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V FARO INTERNATIONAL GUITAR FESTIVAL Music | Theater of Figures November 5th, Friday, 9:30 pm Age classification: over 6 years old Prices: €10.00 CONCORDIS QUARTET SOUTH CLASSIC ORCHESTRA Composed in 1967, following a request made by the legendary quartet Los Romeros, the Concierto Andaluz is a unique work in the guitar repertoire, being the great reference in concerts for guitar quartet and orchestra. Despite its magnitude, this concert is a work that is rarely played, either because of the technical difficulty inherent in each soloist, or because of the difficulty of finding a solid quartet willing to do so. As a program work, it is undoubtedly an original choice. Choose this one that the Concordis Quartet proposes to implement, as it gathers the necessary skills and has a long and significant path as a quartet. Artistic and technical sheet: SOUTH CLASSIC ORCHESTRA Conductor: -Rui Pinheiro CONCORDIS QUARTET Guitar: -Eudoro Grade Guitar: -Rui Range Guitar: -Jorge Pires Guitar: -Pedro Rufino

SERENA SERENA OPERA IT CYCLE “Who has a flair for the opera?” [Youth Children] Opera | Theater of Figures November 14th, Sunday, 4 pm Duration: 50 minutes Age classification: over 3 years old Prices: €10.00; €5.00 for children under 30; €7.50 over 65s. Cycle subscription (2 shows): € 18.00 Artistic and Technical Sheet Performers Mário João Alves as Mario, Miguel Reis as Michelle, Gabriel Neves dos Santos as Gabriele (singers/actors), João Tiago Magalhães as Giovanni (atmosphere making machine) Original Idea and Texts Mário João Alves Creation and Scenic Conception Opera This Ana Nogueira costumes Scene Direction Ana Paula Sousa Nuno Almeida Light Design Music Tosti, Rossini, Leoncavallo, among other serenatists. In other words: a balcony is needed, because a serenade on the ground floor loses a lot of allure. Then, let the neck of the singer lend itself to twisting a lot, so that the voice reaches the balcony cool as a lettuce. And finally, that whoever is up there has a heart beyond the ears. This is for a normal serenade! But for a Serene Serenade by Ópera Isto, we cannot think so linearly. We started by arranging a nomadic balcony that is now in Sicily, now in Venice, […]

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