The Algarve Regional Directorate is the organic unit of the IPDJ responsible for implementing, in the region, the different programs that embody government policies in the areas of sport and youth. It also promotes regional and local initiatives in partnership with other public and private entities.

The Algarve comprises the district of Faro and is made up of 16 municipalities. It is located in the south of mainland Portugal, occupying an area of 4,997 km² with 439,617 inhabitants (around 4.3% of the Portuguese population).

The region has an intense and diverse activity carried out by hundreds of associations and clubs. Of the numerous sports infrastructures, the Vila Real de Santo António High Performance Center, the Algarve Stadium, the Portimão Arena and the Autódromo do Algarve stand out. In the region, important national and international sporting events take place.

In the youth area, there are around three dozen youth associations registered with the RNAJ, in addition to the Academic Association of the University of Algarve. These associations carry out an important activity in the communities where they are located.

The headquarters of the Regional Directorate is located in Faro, in a building with an auditorium, exhibition gallery, training rooms and workshops. Technical and administrative services, the Ponto Ja Store, the Youth Health Office and the Casa das Associações also operate in this space.

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