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Age rating: >6 Tiago Nacarato is one of the most complete and coherent singer-songwriters in Portuguese music today, who is predicted to have a long and solid career. He has already toured Europe, Brazil and nationally, thus establishing himself as one of the most relevant contemporary Portuguese artists. Peito Aberto is unapologetically inspired by references from Latin and African cultures, with a touch of world music. The album promises to consolidate Tiago Nacarato’s status as one of the greatest talents the country has to offer, in an album full of emotion, dancing rhythms and songs that leave no one indifferent.

REGISTRATION AT www.teatrodasfiguras.pt Price: €20.00 Duration: 20 hours in total Age rating: >18 February 10th – 5:30pm – 10:30pm (with coffee break) February 11th and 12th – 10:00 am to 1:00 pm and 2:30 pm to 6:30 pm As in all areas of human activity, particularly artistic ones, the reasons for the uniform nature of the results and the perceived dissatisfaction, whether by the agents or by the recipients, always have to do with the way in which certain thoughtless notions, taken for granted , condition creative work and conduct it conventionally. The objective of this workshop is to test and, if possible, destroy, in argumentative dialogue and using practical moments, a number of preconditioning notions in the work of scenic creation, questioning its premises, the creative distribution between director, author and actor, the theater / non-theatre division, etc. Francisco Luís Parreira is a professor of theater at the Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema (IPL). His areas of teaching and academic publishing have been aesthetics and contemporary art, dramatic literature, cultural theory, and Asian performing arts. He is active as a playwright, translator and literary critic.

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