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Suzuki violin lessons are available for children ages three and up and adults. Classes are available all day, every day except Sunday. Private lessons are weekly, with monthly group classes. The parent attends the lessons and helps the child practice at home. We learn by ear in the beginning, and add reading later as when learning a native language. These classes are engaging and nurturing and help your child develop their best ability. Classes continue year round but must be started by the end of October. Classes in piano, cello and guitar are also available. PM for pricing and scheduling.

Conservatório de Portimão Joly Braga Santos This is a fun introduction to instruments children can play at a young age, specially designed for 3-6 year olds. Each week, we will sing and play musical games. During the five week class, the children will listen to me, a professional, play the violin, cello, piano and guitar, and develop pre-instrumental skills. They will also have the chance to play a child size instrument themselves (strings) and a baby grand piano! This experience will help them choose their favorite instrument. Parents attend the class and will learn what is involved in the study of each instrument. 35€ for the course, due at registration.

Join a live from the djGrabko varanda in the Campolide neighborhood of Lisbon, Portugal, for some deep & progressive house music and sunset vibes Every Thurday on my YouTube channel! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8K2EKyO-qG9GQNx91-GZgg

Fernando Leal was born in the Azores, on the island of S. Miguel, at the age of nine he left for the Algarve without knowing it was a one-way trip. Later he entered the music conservatory in Olhão, where he took singing lessons to perfect his vocal technique. At the age of 17 he started playing in bars gaining new experiences. In 2018 he recorded his first album, “Na Primeira Pessoa”, an autobiographical disc, with twelve themes in Portuguese of his authorship, ranging from pop-rock to light music, drinking influences in big names such as Jorge Palma and Rui Veloso.

Fado singer Cuca Roseta’s new album is a tribute to Amália Rodrigues (1920-1998) and who recognizes influence on her journey. The desire to sing Amália came from behind, but it ended up materializing for this year if we celebrate the centenary of the birth of Amália Rodrigues. In Loulé, Cuca brings the album “Cuca Canta Amália”, a musical sharing between Cuca Roseta and the musicians who accompany her. The themes are the same as Cuca has always sung in Amália’s repertoire and which are still part of the lineup of her shows. Among them, two fados with lyrics by Amália Rodrigues, “A Lágrima”, music by Carlos Gonçalves, and “Estranha Forma de Vida”, interpreted in the melody of Fado Bailado, by Alfredo Marceneiro. The fado singer decided not to choose only traditional fados and that is why the album includes two marches, the Centenário, a creation by Maria Clara, in 1940, which Amália recorded, and a “Marcha da Mouraria”. The album also includes “Ai, Mouraria”, “Fado Malhoa”, “Fadista Louco”, “Vagamundo”, “Com Que Voz” and “Barco Negro”. Cuca, who has already published three albums, recently released the book “Cem poemas de Cuca Roseta”.

Therapeutic Meditative Concert – Peter Hess® Bowls The Therapeutic Meditative Concert aims to restore health in general! It is an acoustic-vibrational stimulus that aims to influence and harmonize physical, emotional, mental and energetic reactions. It is a quick and effective way to lower stress (cortisol), reduces anxiety levels, restores sleep levels and cycles, improves breathing, promotes better energy and blood distribution throughout the body, optimizes assertive communication between cells, since sound waves influence and harmonize the electrical activity of the body and its magnetic activity through natural resonance phenomena. Great to reinforce Self-esteem and personal confidence. During the experience of the Therapeutic Meditative Concert you are induced to relax in which the therapeutic vibrations of the bowls, act as a biological informer, stimulate the whole body dynamics by expanding and regulating the production of our neurotransmitters and hormones, and invite the cells to reorganize themselves , renewing our state, revitalizing our energy and regenerating all the systems that make us up. You are very welcome, dedicate this time to yourself and feel the highly beneficial effects of this Therapy. Value: € 10.00 Facilitator: Rodrigo Fragoso – psychology, mindfulness & sound Registration (mandatory): (email) geral@projeto-one.com, (phone hidden) 964 430 472 or […]