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The Odder Sideshow intends to rescue secular circus techniques, from the golden age of the great Traditional Circuses, but which fell into disuse due to the risk they imply, namely: the throwing of knives, Fire Swallow, Escapism, Blockhead, Juggling with chainsaw and balance on machetes (…) and interconnect them with clown technique and physical theater. This show seeks to reflect on the emotional sadomasochism of contemporary society’s relationships as a binding link for the circus techniques used. Artistic and Technical Sheet Interpreters: Michael Rosa (Mica Paprika) and Ita Branco Idea: Michael Rosa and Ita Branco Staging: Stefano Bottai Staging Support: Tiago Viegas Light design: João Sofio Music: Ita Branco Prices: to be announced

Blues a Sul Algarve Blues Association returns to Teatro Lethes, in Faro, on 27 and 28 November 2020, to present some of the best acoustic Blues performances in the national panorama, which give special emphasis to complicity among musicians. On the 27th, at 21.30, two musicians from the south of Portugal will take the stage: Vitor Bacalhau and Fast Eddie Nelson. On the 28th, the Blues from the north of Portugal will be represented with the acoustic showcase of the Portuguese duo The Smokestackers.

FARSA Farsa is the new album by Sílvia Pérez Cruz. In her discographic works, Sílvia merges albums of her own compositions with others of recreation and interpretation, in which she makes versions by other artists. This is a record that she created from conversations with other artistic disciplines such as theater, cinema, dance, poetry, painting or animation cinema. Recorded between 2019 and 2020, Farsa (impossible genre) responds to the artist’s concern about the duality of what is shown and what we really are, how the inner fragility of the intimate survives in these times when the superficial is so devastating that the what you see can get confused with what you hear. To illustrate this search and continue to explore these concerns she created Farsa Circus Banda – a band formed by great musicians of her generation, with whom she is reunited after many years and her own research and love for music. Artistic and Technical File: Silvia Perez Cruz Bori Albero: double bass Carlos Monfort: Violin Sound Engineer: Juan António Casanovas Light Engineer: Gabriel Paré

EMERGING CYCLE PANDEMIC SYMBOLS April 21, Wednesday through June 19, Saturday Pandémic Symbols is an integral part of the Emerging Cycle of Teatro da Figuras, developed in 2020 in an artistic residence at home during mandatory confinement in Portugal. Composed of a series of fifteen paintings and two sculptures, this project reflects the chaotic state in which we find ourselves making reference to feelings, symbols, changes, prohibitions, obligations and doubts resulting from this pandemic. In this way, there is a strong reference to the prevailing social and economic instability, at the moment, worldwide.

EXHIBITION 8 APRIL – 3 JULY 2021 LÍGIA OLIVEIRA BETWEEN LAND AND SEA BETWEEN THE SEA AND THE SHORE Biography Lígia Oliveira grew up surrounded by the tranquility of the landscapes of southern Portugal, which have inspired her ever since. She initially studied Product Design, and later obtained a PhD in Urban Design in Barcelona, ​​where she had the experience of working in various disciplines and cultures. This helped Oliveira to develop a broader approach to art, by understanding the physical space and its elements, its relationship with other disciplines and to train the eye for details at different scales. Fascinated by the possibilities of expression and investigation of art, with her work Oliveira intends to touch, inform and inspire emotionally for an integrated relationship with nature. Multiplying the elements until they form patterns fascinates her, as well as finding new ways to interact with each other, in a balance between discipline and freedom of expression. These repetitive sequences transform the painting process into a tranquilizing and meditative act. Oliveira was a professor at the University of Porto and a researcher at the University of Barcelona. She is the author of several scientific articles, co-author of the book The Economy […]

LOVE FATI Genre: Drama | Country: Portugal | M12 | Year: 2020 | 101 min V.O. pt Leg: en; Direction: Cláudia Varejão Photography: Cláudia Varejão; Music: Cláudia Varejão, Takashi Sugimoto, Adriana Bolito; Editing: João Braz, Cláudia Varejão; Production: João Matos Terratreme Filmes, Vadim Jendreyko Mira Film, Jérôme Blesson La Belle Affaire; Synopsis: Amor Fati meets parts that complete each other. They are portraits of couples, friends, families and animals with their owners. They share the intimacy of the days, habits, beliefs, tastes and some physical traits. From their faces and the choreography of their gestures, we discover the history that links them. Based on everyday life, the film draws before our eyes a chorus of affections and the collective memory of a country, summoned Aristophanes’ speech at Plato’s Banquet: This is not what you aspire to – to identify yourself as much as possible. to the other, so that they no longer part ways night and day? If that is your aspiration, I am willing to merge and weld you into one piece, so that, instead of two, you become one. Festivals and Awards: Paths of Portuguese Cinema – CISION Press, Best Editing, Best Sound Source: https://www.cm-sbras.pt/pt/agenda/11051/cinemalua—sessoes-de-inverno—amor-fati.aspx

THE MISERABLES (Les misérables) Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller | Country: France | M16 | Year: 2019 | 104 min V.O. fr; Direction: Ladj Ly; Script: Ladj Ly, Giordano Gederlini, Alexis Manenti; Photography: Julien Poupard; Music: Jérôme Gonthier; Assembly: Flora Volpelière; Production: Toufik Ayadi, Christophe Barral; Interpreters: Damien Bonnard, Alexis Manenti, Djebril Zonga; Synopsis: Stéphane, just arrived from Cherbourg, will join the Montfermeil Anti-Crime Brigade (BAC), on the outskirts of Paris. That’s where he meets his new teammates, Chris and Gwada, two experienced agents. It does not take long to discover tensions between different local gangs. During a detention, a drone films all of his actions and gestures … Festivals and Awards: Oscar – Nomination for Best International FilmFestival de Cannes – Jury PrizeLisbon & Sintra Film Festival – Official Selection Source: https://www.cm-sbras.pt/pt/agenda/10694/cinemalua—sessoes-de-inverno—os-miseraveis.aspx

THE WOMAN WHO ESCAPED (DOMANGCHIN YEOJA) Genre: Drama | Country: South Korea | M12 | Year: 2020 | 77 min V.O. ko; Director: Hong Sang Soo; Script: Hong Sang Soo; Photography: Kim Sumin; Music: Hong Sang Soo; Editing: Flora Volpelière; Production: Jeonwonsa Film; Interpreters: Kim Min hee, Song Seon mi, Eun mi Lee; Synopsis: During a husband’s business trip, Gamhee meets three friends. She visits the first two in their homes and the third happens to meet her by chance in a cinema. While chatting amicably, as usual, several currents flow above and below the surface of the sea. Festivals and Awards: Berlin Film Festival – Urso de Prata Best Director Source: https://www.cm-sbras.pt/pt/agenda/10691/cinemalua—sessoes-de-inverno—a-mulher-que-fugiu.aspx

I LIKED BEING ALIVE TO SEE THEM SUFFER! CTB – Braga Theater Company FRI. MAY 21 / 9:00 pm Duration: 60 ’// M / 12 Tickets: 10 € / <30; > 65 – 7.50 € “I saw it. And I’m still alive. And there are still those who do not want to find out. ” I don’t want anyone to console me, says Emma in resisting melodramatic temptation and oblivion. I saw that. Yea! And I’m still alive. Her words take on an enormous dimension and justify her presence before us. Despite the suffering, that woman tortured by life and history decides to go ahead, live, fight and, above all, remember, because as she says: if there is no memory, what do you live for?

After another period of confinement, the partnership Artadentro / Faro Municipal Museum, resumes the cycle of contemporary art Eklektikós, with the presentation of the photography exhibition The Interminable Taxonomic Task of João Paulo Serafim. In this exhibition, which articulates photographs taken between 2009 and the present, including recent and unpublished works, João Paulo Serafim voluntarily appropriates a designation normally associated with biological classification, to allude to the cataloging and organization museological practices from the primordial cabinet of curiosites – collections that appear in the 14th century, where heterogeneous and unpublished objects were collected, grouped into four categories: artificialia or mirabilia, naturalia, exotic and scientifica—, proposing a reflection in a broad sense, about the function of the contemporary museum. In this exhibition, João Paulo Serafim, shows us part of a particular artistic path, in which he proposes a contemporary reading of dystopian realities that we face in our daily lives. About the artist: João Paulo Serafim (Paris, 1974), lives and works in Lisbon. He did his artistic training at Ar.Co., in Lisbon, where he has been a photography teacher since 1998. He exhibits regularly since 1998. In 2006, he received the Purificacíon Garcia award. His work integrates important public and private […]

After another period of confinement, the partnership Artadentro / Faro Municipal Museum, resumes the cycle of contemporary art Eklektikós, with the presentation of the exhibition Trinta e Sete, by Susana de Medeiros. Thirty-seven designates an imaginary line taken as a starting point that corresponds to the same degree of latitude in both hemispheres. The artist speaks to us of mirrored latitudes, of two territories located in partially coincident latitudes: between 36º to 38º North in the Algarve and 37º to 40º South in Chile – in the regions of Bio-Bio, Araucania and Los Rios. It is this geography that delimits the territory of artistic research by Susana de Medeiros, who takes the territory as a laboratory in which “displacement” is a cognitive and projectual instrument that generates knowledge. In fact, the hypothesis that Susana de Medeiros suggests when suggesting that “losing magnetic north can be a methodology to be adopted within the artistic process”, which provides new questions about the role of the artist in contemporary society, is very present in this exhibition. Is the artist halfway between the narrator, the ethnographer and the activist? Source:https://artadentro.com/2021-2/trinta-e-sete-susana-de-medeiros/

Born in Albufeira, Ana Sota is a self-taught artist who likes to arouse emotions through her work. She attended several courses in printmaking, drawing and painting in Macau (Asia) and in Varese (Italy). The artist explores monochromatic a lot and almost always uses acrylic on canvas and various types of wood and MDF. Always with a lot of color, she likes the game between the bright and the opaque; the use of strong colors and the sometimes minimalist repetition of the color game allow us to enter a simple but vibrant universe. Source: https://www.cm-sbras.pt/pt/agenda/11021/exposicao-de-pintura-contrastes-por-ana-sota.aspx#prettyPhoto

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