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Qi Gong classes with Catherine Expert, a practitioner for over twenty years and a certified teacher. Catherine is French and speaks perfectly Portuguese.

Tai Chi classes with Catherine Expert, French who speaks Portuguese perfectly and has practiced Tai Chi and Qi Gong for over 20 years, having done internships in China where she was a student of master Li Sue Jun for 4 years and where, in 2019 , reached the black belt. Registration and more information by calling 919267178.

Soundhealing, or sound therapy, has the power to restore the physical, emotional and spiritual body through vibratory frequencies emitted by the voice and by instruments such as crystal goblets. The benefits are: deep relaxation stress reduction Reduction in heart rate sleep repair Physical pain relief Promotion of spiritual growth Increased energy and vitality Materials: Towel or mat for a sound therapy experience lying down. Cost: 15 euros per person Duration: 50 minutes. Registration: 925610305 and/or laila725@hotmail.com.

Introduction to the Internet with 12 Sessions from Oct 26 tues and thurs. 5:30 pm > 7:00 pm. Vicente Campinas Municipal Library Registration until end of September: library | 281 510 050 | library@cm-vrsa.pt Source: http://www.cm-vrsa.pt/pt/agenda/5704/curso-de-informatica-para-seniores-2021.aspx