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PARTY DAY Original / International Title: Dia de Festa / Direction and Editing: Sofia Bost / Photography: Tian Tsering / With: Rita Martins, Melissa Matos, Teresa Madruga, Sandra Celas, Mariana Silva, Sara Gonçalves, Fernanda Neves / Origin: Portugal / Year: 2019 / Duration: 17 ‘/ Age rating: M / 12 Festivals and awards: Festival de Cannes – Semaine de la Critique official competition Premiere date in Portugal: 7/9/2020 Mena lives alone with her daughter, Clara, who turns 7 today. While preparing a birthday party for her, a task she performs with financial difficulties and grudgingly, Mena receives a call from her mother, which disturbs her. RUBY Original / International Title: Ruby / Direction, Screenplay and Editing: Mariana Gaivão / Photography: João Ribeiro / With: Ruby Taylor, Millie Romer, Vicente Gerner / Origin: Portugal / Year: 2019 / Duration: 25 ‘/ Age rating: M / 12 Festivals and awards: Curtas Vila do Conde International Film Festival 2019 – Best Portuguese Director | Paths of Portuguese Cinema 2019 – Best Short Film and Best Poster Premiere date in Portugal: 7/9/2020 The dawn song descends the burnt mountain, echoing in the shale of a Portuguese village. Ruby wakes up and stands up in […]

This year’s edition of FICLO invites Italy to be the highlight country, in a selection of films that cover the creations that, since the post-war period, have brought contemporary narrative to the cinema. The Italian Cycle integrates great classics by Rossellini, Visconti, Antonioni and Pasolini, proposing a set of films that use the narrative structure and the theme of the journey to explore identity, another of the great subjects of contemporary literature. Films on Screen at FICLO: 🎥 Paisan [Paisà], Roberto Rossellini, Italy, fic., 1949, 134 ’ Journey to Italy [Viaggio in Italia], Roberto Rossellini, Italy, fic., 1954, 105 ’ Adventure The Adventure [L’avventura], Michelangelo Antonioni, Italy, fic., 1960, 145 ’ 🎥 The Leopard [Il Gattopardo], Luchino Visconti, Italy, fic., 1963, 205 ’ Dam The Damned [La Caduta degli Dei], Luchino Visconti, Italy, fic., 1969, 167 ’ 🎥 Death in Venice [Death to Venice], Luchino Visconti, Italy, fic., 1971, 135 ’ 🎥 Decameron [Il Decamerón – Trilogia della Vita], Pier Paolo Pasolini, Italy, fic, 1971, 107 ’ Can The Canterbury Tales [I Racconti di Canterbury – Trilogia della Vita], Pier Paolo Pasolini, Italy, fic, 1972, 140 ’ 🎥 Arabian Nights [Il Fiore delle mille e una Note – Trilogia della […]

Albert Serra is considered one of the most irreverent and transgressive contemporary filmmakers, being responsible for a work that, from Honor de Cavalleria [2006] to Liberté [2019], is undoubtedly marked by literature. This year’s FICLO takes a complete look back at a very particular look at human tragicomedy. 🎥 Films on Screen at FICLO: Honor of cavalleria (2006) El cant dels ocells (2008) Els noms de Crist (2010) The senyor ha fet en mi meravelles (2011) History of the meva mort (2013) La muerte de Luis XIV (2016) Roi soleil (2018) Liberté (2019) More information about location, time and ticket prices soon.

The FICLO 2020 International Competition includes nine works of recent production, which explore the different forms of filmmaking, all vertebrates by travel as a theme of universal literature over the centuries. Taking advantage of the excellent climatic conditions in the region, the main competition of the festival will have the courtyard of the Republic as its central point of exhibitions. SELECTION 2020 🎥 Adoration, Fabrice du Welz, Belgium, fic., 2020, 98 ’(National premiere) 🎥 I Do Not Care if we go down in History as Barbarians [Îmi este indiferent dacă în istorie vom intra ca barbari], Radu Jude, Romania, fic., 2018, 180 ’ 🎥 Campo, Tiago Hespanha, Portugal, doc., 2019, 100 ’ 🎥Endless Night [Long Night], Eloy Enciso, Spain, fic., 2019, 93 ’ 🎥 Fortress [Fortezza], Ludovica Andò, Emiliano Aiello, Italy, fic., 2019, 72 ’(National debut) 🎥 Out Stealing Horses [Ut og stjæle hester], Hans Petter Moland, Norway, fic., 2019, 123 ’(National debut) 🎥The Good Girls [Las Niñas Bien], Alejandra Márquez, Mexico, fic., 2018, 93 ’(National debut) 🎥 There was a Little Ship [Il était un petit navire], Marion Hänsel, Belgium, doc., 2019, 65 ’(National premiere) 🎥 Valley of Souls, Nicolás Rincón Gille, Colombia, fic., 2019, 127 ’(National debut) More […]

Original / International Title: PJ Harvey: A Dog Called Money / Direction and Screenplay and Photography: Seamus Murphy / With: PJ Harvey / Origin: Ireland / United Kingdom / USA / Year: 2019 / Duration: 94 ‘/ Age rating: M / 12 Festivals and Awards: Berlin Festival – Panorama | LEFFEST – Lisbon & Sintra Film Festival – Official Selection, Out of Competition Premiere date in Portugal: 16/01/2020 For his ninth studio album, PJ Harvey, an alternative music icon, visited Afghanistan, Kosovo, and Washington D.C., with the aim of talking to local people and letting their stories inspire the lyrics of their songs. Award-winning photographer and director Seamus Murphy captured these moments in this ambitious documentary. LEOPARDO MOVIES

Cinema Cycle: Art at 289: “Os Fantasmas de Goya” by Milos Forman / 2006 (19 Jul 21:30) “Renoir” by Gilles Bourdos / 2012 (23 Aug 21:30) “Gerhard Richter Painting” by De Corinna Belz / 2011 (27 Sep 21:30) “Caravaggio” by De Derek Jarman / 1986 (25 Oct 21:30) “Ma Femme Chamada Bicho) by José Álvaro de Morais / 1976 (29 Nov 21:30) Free admission subject to the limit of 40 seats available Mandatory booking of seats via email (associacao289@gmail.com)

The Italian Cinema Festival, the main event in Portugal dedicated to Italian cinema and culture, celebrates its 13th edition in 2020 and will be in Loulé for the seventh time, from 13 to 15 November, again in the intimate setting of the Auditorium of Solar. In addition to showing some of the best productions of recent Italian cinematography, the festival will provide the Algarve audience with special ingredients in the areas of gastronomy and music. The Festival thus intends to be a moment of encounter and discovery of the cultures of two countries that, despite the distance, have many affinities. It is an international festival that is present in 20 Portuguese cities and also in Angola, Mozambique and in all the main capitals of Brazil. See specific program Duration: 3 days Age rating: to be defined (depending on each film) Tickets on sale soon Organization: Il Sorpasso Association / Support: Loulé City Council, Italian Embassy and Italian Ministry of Culture