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Once again we will be celebrating life and it’s expression in the form of MOVEMENT for the 5th edition of Awake DANCE Celebration, a wonderful conscious celebration in Portugal! Movement and Dance have always been a part of human culture, as a ritual and celebration. By moving we connect to our soul, and in that way it can express itself freely. Join us in these four days with different styles of movement, we have Biodanza, Trance Dance, 5 Rhythms, as well as Ecstatic Dance… and a few other surprises. Lets all move, sing, relax and share the same love and passion!!! Workshops: * 5 Rhythms * Ecstatic Wave * Biodanza * Trance Dance * Reconnect * Movement Medicine * Contact improv * Osho Activo Meditation * Yoga * Massage * Planting trees and much more… THE VENUE The event is taking place at Awakeland Portugal – a beautiful retreat centre in the midst of stunning nature in between the Monchique mountains and the Atlantic at the sun-drenched Algarve coast. Awakeland is a place dedicated to an awakening of the soul into the nature of being, where we live in communion with the land that supports and nourishes us. The land […]

Welcome to the Jam Sessions! Open stage night at ARCM! Bring your beautiful (or not… we don’t judge) voice, your instrument and good vibe and let’s jam! Our room *SIGA* has all the conditions for you to become the next superstar.. Who knows who’s watching, right? Light, sound, the environment and an energetic (but supportive!) crowd will make you feel at home and willing to rock this castle! All of you are welcome to join our amazing stage! Make your reservation early to make sure you have a seat (we are usually full!) and maybe you end up on the stage having the time of your life! * SIGA *!

JAM session – Live Music/Live Music Live musical improvisation session, in which jazz, rock or pop musicians gather, with musicians present in the audience invited to participate. “To jam is to improvise music without extensive preparation or predefined arrangements.”

Another Jazz night with the Golden Dawn.