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SYNOPSIS Murilo Couto has been a Brazilian stand-up comedy personality since “everything was bush”. His style of humor is original, verbose, irreverent and sometimes insane. There is his “Murilo Coach” version, which does not aim to teach anything and only makes people laugh. After all, he is from that generation of comedians where grace matters much more than entertainment. You can find Murilo on SBT on the program “The Noite with Danilo Gentili”, on the cinema screen with “Exterminadores do Além” and even at some rap show, because “Emicouto” is a legend. But it is on the theater stage that Murilo Couto delivers his best performance and the definitions of comedy begin to be updated. His solos “Eu, Eu Murilo”, “Fazendo Suas Graça”, “2020”, “2021”, “Idiota” and “Gala Seca” have already drawn thousands of people to theaters in Brazil (and even went on an international tour, after all your humor is truly without borders). Now in 2023, after having his shows recorded for streaming on Netflix, Globoplay, Star+ and Amazon Prime, Murilo arrives at the theater with his new and audacious solo, “Ideias Soltas”, to once again raise the level of humor (or perhaps bring it down ). The fact […]

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