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SOMETHING FROM MACBETH JAT – Open Window Theater NOVEMBER 5th and 6th Sat. 21:00 and Sun. 16:00 Tickets €10; <30; >65 – 7.50€ Duration: 80′ // M/12 Mr. Delgado, a corrupt and troubled politician, finding himself alone in his own world, commissions a hyperrealistic doll, Divina Palomeque, to overcome his loneliness. Seemingly inanimate, this doll will be his inseparable companion and maximum influence. Together they will carry out an absurd plan to achieve power, surrounded by a mysterious environment, where three strange creatures make predictions about the future. A grotesque tragicomedy about love, madness and ambition. Creation, Direction and Interpretation: Miguel Martins Pessoa and Diana Bernedo Text: Diana Bernedo, Miguel Martins Pessoa and João Aragão da Rocha Voices over: Moçoilas (Margarida Guerreiro, Teresa Silva and Inês Rosa) Scenography and Mask: Tó Quintas Costumes: Zéza Lemos, JAT Lighting: Jorge Pereira Sound technician: Nuno Murta Photo: Daniel Pina Production: JAT – Janela Aberta Teatro Co-production: Teatro das Figuras, Cineteatro Louletano Promoter: ACTA

GUILHERME DUARTE LIMBO Saturday | 9:30 pm November 12 Duration: 80 minutes Age rating: over 16 years old Prices: 1st audience: €16.00; 2nd audience: €14.00; 50% off places with reduced mobility. The doubts. The uncertainties. The insecurities. Life is a constant limbo and the descent into hell is certain for any comedian who dabbles in serious topics. In this show, the 3rd solo, Guilherme Duarte guides the audience through the various levels of hell. Will the comedian have redemption? We don’t know, but at least your pockets are fuller if you buy tickets.

LISBON TOYS ORCHESTRA “A Journey through the History of Music” Wednesday | 11:00 am | 2 pm December 07, 2022 After a long period of confinement, we experienced an atypical psychotic outbreak in the city of Lisbon. This outbreak manifests itself essentially in citizens who circulate in groups, usually of individuals linked to the arts, consisting of a kind of collective paranoid schizophrenia where hallucination and loss of the notion of reality are the immediately observable symptoms. It will not be surprising, therefore, that they suddenly come across patients who, for example, with a toy in their hand, believe they are in possession of a stradivarius or any other quality musical instrument. When they come together, these groups of individuals come to believe that they are in an orchestra. Some believe they are great musicians or renowned conductors, others believe they are opera characters, such as Carmen by Bizet, Nemorino in Donizetti’s Elixir of Love, the Duke of Mantua in Rigoleto by Verdi, or the Queen of the Night in Mozart’s Magic Flute. . Some even believe they are angels, due to their vocal gifts. This type of hallucination sometimes generates excessive courtship and cordiality between the members of each […]

FARO Alternative 12 This year the festival takes place at Casa das Virtudes in Faro!!!

Bambas since samba, this collective was formed in an unexpected way and from this union one can only expect a true “batucada de bamba, beautiful cadence of samba”. In a relaxed and harmonious atmosphere (in the form of a circle), traditional samba classics parade among other seasonings of this genre that is probably the most captivating in our sister country. If you want to relax, relax, decompress, dance, fly, sing, participate, etc., come make this circle spin and thus create good energy, good waves, joy and lots of smiles. Dj Micah will end the night with a lot of forró, old school funk, samba and much more! From 00h. Get ready for a Saturday with lots of fun! Admission: €5 effective members / €6 general public For more information and reservations: Email: reservas.arcm@gmail.com Phone: (+351) 914 040 999

Sacred Sin is a Portuguese death metal band, formed in 1991, released the first EP The Shades Behind in 1992, a year after the release of the first album “Darkside”. They quickly gained status and became a well-recognized band in Portugal. Sacred Sin was the first band to team up with MTV Headbangers Ball with the video for Darkside in 1993. SPEEDEMON were formed in mid-2011. At the beginning as a trio composed of Branco (drums), Brutus (vocals/bass) and Bicho (guitar). They develop 3 themes for the presentation of the band Black Bull, 1974 and Kings of The Road. In October 2011, the band evolved into a quartet and established its lineup with the entry of Peter (bass). Then begins the preparation of material and premieres in March 2012 live. Musically, SPEEDEMON are influenced by various aspects of the Heavy Metal scene; from NWOBHM, Power Metal, Speed ​​Metal, Thrash, Stonner. Tickets through reservations: Email: reservas.arcm@gmail.com Phone: 914040999 Or Bol.pt

SIGNIFICANT BIZKIT – OCTOBER 28 | 10pm Significant Bizkit + Rammlied Ticket – €10 for full members / €11 for general public Tickets through reservations: Email: reservas.arcm@gmail.com Phone: 914040999 Or bol: https://bol.pt/…/114446-significant_bizkit_limp_bizkit…/ Bol Significant Bizkit + Rammlied https://bol.pt/…/114515-pack_significant_bizkit…/ Significant Bizkit is a reliable tribute band to Limp Bizkit, with identical characterization and sound, they perform at ARCM with unparalleled energy! We will recreate a show by this great artist on October 28 at 10pm! Daily ticket – €5 for full members / €6 for the general public

RAMMLIED – OCTOBER 29 | 10pm Significant Bizkit + Rammlied Ticket – €10 for full members / €11 for general public Tickets through reservations: Email: reservas.arcm@gmail.com Phone: 914040999 Or BOL https://bol.pt/…/114447-rammlied_rammstein_tribute…/ Bol to Significant Bizkit + Rammlied https://bol.pt/…/114515-pack_significant_bizkit…/ On October 29th we have RAMMLIED – a tribute band to RAMMSTEIN, they present themselves with a visual and musical performance that intends to recreate the concerts of the great German group Rammstein! Daily ticket – €5 for full members / €6 for the general public

A set of 3 films will serve as a motto for conversations, wanderings and sharing for mental health.

6th ANNIVERSARY PRESTIGE On October 8th, the Prestige •DanceClub• will open its doors to celebrate a great birthday night. The prestige is to be congratulated as it will be 6 years old and alive. Come celebrate this great party with us and the guest artists: – LINDA XENNON – MELANIE NOVA – ARTISTA SURPRESA. From 23:00 until 04:00. Resident DJ: DJ Dyezy

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