LAMA Black Box is a space located in downtown Farense and serves as a place for rehearsal, practice, research, experimentation and artistic creation at LAMA Teatro. Here, the implementation of training initiatives aimed at professionals in the cultural sector and the implementation of strategic mediation actions dedicated to training and raising awareness of new audiences are also privileged.

LAMA Black Box is a space open to the entire community and where theater classes, residencies, workshops, receptions, meetings and shows regularly take place.

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How do babies end up in the womb? What is this thread that is attached to the baby? What is your name? Is it for the baby to hold on? And me, how was I born? These and other questions are part of the child’s curiosity. A seed that grows and transforms. A heart that beats. Two arms that embrace the world. Two eyes that open and a song that is heard. It is the string of life, the string that tells your story and ours and that accumulates stories from other lives. This cord has no end.

A 739.26 km road that connects a country, from North to South, that passes through 11 districts and 35 municipalities, that runs through 11 mountains and crosses 13 rivers, and that serves as the terrain for a trip that is as much a crossing through Portugal in 2024, like a vertical line that goes back 50 years to rescue documents, reports and memories, with the Commemorations of the 50th anniversary of the 25th April Revolution as its artistic vector. At the origin of this partnership between Teatromosca and LAMA Teatro is a skein (narrative) that unfolds from the meeting between the father of Pedro Alves, born in Chaves, and the father of João de Brito, coming from Faro, in those remarkable days 1974 and which turns out to be an elaborate web of 11 mysterious photographs that give rise to 35 letters, which unfold into 13 faxes, which multiply into countless phone calls, which turn into e-mails, which unravel into messages of Whatsapp, until they are finally extended into videos on social media… The aim is, in this way, to bring to the fore stories and memories that have not always been illuminated, voices that are rarely heard and to […]

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