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1990 was the year of the creation of the Recreational and Cultural Association of Musicians, which since then has been a pillar in the realization of many artistic and cultural projects in the region and surroundings. In 2020 we celebrate, at the headquarters that welcomes us, the 30 years with many news that partners and friends will be able to know on the next 4th of April. The poster will be announced in the coming days.

Fad` Nu – intimate complicity, scenic and musical dialogue between singer and guitarist, the key characters of FADO. With obvious links to the tradition, Fad’Nu is a dogma-free option, opened to the new paths of the artistic globalization. Deep poetry, strong music and a soulful scene/stage, are the ingredients that present fado with a different outfit but also bring to it things that have never been there. In this sense Fad’Nu is an open door to the great poets and troubadours of the Portuguese language, widening and discovering new repertoires and establishing bridges between different genres and cultural roots. Fad’Nu has no creeds or boundaries and like music and poetry, it finds its essence in discovering an open path that reinvents itself at every new step.

Depeche Note, with immense dedication and passion, turn to reality, taking shape in 2012. Composed by professional and devout musicians, this band does not intend to acclaim itself as a “double” of DEPECHE MODE, but rather an original tribute that pays them so deserved tribute in the best and most complete way possible.