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The Odder Sideshow intends to rescue secular circus techniques, from the golden age of the great Traditional Circuses, but which fell into disuse due to the risk they imply, namely: the throwing of knives, Fire Swallow, Escapism, Blockhead, Juggling with chainsaw and balance on machetes (…) and interconnect them with clown technique and physical theater. This show seeks to reflect on the emotional sadomasochism of contemporary society’s relationships as a binding link for the circus techniques used. Artistic and Technical Sheet Interpreters: Michael Rosa (Mica Paprika) and Ita Branco Idea: Michael Rosa and Ita Branco Staging: Stefano Bottai Staging Support: Tiago Viegas Light design: João Sofio Music: Ita Branco Prices: to be announced

This new production was born out of the desire to continue working on the great classics, continuing the work developed with “Lago dos Cisnes”; and “Sagração da Primavera” by Daniel Cardoso, relating them to today’s life and society. This time the choreographer takes on the challenge of presenting a new creation inspired by “Romeo and Juliet”, one of Shakespeare’s best-known works, and undoubtedly one of the most revisited classics in the history of dramatic literature. Perhaps because Love – in its romantic and absolute conception – that which is unconditional, transcendent and redemptive, continues to be the target of research, astonishment and restlessness. This unexplained place that rescues the most violent emotions, the most overwhelming changes, the most decisive actions. In this approach, it seeks to challenge the centrality of Romeo and Juliet: multiplied in a contemporary vision, in an arena in which everyone, without exception, becomes Romeo and Juliet. In a universe where individually, all men and women intersect in some way in the symbolic journey of these characters, and experience different ways of loving. Also noteworthy is the notion of randomness, or destiny, in this great stage of the social sphere, in which the encounter of genuine Love […]

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