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“The economic” Restoration “of the Kingdom of the Algarve: the case of Faro at the end of the Old Regime” will be the subject of a lecture given by Andreia Fidalgo on January 16 at 6 pm at the António Ramos Rosa Municipal Library. In the seventies of the eighteenth century, the kingdom of the Algarve was the target of a plan of economic reforms initiated by the Marquis of Pombal, which marked the region in the last 50 years of the Old Regime. Andreia Fidalgo’s communication, integrated in the cycle “Investigate, Know, Appreciate …”, will focus on the city of Faro, “the main urban center of the region during this period”. Andreia Fidalgo, with a degree in Cultural Heritage (2009) and a master’s degree in Algarve History (2013), is a PhD student in the Inter-University PhD Program in History. Restoration Plan of the Kingdom of the Algarve: economic reformism between 1773 and 1820 ». Since February 2014, she has been teaching as a guest assistant at the Faculty of Human and Social Sciences of the University of Algarve, where she has been a regular collaborator since the academic year 2009/2010, teaching the courses of History of Modern Culture and […]

The Castle embraces #carnaval and presented clients and friends with the unparalleled concert of @Domingos Caetano / IRIS & AMIGOS sung with a 100% genuine Algarve pronunciation. The atmosphere is in a good mood and carnival revelry to the mix.  

The best live Quiz game !! It’s called Dr. Why THE FIRST and only ELECTRONIC Quiz live in Portugal. All against all, in matches where you challenge your friends table by table. Form a TEAM and come and test your knowledge !!

In the centenary of the birth of Diva do Fado – Amália Rodrigues (1920 – 1999) we propose a show of tribute and tribute to the fado singer who took Fado and Portuguese Culture to the four corners of the world. The show will have as messengers the quartet composed by: Inês Graça in the voice, Ricardo J. Martins in the Portuguese guitar, Bruno Davide in the classical guitar and Luís Trindade in the bass. The chosen repertoire includes the various stages of Amália’s artistic life, from the beginning with Traditional Fado, the Marches of Lisbon, the Great Poets (David Mourão Ferreira, Alexandre O’Neill, Camões, José Régio) and a deep partnership with the composer Alain Oulman.

TWELVE STRINGS “ENRIQUE MUÑOZ” This guitar duo was born from the fusion of two generations. Father and son joined in a project in which everything converges in the same direction, in the same idea of ​​interpretation and in the same musical preference. After debuting at several festivals in Spain and Italy, they continued to work on this exciting project that combines life experience with the energy and enthusiasm of youth. Without a doubt, it is a project that has everything to continue, as, by the way, is perceived by the comments of all those present at the festivals in which they participate. The son started playing guitar, at the age of three, accompanied by his father at the Municipal School of Music “COMARCA EL CONDADO” in Santisteban del Puerto, finishing his music studies with Francisco Cuenca, at the Conservatory of Music “Andrés Segovia” in Linares , always getting the best grades. He has won several national and international awards, having participated in masterclasses with Mª Esther Guzmán, Takeshi Tezuca and Gloria Medina, among others. In turn, the father did international tours in more than twenty countries in America, Asia and Europe, teaching simultaneously in master classes and being part of […]

Jazz event on the 4th Sunday of the month, programmed by João Melro, who presents: JAZZAFARI, son of the great Carlos Mendes, this time at Club Farense with his Jazz group. It is a project that merges two worlds, the organic that emerges from the instruments, as well as ambient sounds captured and the digital through electronic music, in a highly innovative register, without forgetting the harmonic and melodic fields of Jazz and Portuguese music. With an incredible potential and already recognized by the medium as a great voice of vocal Jazz, Jazzafari is not only an exceptional singer, producer and composer but one of the rare Portuguese voices. “for those who don’t know, Jazzafari, it is a sensational project and different from everything that exists within Portuguese Jazz.

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