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After the memorable 1st edition, we are proud to present the second event organized by the brand Dedicated Rebellion to Unify a Generation of Stoners – DRUGS where you will always have artists affiliated in all current and future editions. Anyone who takes a piece of clothing * Dedicated Rebellion to Unify a Generation of Stoners – DRUGS is entitled to a free drink. The items of clothing in question are hoodies, sweats, t-shirts, pants, windbreakers and the drinks are water, juice or beer. 22.00H: Start 22:40H: Litos 23:20H: Lucy Odc gang / Yk 00:00H: Subtil 01:00H: HipnoD 02:00H: Dj Perez

The Odder Sideshow intends to rescue secular circus techniques, from the golden age of the great Traditional Circuses, but which fell into disuse due to the risk they imply, namely: the throwing of knives, Fire Swallow, Escapism, Blockhead, Juggling with chainsaw and balance on machetes (…) and interconnect them with clown technique and physical theater. This show seeks to reflect on the emotional sadomasochism of contemporary society’s relationships as a binding link for the circus techniques used. Artistic and Technical Sheet Interpreters: Michael Rosa (Mica Paprika) and Ita Branco Idea: Michael Rosa and Ita Branco Staging: Stefano Bottai Staging Support: Tiago Viegas Light design: João Sofio Music: Ita Branco Prices: to be announced

Blues a Sul Algarve Blues Association returns to Teatro Lethes, in Faro, on 27 and 28 November 2020, to present some of the best acoustic Blues performances in the national panorama, which give special emphasis to complicity among musicians. On the 27th, at 21.30, two musicians from the south of Portugal will take the stage: Vitor Bacalhau and Fast Eddie Nelson. On the 28th, the Blues from the north of Portugal will be represented with the acoustic showcase of the Portuguese duo The Smokestackers.

Join a live from the djGrabko varanda in the Campolide neighborhood of Lisbon, Portugal, for some deep & progressive house music and sunset vibes Every Thurday on my YouTube channel! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8K2EKyO-qG9GQNx91-GZgg

Faro Municipality promotes VIII Edition of the António Ramos Rosa National Poetry Prize The Municipality of Faro promotes the VIII Edition of the National Poetry Prize António Ramos Rosa, instituted in 1999, in honor of the poet born in Faro, the greatest figure in the national and international poetic panorama and patron of the Municipal Library. The prize, in the amount of € 5000, counts once again with the high sponsorship of Fundação Milénio BCP and the support of the Regional Directorate for Culture of the Algarve and Jornal de Letras. The delivery of competing works will take place between January 7 and March 31 and poetic works, in 1st edition, published in 2019 and 2020 will be admitted. The jury will be composed of Professor Doctor Nuno Júdice, Professor Doctor Carina Infante do Carmo and Dr.ª Isabel Lucas. This award, of which seven editions have already been held, in 1999, 2001, 2007, 2009, 2015, 2017 and 2019, seeks to promote the appearance of new poets, but also to recognize the work of those already consecrated. In all editions there were more than 50 works in competition, having been awarded to poets of recognized literary excellence such as Fernando Echevarria, […]

Viviane is a French-born Portuguese singer, songwriter and lyricist who started her musical career in the early 90s with the group “Entre Aspas”. Her desire to explore other sounds, led Viviane to start a solo career in 2005, in which she traced a firm and coherent path, in which she mirrored her very personal idea of ​​a new music, without borders where Fado intertwined with other genres musicals, is revised in the light of a refined, elegant and sophisticated pop sensibility which he calls “Mediterranean Fado”. Her repertoire includes songs with lyrics written by her as well as poems by renowned Portuguese authors. Recently Viviane was awarded the 1st Prize “Portugal to discover Portugal” by the Portuguese Society of Authors with the song “Oh! My little country ”and participated in the Festival da Canção at the invitation of RTP as an author with the song“ Com um abraço ”. In this concert, Viviane debuts the songs from her new original album. Art and technical sheet: Portuguese Guitar: Tó Viegas Keyboard and melodic: Filipe Valentim Acoustic Guitar: João Vitorino Double bass: Bruno Vítor Drums: Ivo Martins Production: Pluma Management

FARO BLUES – Faro International Blues Festival Tickets: 12 € (1 day) / 22 € (2 days) Associates of Assoc. Blues Festival – 9.00 € (1 day) / 18 € (2 days) The Faroblues – Faro International Blues Festival returns to Teatro Lethes in 2021, with its 7th edition. This festival is organized annually by Blues a Sul – Algarve Blues Association, in conjunction with Faro City Council, ACTA and Teatro Lethes, in the sense of spreading this musical style and its culture, betting more and more on a programming of quality and appealing to diverse audiences.

CREATING SOUND LANDSCAPES WITH NOISERV Parallel Programming | Teatro das Figuras Age rating: over 18 Price: € 30.00, subject to registration by e-mail: assproducao@teatrodasfiguras.pt. The Lisbon musician comes to tell us a little about his experience as a composer of soundscapes. How does the challenge begin? What are the different approaches you have already struggled with? What do you most like to do? What is the point of connection between composing a disc in your own name or composing a work in collaboration with cinema or theater. All this and more, in a record of conversation and dialogue with all participants.

INTERNATIONAL WOMAN’S GALA FOR INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY 2021 International Women’s Day has its deepest roots in the fight against unbridled exploitation and oppression of women, inheriting, therefore, a tradition of protest and struggle that has been updated over time. The celebrations of International Women’s Day, in the World and in Portugal, are an important contribution to the struggle of women in the 21st century. In Portugal there have been important actions since 1968 at the initiative of the Democratic Movement of Women, with which other organizations have joined. Program: CDA-Algarve Dance Company. Cátia Alhandra (Fado, Mediterranean, World music) Tiago Rego invites Mediterranean percussions, Strack on double bass and José Alegre Portuguese guitar and Algarve guitar. Flying Grafonola & Napoleão Mira – Performance (music / word / image)

FARSA Farsa is the new album by Sílvia Pérez Cruz. In her discographic works, Sílvia merges albums of her own compositions with others of recreation and interpretation, in which she makes versions by other artists. This is a record that she created from conversations with other artistic disciplines such as theater, cinema, dance, poetry, painting or animation cinema. Recorded between 2019 and 2020, Farsa (impossible genre) responds to the artist’s concern about the duality of what is shown and what we really are, how the inner fragility of the intimate survives in these times when the superficial is so devastating that the what you see can get confused with what you hear. To illustrate this search and continue to explore these concerns she created Farsa Circus Banda – a band formed by great musicians of her generation, with whom she is reunited after many years and her own research and love for music. Artistic and Technical File: Silvia Perez Cruz Bori Albero: double bass Carlos Monfort: Violin Sound Engineer: Juan António Casanovas Light Engineer: Gabriel Paré

União Audiovisual Algarve collects food at the headquarters of the Faro Musicians Association. Major Needs: – Beef. – Fish. – Cheese. – Ham. – Vegetables. – Fruit. – Eggs, – Butter. – Carrot. – Garlic. – Canned. – Cereals. – Yogurts. – Loaf bread. – Toilet paper. – Hygiene products. Thanks!

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