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“A monster in Paris”, Bibo Bergeron. France. 2011. 91 ‘ Free entry, subject to room capacity. The use of a mask is mandatory for children over 10 years of age. Paris, 1910. A terrible creature spreads panic throughout the City of Light. Emile, a seductive projectionist, and his friend Raoul decide to go hunting for the monster. They make their way and end up realizing that the creature that scares the population is, after all, a giant, hairy flea, with a pure heart and an extraordinary voice, Francoeur, of whom they become friends. Now, in order to save the flea from the clutches of Maynott, the relentless chief of police who wants to capture the “monster”, they will join their efforts with Lucille, a beautiful cabaret singer, an alienated scientist and her clever but intelligent monkey. lousy shape. But will they be able to save Francoeur from the evil intentions of those who want him badly? Directed by Bibo Bergeron (“The Way to El Dorado”, “The Gang of Sharks”) and with Luc Besson on the production team, an animated comedy that had two nominations for Caesar in the categories of best animated film and best song original.

In an unusual year, Curtas takes its National Competition to the rooms of Vila do Conde, Lisbon, Porto and Faro. A decision that reaffirms the festival’s commitment to the cinema and the support for national production and the format of the short film as a space for discovery and experimentation. IPDF Auditorium, Faro Tue 6 Oct | 9:30 pm Curtas Vila do Conde: National Competition 1 Wed 7 Oct | 9:30 pm Curtas Vila do Conde: National Competition 2 Thu 8 Oct | 9:30 pm Curtas Vila do Conde: National Competition 3 Fri 9 Oct | 9:30 pm Curtas Vila do Conde: National Competition 4 Sat 10 Oct | 9:30 pm Curtas Vila do Conde: National Competition 4 The complete program of the 28th edition of Curtas Vila do Conde is available at: www.curtas.pt

The Italian Cinema Festival, the main event in Portugal dedicated to Italian cinema and culture, celebrates its 13th edition in 2020 and will be in Loulé for the seventh time, from 13 to 15 November, again in the intimate setting of the Auditorium of Solar. In addition to showing some of the best productions of recent Italian cinematography, the festival will provide the Algarve audience with special ingredients in the areas of gastronomy and music. The Festival thus intends to be a moment of encounter and discovery of the cultures of two countries that, despite the distance, have many affinities. It is an international festival that is present in 20 Portuguese cities and also in Angola, Mozambique and in all the main capitals of Brazil. Tickets on sale soon Limited capacity and mandatory use of a mask, according to the hygiene and safety rules of the DGS

The 5th edition of SOM RISCADO takes place between 19 and 22 November, a unique festival in its artistic concept in the south of the country, promoted by the Municipality of Loulé through the Cineteatro Louletano. Concerts, performances, interactive sound installations, talks and workshops in a bold and innovative program, which risks new horizons, which actively stimulates artists in the region through orders and involves the school community, and which, due to the diversity and originality of the proposals, covers several without forgetting minorities. From the experimental crossings between instrumental music and image to new exploratory approaches to sound art, there are many reasons to head to Loulé in these four days of discovery and amazement. The festival has the following institutional partners: Universidade do Algarve (ESEC, FCHS and CIAC), Loulé Secondary School, Quarteira Secondary School, ETIC_Algarve and Loulé Criativo, with RTP, Antena 1, Antena 3, Rimas and media partners Batidas, RUA Fm, Algarve Informativo and Barlavento. ————————————————– —————————————- ARTISTIC PROGRAMMING // Pre-Festival (day 0) > NOV 18 9:30 am to 12:30 pm and 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm | Loulé Secondary School Introduction to Processing Workshop / Rodrigo Carvalho (Boris Chimp 504) * [session for schools] 17h00-20h00 | Auditorium […]