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1990 was the year of the creation of the Recreational and Cultural Association of Musicians, which since then has been a pillar in the realization of many artistic and cultural projects in the region and surroundings. In 2020 we celebrate, at the headquarters that welcomes us, the 30 years with many news that partners and friends will be able to know on the next 4th of April. The poster will be announced in the coming days.

Festival F asserts itself as a space that aggregates audiences of various genders and ages between Vila Adentro, the historic area of the city, and Ria Formosa. This connection has been getting closer as the festival has grown, first with the need to bring the main stage outside the walls of Vila Adentro, and this year also with the Forco Stage that literally takes the estuary as a backdrop, with a daily concert in the late afternoon on board a boat with a capacity for approximately 150 people. Parallel activities, such as plastic arts, workshops, dance and theater for the youngest and evening gatherings on topics of the agenda complete the proposal of 3 memorable days for the whole family, right in the heart of the Algarve.

In this, which is Fernando Ganhão’s first exhibition, we can get to know his art and the works produced through roots and trunks, from searches in the countryside, most of which are olive trees, but also carob, holm oak and cork oak. Born in Alte, where he currently lives, Fernando Ganhão went to carpenter at the age of 15. Job to which he dedicated himself until 2010, when the crisis and the lack of work made him look at nature as an alternative. “On a walk through the countryside, I looked at a beautiful root and imagined a table from there”. This piece was sold as soon as it was completed and he decided to dedicate himself to crafts. Currently, he participates in events such as the Serra de São Brás de Alportel, Fatacil, several fairs in Loulé and also in Cacela Velha.

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