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Cuca Roseta – “Amália by Cuca Roseta” Death only kills when we let it. As long as we celebrate the life that preceded it, it can be contradicted and belittled. Life as a path, as an affirmation, as a legacy and as a force capable of inspiring others to follow their own path. In a way, this is what is behind the album “Amália por Cuca Roseta”. More than a tribute by Cuca Roseta to the greatest voice of fado, it is above all a personal acknowledgment to a woman and to a work that, from the very beginning, became a fundamental foundation for her artistic growth as a fado singer. Amália Rodrigues said goodbye to the world on October 6, 1999. 21 years ago, therefore. But her genius is too blatant to stop being celebrated and it will never be too much to remember a work that started with fado, turned fado inside out and also called other popular songs to her universe. It is this enormous vastness of records that Cuca Roseta also takes to the stage, celebrating a repertoire that only when reinterpreted can keep itself alive and capable of conquering new audiences. When celebrating her encounter […]

Door opening at 6:30 pm EVERY TUESDAY Welcome to Jam Sessions! | 20h Open Stage Night at ARCM! Bring your beautiful (or not… we don’t judge) voice, your instrument and good vibe and let’s play! Our *FOLLOW* room has all the conditions to become the next big star! You never know who’s watching, right? Light, sound, atmosphere and a fervent (but supportive!) audience will make you feel at home and wanting to shake the walls of this castle! Everyone is welcome to step onto our amazing stage! Make your reservations in advance to guarantee your place (we are usually sold out!) and maybe you’ll end up on stage having the night of your life! *FOLLOW*!

In order to address issues that arouse the public for a more conscious listening to music, João Miguel Cunha proposes to comment weekly on works by great composers, with the support of video and audio. Assistants will be urged to collaborate, asking questions or expressing ideas or emotions, in order to create a real gathering.