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EVERY WEDNESDAY Welcome to Jam Sessions! Open stage night at ARCM! Bring your voice, your instrument and good vibe and let’s jam! Their room *SIGA* has all the conditions for you to become the next superstar.. Who knows who’s watching, right? Light, sound, the environment and an energetic (but supportive!) crowd will make you feel at home and willing to rock this castle! All of you are welcome to join their amazing stage! Make your reservation early to make sure you have a seat (we are usually full!) and maybe you end up on the stage having the time of your life! *SIGA* !

On the next 31st of July, at 6 pm, the Municipal Museum of Faro opens the exhibition “1907-1914: the first golden era of French cinema in the collection of posters of the Municipal Museum of Faro”. Bringing together 33 rare posters, the exhibition aims to offer a look at the Gallic cinematographic production, at a time when it reached world hegemony, and allows visitors to appreciate the work of some of the greatest illustrators of the time. These posters, collected in the main theaters of Lisbon and Porto by the artist and collector Joaquim António Viegas, are part of an extensive collection with more than 300 copies, including 141 French, Italian, Scandinavian and North American cinema posters. This collection, previously exhibited in a larger version at the Cordoaria Nacional and also at the Faro Municipal Museum, is currently in the process of being classified for the National Treasury, as it is a set of international prestige, with some unique examples from the beginnings. of the cinema. Her study will also be presented on the opening day, in a work that is due to the exhaustive investigation of Adelaide Ginga, Marta Mestre and Jean-Louis Capitaine, and which has the seal of […]

DEHUMANIZATION Art’Image WED. OCT 20 // 9:00 pm Tickets: €10; <30; >65 – 7.50€ Duration: 70’ M/14 This is a story of loss, grief and overcoming that makes us wonder about the limits (or their transgression) of humanity. In a small village smothered by the monumentality of the Icelandic fjords, Halldora appears on the scene from the mouth of God to tell us how it was to deal with the death of Sigridur, his twin sister. How to fill in the half that was lost? How to live for both? Halldora tells us that “The world showed beauty, but it only knew how to produce horror”. “Dehumanization” is Ice, Earth and Fire; it is the “inner body of Iceland”. Text: Valter Hugo Mãe // Dramaturgy: José Pedro Pereira // Direction and Direction: José Leitão // Assist. Direction and Interpretation: Daniela Pêgo Music: André Barros // Costume Design: Cláudia Ribeiro // Light Design and Sound Design: André Rabaça // Stage Space: José Leitão and José Lopes // Production Direction: Sofia Leal // Photography: Nuno brook

V FARO INTERNATIONAL GUITAR FESTIVAL Music | Theater of Figures November 5th, Friday, 9:30 pm Age classification: over 6 years old Prices: €10.00 CONCORDIS QUARTET SOUTH CLASSIC ORCHESTRA Composed in 1967, following a request made by the legendary quartet Los Romeros, the Concierto Andaluz is a unique work in the guitar repertoire, being the great reference in concerts for guitar quartet and orchestra. Despite its magnitude, this concert is a work that is rarely played, either because of the technical difficulty inherent in each soloist, or because of the difficulty of finding a solid quartet willing to do so. As a program work, it is undoubtedly an original choice. Choose this one that the Concordis Quartet proposes to implement, as it gathers the necessary skills and has a long and significant path as a quartet. Artistic and technical sheet: SOUTH CLASSIC ORCHESTRA Conductor: -Rui Pinheiro CONCORDIS QUARTET Guitar: -Eudoro Grade Guitar: -Rui Range Guitar: -Jorge Pires Guitar: -Pedro Rufino

SERENA SERENA OPERA IT CYCLE “Who has a flair for the opera?” [Youth Children] Opera | Theater of Figures November 14th, Sunday, 4 pm Duration: 50 minutes Age classification: over 3 years old Prices: €10.00; €5.00 for children under 30; €7.50 over 65s. Cycle subscription (2 shows): € 18.00 Artistic and Technical Sheet Performers Mário João Alves as Mario, Miguel Reis as Michelle, Gabriel Neves dos Santos as Gabriele (singers/actors), João Tiago Magalhães as Giovanni (atmosphere making machine) Original Idea and Texts Mário João Alves Creation and Scenic Conception Opera This Ana Nogueira costumes Scene Direction Ana Paula Sousa Nuno Almeida Light Design Music Tosti, Rossini, Leoncavallo, among other serenatists. In other words: a balcony is needed, because a serenade on the ground floor loses a lot of allure. Then, let the neck of the singer lend itself to twisting a lot, so that the voice reaches the balcony cool as a lettuce. And finally, that whoever is up there has a heart beyond the ears. This is for a normal serenade! But for a Serene Serenade by Ópera Isto, we cannot think so linearly. We started by arranging a nomadic balcony that is now in Sicily, now in Venice, […]

The action takes place in Seville and surroundings, around 1820. ACT I A square in Seville. On the right, a door to the tobacco factory. In the back, a bridge. On the left, a guardhouse. A group of soldiers relax in the square, waiting for the changing of the guard and commenting on passersby (“Sur la place, chacun passe”). Micaela appears, looking for José. Moralès tells him: “José is not on duty yet” and invites her to wait with them. She refuses, saying that she will come back later. José arrives with the new guard, who is greeted and imitated by a crowd of boys “Avec la garde upstream”. When the factory bell rings, the cigarette girls appear and exchange jokes with the boys in the crowd, “La cloche a sonné”. Carmen enters and sings her provocative habanera about the indomitable nature of love (“L’amour est un oiseau rebelle”). The men beg her to choose a lover, after some teasing she throws a flower to Don José, who until then ignored her, but is now irritated by her insolence. As the women return to the factory, Micaela returns and hands José a letter and a kiss from his mother “Parle-moi […]

Door opening at 6:30 pm EVERY TUESDAY Welcome to Jam Sessions! | 20h Open Stage Night at ARCM! Bring your beautiful (or not… we don’t judge) voice, your instrument and good vibe and let’s play! Our *FOLLOW* room has all the conditions to become the next big star! You never know who’s watching, right? Light, sound, atmosphere and a fervent (but supportive!) audience will make you feel at home and wanting to shake the walls of this castle! Everyone is welcome to step onto our amazing stage! Make your reservations in advance to guarantee your place (we are usually sold out!) and maybe you’ll end up on stage having the night of your life! *FOLLOW*!

Event postponed to October 28th due to weather issues ————————————————- — Tickets: €10 Reservations: reservas.arcm@gmail.com infos: +351914040999 comedy show – Andre Canary (host) – Al-fanfare – Zéi Caroche – “An Enlarviu de Fare” (comedian characters) – Mário Falcão (comedian) – Filipe Pires (Comedian) – André Tavares (comedian) Inserted in the *SIGA* program of the Associação Recreativa e Cultural de Músicas, this pioneering comedy project in the Algarve is presented by André Canário, accompanied by his 10-member band – Al Fanfare. The infamous “8000 Comedy Club” project after a period of testing and screening (which strangely always sold out, despite the quality of the comedians) has now evolved into the new strain, “8000 Comedy Show”, which is beyond the survivors of the initial project (with sequels, of course!) join the party special guests, interviews with handpicked personalities, and even a musical moment!

ANY PLACE Flying Graphonola & Napoleon Mira FRI. OCT 22 // 21:00 Tickets: €10; <30; >65 – 7.50€ Duration: 80’ // M/6 Grafonola Voadora & Napoleão Mira seeks to create, in an original, differentiating way, with an openly interdisciplinary nature, a permanent dialogue between image, music, and the spoken/sung word. In a path that (re)constructs an affective, symbolic, visual and musical geography of audiovisual frames referring to common places of human beings. Traveling visually and musically through urban, rural, maritime spaces in search of natural and cultural environments linked to the material and immaterial heritage of all of us. Texts and voice: Napoleão Mira // Texts, voice and piano: Luís Galrito ​​// Videographer and sound design: João Espada // Portuguese guitar: Ricardo Martins // Accordion: João Palma // DJ/electronics: Sickonce // Voiceover: Os Ganhões de Castro Verde // Dance: Filipa Rodrigues // Concept: João Espada // Musical arrangements: Luís Galrito, Ricardo Martins, Rafael Correia, João Palma // Promoter: ACTA

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