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Jam Sessions are finally back to Sundays Afternoons! Join their Jam hosted by Emma Belter and have a wonderful afternoon full of fun and music! Book your table to join us, we have limited seats. +351 968 501 193 /+351 932 066 361

Zé Eduardo invites 13 June 2021 Son of musician, Marcelo Araújo needs no introduction. He is a young multifaceted drummer with enormous experience in various types of music, both here and around the world, accompanying big names, always at ease in any style. Jazz and improvisation are his great passions. It is therefore easy to have been playing together for a long time. I’ve known and played with Simon for some years now due to his frequent visits to the Algarve. He is an award-winning Jazz pianist with extensive experience, both in Germany and on frequent visits to other European countries. Bringing them together was an easy task. Given the current circumstances we all remain “confined” for a long time but not asleep! The result is in sight!

JAZZ ON THE PATIO MIGUEL MARTINS TRIOING Miguel Martins (guitar) Fernando Júdice (bass) João Blackbird (battery) JIMI YARD ENTRY: 3€ RESERVATIONS: +351 9140 040 999 (10AM-4PM)

Cantaloupe Café, in Mercados de Olhão, is pleased to announce that it will present on the 13th of June, Sunday at 18:45, a show with: TURNING POINT QUARTET Luis Miguel Sax Alexandre Dahmen Piano Luis Henrique Baixo Maximiliano Llanos Drums This quartet brings together an essentially original repertoire, developing its musical identity between the marriage of jazz tradition and contemporaneity. Presenting compositions intended to be contemplative, changeable, disconcerting and energetic. Together they musically expand everyday moments, and present a sound representation of the tensions and harmonies that live in them. These musicians have worked together in recent years in different musical contexts and have built an indispensable musical connection to the realization and evolution of their aesthetics. Reduced capacity Respect for the best practices guide, validated by the General Directorate of Health Reservations by phone: 289 704 397 During live music performances, on the 1st consumption, a surcharge of €7.00 (seven euros) is applied for each consumer.

Every Sunday From 19:00 to 22:00 Enjoy live music with Beatrice Duo in our beautiful lakeside restaurant. To reserve a table, contact us at +351 289 394 911 or casadolago@quintadolago.com

“SUPERBANDS FOREVER” is Solverde’s new production for Algarve Casinos. An irreverent show that updates and reconstructs a Solverde show from 2012, with a soundtrack inspired by the music of the greatest bands ever. “The Doors”, “Beatles”, “Queen” and “Rolling Stones” are now joined by “U2” and “Cold Play”. Legendary hits that will make the audience vibrate to the sound of an infectious soundtrack!