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Morcego Room – Lefty & Carlão | Follow Room – Micah lefty Referring us to the garage bands of the late 80s/early 90s, it is a peculiar mix of punk, new wave and pop rock, supported by the voice of Leonor Andrade, the bass of João Nobre, guitars of Pablo Banazol and Dani’s drums, which are the birth of Leftys. The lyrics, written in Portuguese, are by Leonor Andrade, and in them we find both mundane matters of everyday life, as well as social situations, such as Gender Equality, Discrimination, Intolerance and feminism. Carlão Carlão, one of the biggest names in urban music today. From the fascination for the North Americans Public Enemy, for the language of intervention and social conscience; the transposition of that influence to Da Weasel – the group that came to revolutionize Portuguese rap, where he was vocalist between 1993 and 2009 and acclaimed as “Pacman”. After the end of the group, it was under the pseudonym Carlão that Carlos Nobre became started again in the Portuguese music scene, with a solo project that merges rap with other sounds. A concert like those Carlão is used to is waiting for us: one of permanent energy and […]

Room Morcego – The Mirandas | The Legendary Tigerman Room *SIGA* – Badoga | Figueira Source & Tickets: https://www.bol.pt/Comprar/Bilhetes/101803-festival_siga_the_mirandas_the_legendary_tigerman-morcego/

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