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After the memorable 1st edition, we are proud to present the second event organized by the brand Dedicated Rebellion to Unify a Generation of Stoners – DRUGS where you will always have artists affiliated in all current and future editions. Anyone who takes a piece of clothing * Dedicated Rebellion to Unify a Generation of Stoners – DRUGS is entitled to a free drink. The items of clothing in question are hoodies, sweats, t-shirts, pants, windbreakers and the drinks are water, juice or beer. 22.00H: Start 22:40H: Litos 23:20H: Lucy Odc gang / Yk 00:00H: Subtil 01:00H: HipnoD 02:00H: Dj Perez

In this, which is Fernando Ganhão’s first exhibition, we can get to know his art and the works produced through roots and trunks, from searches in the countryside, most of which are olive trees, but also carob, holm oak and cork oak. Born in Alte, where he currently lives, Fernando Ganhão went to carpenter at the age of 15. Job to which he dedicated himself until 2010, when the crisis and the lack of work made him look at nature as an alternative. “On a walk through the countryside, I looked at a beautiful root and imagined a table from there”. This piece was sold as soon as it was completed and he decided to dedicate himself to crafts. Currently, he participates in events such as the Serra de São Brás de Alportel, Fatacil, several fairs in Loulé and also in Cacela Velha.

Camané and Mário Laginha are no strangers. They have given several concerts together. The excellent understanding felt in these sporadic collaborations has now resulted in the inevitable deepening of this symbiosis: “Here it is quiet” is a new project designed from the ground up to give more shine to a voice and a piano that were found complicit since the first time filled a stage. The design of the concerts that make up the “Here it is quiet” project will feature about two dozen themes, drawn from the traditional fadista canon, from the Camané repertoire and will also include unpublished compositions by Mário Laginha who, remember, has already made music a poem by Álvaro de Campos “Ai Margarida”, which is part of one of Camané’s last albums.

This is the story about a meeting between a girl and a robot. Can a robot be our friend? Does he know how to give hugs? Does he have a heart? Duration: 30 minutes Age rating: 0 to 3 years Prices: € 10.00 (the ticket is charged to the baby and you can bring two companions for free) Art and technical sheet: Artistic Creation: Miguel Neto and Tania Silva Sound Design: Miguel Neto Interpretation: Miguel Neto and Tânia Silva Photo: Alex Knight

Ha-Ya-To Drum Masters, originally from Japan, present an energetic and sophisticated percussion show, which has already been presented in more than 25 countries, on a trip to the imagery of Japanese drums. Artistic File Artistic Director: Keita Kanasashi Interpreters: Keita Kanasashi, Ryota Kanazashi, Yuta Kanasashi, Koji Hada, Takayuki Hashiguchi, Makoto Sekine, Syunichiro Kamiya Invited interpreters: Chieko Kojima (1st woman Maestra Wadaiko Drum Japan) and Masato Shibata (world champion of Shamisen) Prices: to be announced

“A meal? On here? How in the past? Do not know. We haven’t set up tables in the street for so many years …! ” What happened to us? What is hidden behind the door of an abandoned house, which suddenly creaks and reminds us of what we were once? There is a wound, we say, and it belongs to everyone. It hurts because it manifests itself in many losses in everyday things. It hurts because our memory is hammering and insists on telling us that we can live in another way, even if we live in this great city. We don’t know what we missed, it will come back. However, and naming what hurts us, we are here, in our hurt neighborhood, to remember and celebrate. Price: to be announced

It is intended to present an art and social transformation project guided by Edith Scher, the director of the Matemurga project, music, stage director and one of the world references of Community Theater. Teatro de Vizinhos appears after the presentation of several community projects of short duration, in which the participants and the Municipality of Faro / Teatro das Figuras expressed a strong interest in continuing with the practice of community theater. In this sense, we invite Edith Scher, to guide the project, to which the collective Matemurga will join in the week of final presentation. The project results from a co-production with JAT – Janela Aberta Teatro and will be directed locally by Miguel Martins Pessoa, under the coordination of Edith Scher, who will join the group from March 13, 2020.

In the year in which it celebrated seventeen years of existence, the media group of Algarve fado presents its 7th discographic work with the title Al Mouraria Convida. As the name suggests, this time the group decided to invite several interpreters from the area of fado to participate in this work, composed mostly of unpublished themes. Tonight, some of these guests will join Bruno Vitor, Tiago Valentim, Paulo Ribeiro and Valentim Filipe on stage.

Daniel Kemish returns to Teatro Lethes in what promises to be two unique and unforgettable nights, with completely different performances. Don’t miss the opportunity to celebrate Christmas and experience two memorable nights with Daniel Kemish, his band and some special guests. Fri. 18 / Acoustic – an evening in an acoustic style, with new, old songs and some of your favorite songs. Sat. 19 / Rock & Roll – get ready for a party atmosphere, while Daniel turns up the volume on some of his rock classics and themes from his new album.

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