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PEQUENO PROBLEMA is Dário Guerreiro’s third stand-up comedy solo and may or may not be a trivial reference to the artist’s short stature. The comedian from the Algarve conducts some bizarre reflections on the state of his life and other no more intelligent reflections on the world he observes. And it might all go well if there wasn’t always a Little Problem.

NATIONAL ODYSSEY | D. MARIA II NATIONAL THEATER As part of the National Odyssey, D. Maria II is also present in eleven municipalities with the exhibition Who are you? – A national theater looking at the country. An exhibition that reflects a period in the history of this Theatre, drawing parallels with the political and social reality of the country at the time. At the same time, the program for this exhibition also includes debates, workshops and guided tours, which allow and encourage reflection and dialogue on some of the themes that serve as the foundation for Tiago Bartolomeu Costa’s curatorial work. The exposure: The concession of the D. Maria II National Theater to the Rey Colaço-Robles Monteiro Company accompanied 45 of the 48 years of the Estado Novo dictatorship, having begun in 1929 – three years after the establishment of the military dictatorship –, and was continually renewed, including in 1964, after the fire that closed the building. Only the revolution would lead to the end of the contract, in 1974. Recovering the relationship between the Rey Colaço-Robles Monteiro company and the national territory, the exhibition Who are you? – A national theater looking at the country, establishes links […]

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