takes on nuances that go beyond the Good/Evil dichotomy. “A guy is never the same again” gives voice to the boys who were sent to Africa to fight other boys, and who are now entering the final phase of their lives. Despite being based on real accounts, it is fiction. And, being fiction, it will be able to more freely question History – and contribute to the understanding of a time difficult to imagine for those who were born in freedom. Text and staging: Rodrigo Francisco // Scenography: Céline Demars // Costumes: Ana Paula Rocha // Light: Guilherme Frazão // Music: Afonso de Portugal // Performers: Afonso de Portugal, João Farraia, Luís Vicente, Pedro Walter, Lara Mesquita // Co-production: CTA – Almada Theater Company and ACTA – The Algarve Theater Company

SERENA SERENA OPERA IT CYCLE “Who has a flair for the opera?” [Youth Children] Opera | Theater of Figures November 14th, Sunday, 4 pm Duration: 50 minutes Age classification: over 3 years old Prices: €10.00; €5.00 for children under 30; €7.50 over 65s. Cycle subscription (2 shows): € 18.00 Artistic and Technical Sheet Performers Mário João Alves as Mario, Miguel Reis as Michelle, Gabriel Neves dos Santos as Gabriele (singers/actors), João Tiago Magalhães as Giovanni (atmosphere making machine) Original Idea and Texts Mário João Alves Creation and Scenic Conception Opera This Ana Nogueira costumes Scene Direction Ana Paula Sousa Nuno Almeida Light Design Music Tosti, Rossini, Leoncavallo, among other serenatists. In other words: a balcony is needed, because a serenade on the ground floor loses a lot of allure. Then, let the neck of the singer lend itself to twisting a lot, so that the voice reaches the balcony cool as a lettuce. And finally, that whoever is up there has a heart beyond the ears. This is for a normal serenade! But for a Serene Serenade by Ópera Isto, we cannot think so linearly. We started by arranging a nomadic balcony that is now in Sicily, now in Venice, […]