Teatro das Figuras’ mission is to satisfy, enchant, surprise, form and fill the soul of the region’s audiences, evoking emotions and awakening the five senses to the performing arts.


Teatro das Figuras aims to be a space of national reference in terms of excellence in programming, regional leadership, affirmation of the capital and centrality of the city of Faro and consolidation of the cultural image of the tourist destination.


Teatro das Figuras presents itself as a space for the dissemination of contemporary performing arts, committed to building a continuous and creative relationship with the community in which it operates, helping to form, look, think and share new artistic experiences, contributing to the cultural development of the city, the region and the country.

The activity of Teatro das Figuras is governed by programmatic principles that aim to position it as a multidisciplinary equipment where its own productions and co-productions must intertwine with receptions, where the commitment to contemporary times does not exclude historical retreats, where national, international and regional productions coexist and locations.

In terms of areas, its activity aims to give significant expression to all current programmatic axes: music and opera, dance, theater, new circus and cinema. And, in connection with all of them, increased attention to pedagogical and training perspectives, with strong and structured action in the Educational Service.

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OPERA BY G. PUCCINI The opera is set in Rome in the 19th century. While painting a painting of Madonna in the church of Sant’Andrea della Valle, the painter Mario Cavaradossi, lover of the jealous Tosca, agrees to help the political prisoner Angelotti in his great escape. The police chief, Scarpia, whose political objectives hide a rare sadism, gives chase and discovers Cavaradossi’s involvement. The only way to achieve his goals is to use the beautiful Tosca, the target of his obsessions. Cavaradossi is arrested. Scarpia believes for a moment that he possesses the beautiful Tosca, even before the moment she stabs him. Although Scarpia dies, his dark plans live on. When Tosca thinks she can finally free her beloved Mario, he is executed and Tosca, before being captured, prefers to jump from the highest cliff in Castel Sant’Angelo.   Additional information ___________________________ Price: to be announced Duration: 160 minutes (with two 15-minute breaks) Age rating: >6

VIVA LA DEATH! In 2024, the 50th anniversary of April 25th will be celebrated. Mão Morta also celebrates the 40th anniversary of its foundation, in November 1984. Two events that apparently have nothing in common, except the fact that without the 25th of April, and the freedom and democracy it brought to Portugal and the Portuguese By putting an end to 48 years of dictatorship, Mão Morta would probably never have existed. Now, at a time when the danger of the return of fascism becomes palpable, not only in Portugal but throughout the democratic world, with the ideological initiative of conservative political forces and their privileged reception in the media directing the dominant political discourse, the Mão Morta could not help but speak out and denounce the mood of the times. It is about this resurgence of anti-democratic forces and their riotous behavior, which use democracy to apologize for fascism, which goes “Viva la Muerte!”, making clear the dangers we run and that democracy incurs. It comprises an artistic approach, through a stage show, where the melodic and harmonic references of pre-25th of April Portuguese intervention music intersect with rock and the experimentalism typical of Mão Morta’s sound, and a […]

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