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The story of the deepest, strangest and most secret love anyone had with Amália Rodrigues. The story of a man who existed and ceased to exist because he fell in love with an unreachable star. The story of a man who dedicated his life and death to following our one and only diva, wherever she might be. Through the fados she sang, the verses she wrote, and the passions she felt, we will accompany Amália for an hour and a quarter, seeing her through the eyes of the man who lived for her and died for her. In a show full of theater moves, we are going to get to know the Amália that only this man has known. In the fado houses, in the theaters, in the cinema, in the success outside, in the envy inside. Let’s remember some things we already knew about her life, and find out about others she never talked about. And when the curtain closes, our biggest star will be even more present in our memories – where it never ceased to shine – sublimated, now, by the ravings of the broken heart of this unknown Amália Man.

Biodanza, is a human integration and development system created by the Chilean Rolando Toro. These classes are an invitation to experiences that promote the joy of living, through movements, music and non-verbal encounters within a group. São Santos will be the facilitator. Tuesdyas between 6 pm and 7 pm. Prices Members – 35 euros per month Non-members – 45 euros per month separate classes 10 euros

ACROYOGA classes are back in Faro!! Every Tuesdat, at Associação Recreativa e Cultural dos Músicos , we plunge into an opportunity for self-overcoming and personal and relational growth, in a fun and safe way! AcroYoga is born from the union of YOGA’s spiritual wisdom, the kindness of THAI massage and the dynamic energy of ACROBATICS. It’s a practice that is performed in pairs and in groups and which nurtures connection and cultivates game in company, while overcoming limits and working trust and confidance. By joining [Yoga] of the extremities [Akro], two bodies become one, sharing weight, gravity, balance, challenges, smiles and laughter! Each class, we will explore the alignment and postural correction in the various AcroYoga Asanas, from the entrances and exits for the fundamental and inverted postures to the rotations and dynamic transitions between postures. At the end of the workshop, Jam opens up – a free and informal sharing! Let’s spend a while exchanging experiences, experimenting in a safe environment! It is not necessary to come accompanied or to have any previous experience as these are classes for all levels. But registration is required: https://forms.gle/RLQnu1SNHRGHiM8z8 DURATION: 2h VALUE: 15€ – 1 lesson 60€ – 5 lessons CONTACTS: 912613343 […]

Luis Manhita Invites Melissa Simplício (1 Mar 8pm) Luis Manhita Invites Teresa Viola (8 Mar 8pm) Luis Manhita Invites Luana Velásquez (15 Mar 8pm) Luis Manhita Invites Adriana Marques (22 Mar 8pm) Luis Manhita Invites Cremilde (29 Mar 8pm)

JAM SESSION every wednesday on your ARCM Free entry for members* | 21h/00h *temporary members €0.50/month info and reservations +351 914 040 999 (11am – 8pm) / reservas.arcm@gmail.com 08.02.23 Eddie Santos. Born in Évora in 1972, he has already had many musical experiences in several countries. In the 90s he was part of ‘Aos Olhos da Censura’ which led him, among other things, to tour Mexico. At the end of the decade he passed through Brazil, returning to Portugal shortly afterwards, having formed and integrated several projects such as ‘Soundleaf’ and ‘Alentexas’. He also contributed to ‘Black Buhda’ during his time in Hamburg between 2013 and 2015. He loves blues, funk, rock and any music that makes the hairs on your arms stand on end. He sees music as a form of communication, which involves “feeling” more than technique, where audience involvement and energy are very important.

The Jam Session at Clube de Tavira assumes a classic profile, referring to Jazz, however, as the term itself indicates, it promotes the fusion and mixture of styles. It is based on improvisation, with the common participation of musicians who are invited to go on stage. The atmosphere is relaxed and the music unrepeatable, making each JAM a moment of unique combinations, the result of which is always different.

Every Thursday from 5 pm. Live music with Pedro Nazário. A local musician from Alvor. Performs as a one man band. Plays mostly 80’s and 90’s and take requests of your favourite songs. Great vibes and views at Vista Verde Lounge & Bar at Golfland .

Perfect Thursdays with Jam Sessions at Clube União Portimonense!

SUPER KIZOMBA with ML – Ml-Eventos at the Five Star Dance Academy from 10pm ⁣⁣⁣⁣ ALL RHYTHMS Dress Code: Casual Chic⁣⁣⁣⁣ Class We do not have an ATM Entry with sportswear is not allowed.⁣⁣⁣⁣ NO SMOKING IS ALLOWED INSIDE (Outdoor space reserved for smokers). Miscellaneous Parking. Located in the Coca Maravilha industrial zone, for an audience that knows how to behave and enjoy the night with civility, taking advantage of the space and the privilege of being able to dance and have fun with the friendliness, prestigious service from ALL STAFF. ⁣⁣⁣⁣ TABLE RESERVATION AND PREPAID ENTRIES Reservation of tables and entrances until 4 pm to 10 pm. Info; 931 148 585