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The Odder Sideshow intends to rescue secular circus techniques, from the golden age of the great Traditional Circuses, but which fell into disuse due to the risk they imply, namely: the throwing of knives, Fire Swallow, Escapism, Blockhead, Juggling with chainsaw and balance on machetes (…) and interconnect them with clown technique and physical theater. This show seeks to reflect on the emotional sadomasochism of contemporary society’s relationships as a binding link for the circus techniques used. Artistic and Technical Sheet Interpreters: Michael Rosa (Mica Paprika) and Ita Branco Idea: Michael Rosa and Ita Branco Staging: Stefano Bottai Staging Support: Tiago Viegas Light design: João Sofio Music: Ita Branco Prices: to be announced

Viviane is a French-born Portuguese singer, songwriter and lyricist who started her musical career in the early 90s with the group “Entre Aspas”. Her desire to explore other sounds, led Viviane to start a solo career in 2005, in which she traced a firm and coherent path, in which she mirrored her very personal idea of ​​a new music, without borders where Fado intertwined with other genres musicals, is revised in the light of a refined, elegant and sophisticated pop sensibility which he calls “Mediterranean Fado”. Her repertoire includes songs with lyrics written by her as well as poems by renowned Portuguese authors. Recently Viviane was awarded the 1st Prize “Portugal to discover Portugal” by the Portuguese Society of Authors with the song “Oh! My little country ”and participated in the Festival da Canção at the invitation of RTP as an author with the song“ Com um abraço ”. In this concert, Viviane debuts the songs from her new original album. Art and technical sheet: Portuguese Guitar: Tó Viegas Keyboard and melodic: Filipe Valentim Acoustic Guitar: João Vitorino Double bass: Bruno Vítor Drums: Ivo Martins Production: Pluma Management

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